Hapless , Helpless State and Traitorous Mafia by Faisal Masood–92 News—10-04-2021

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We, the People, the Humanity and Our Entangled Future in Global COVID-19 Pandemic  Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.

Do they pretend that vaccines or the pandemic knows nationalities or political ideologies separating the human intellect? Ostensibly, human faculties of thinking and choices are being used for divisions and political indoctrinations not for specialized human unity to cope with the emerging crises of COVID-pandemic and its aftermath impacting the masses across the world.

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Change in Direction of Wind-India-Pakistan antagonism by Brig(Retd) Asif Haroon Raja

Modi was urged repeatedly to stop the madness but he turned down all peaceful gestures and pursued the path of hostility relentlessly. The constant low-intensity conflict along the LoC together with the absorption of IOK by India upped the temperature to a boiling point and it was feared that open war was round the corner.

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An Overseas Pakistani lady speaks out on politics in Pakistan

Overseas Pakistani Lady Speaks Out –


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The Sharifs and Zardaris have ruled and looted Pakistan for decades, and plundered its treasury by Anjum Saher


Ai Khuda In Haram Khors  Aur Indian Agents Ko Is Mulk Sa Naist o Nabood Kar Da. They Have Plundered Our country.
Haram Khors Have Brought Pakistan on its Knees
Ai Mera Allah – Un Haram Khoron Ko Tabah Kar Da Jis Na Hamara Mulk Ko Loota Ha.

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