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Archive for June, 2010

F-16 Fighting Falcon:Lockheed Martin Multi-Role Fighter


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Brig.(Retd) Usman Khalid’s Commentary on NYT Article, “Worse Than a Nightmare.”

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Brig.Usman Khalid’s Commentary on “Pakistan Is Said to Pursue a Foothold in Afghanistan.”

This column is another example how American newspapers are engaged in demonization of Pakistan. No one now sees any possibility for a purely military victory in Afghanistan; the longer the US military keeps killing Afghans an agreed closure becomes less likely. Pakistan is portrayed as advancing its sinister agenda

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Gen. Stanley McChrystal Episode

It is perhaps the second army general in the United States army after Douglas MacArthur that has been forced out of command for a conduct that is considered inconsistent with the laid down mandate of an army general fighting in the battlefield.
The comment made by Gen McChrystal and his staff in an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine

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Towards Peace in Afghanistan

The kind of skepticism expressed by both president Obama and CIA director Leon E. Panetta about the prospects for an Afghanistan peace deal pushed by Pakistan between the Afghan government and some Taliban militants is  a natural outcome towards an unpredictable situation that remains fluid and subject to unforeseen changes. President Obama expressed his views after the Group of 20 meeting in Toronto while Mr. Panetta articulated his point of view on ABC

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