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Eye for an Eye, and Tooth for a Tooth



September 1st, 2010
A Pakistan Army delegation called off its trip to CENTCOM U.S.A, when the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Dulles airport Washington reportedly mistreated them humiliatingly. The high ranking delegation was there at the invitation of the U.S. government, but the TSA paying no heed to their status or the official invitation treated them like a bunch of terrorists during their interrogation. Though later the U.S. government and the TSA apologised for their insulting behaviour but enough was enough and the delegation was called back by the Pak authorities.
Is calling off the official visit enough for such a humiliation? Why not eye for eye and tooth for tooth? Invite a similar high ranking U.S. army delegation to Pakistan and serve them with the same sour soup. Only then the coward Yanks would know their true worth.
Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)
30, Westridge-1
Rawalpindi 46000

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By Brig Asif Haroon Raja

Pak-US FlagsPakistan-US relations that had soured after 1990, warmed up after 9/11 when Pakistan agreed to fight US coined war on terror as a frontline state. Their relations are apparently still friendly but clouded in suspicions and mistrust. Whatever steps taken by government of Pakistan for the benefit of US interests and at the cost of earning displeasure of the people of Pakistan are received with mixed feelings. No sooner Pakistan

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This rogue and publicity hound did not have the heart to promote the cause of helping the flood stricken Pakistanis. But, what one can expect from crony-infested government of “Maha-crook,” aka Zardari. Babar Hashmi has done no less than damage to Pakistan, than the bookies and crooked cricket players.  But, we still believe that exposure of these vermins with the light of electronic media would eventually bring a modicum of honesty based on fear for future would be crooks. Pakistan needs a “ghusal,” with the blood of these parasites. They do not understand human decency and fairplay. They only understand the language of violence. That day is not far off when the sleeping giant, the people of Pakistan will wake-up and that will the last sound these crooks will hear on this earth. Till then, Sabr is the only option.
Pakistani COUNSEL GENERAL Babar Hashmi one of Baghairat of the century.

New York Stock exchange donated its front screen for Pakistani flood affected here on Wednesday, for one hour , but Pakistani Counsel General to New York Babar Hashmi and commercial counselor Muhammad Amer use this golden opportunity for there own publicity .

According to details the president of New York Stock exchange want to help and show solidarity with millions of those Pakistanis who are badly affected by the recent flood.

New York stock exchange offered there front screen which is face to the world most visited spot Time Square , that Pakistani consulate can run there appeal for donation for millions flood effected Pakistanis, but sadly Mr Babar Hashmi and Mr Amer run there own photos with the background of a Pakistani green flag and one slide has a text ,

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Real Democracy – How to achieve it?

The bomb shell dropped by Altaf Bhai inviting patriotic generals to weed out the feudal and corrupt politicians has let out a furore and ignited a raging debate both in the print as well as electronic media. The general conduct of the politicians in and out of the power being discussed on the TV talk shows is anything but enviable and the people are openly talking of the army to step in, nip the evil and depart after a quick surgical operation.  It is easier said than done.  Little do some of them realise that once the army is in it takes it long to leave.  How-so-ever good a military rule might appear it is always bad for the country in the long run.
However, this also goes without saying that according to the general perception prevailing in the country, continuation of the present style democracy in Pakistan is also not good for the people. It badly needs to be improved and improved considerably. To expect a change for the better from within by the ruling parliamentarians themselves is asking for the moon. How can they be expected to axe their own feet? What to do then to bring about the required change of weeding out of the feudal, corrupt, professional and hereditary politicians? How to get rid of them and not let them or their scions return to the assemblies and power to replay the same repeat performance time and again. One answer is to throw them away forcibly by the army through Martial Law, or by the masses through a revolution. Both are fraught with danger and as such not desirable. The other answer is not to elect such breed of politic ians. This seems more plausible but for it those who elect them would have to be educated on this count.  Can they be educated or prevailed upon not to do so?  Not to my mind, because they mostly constitute the ‘captive’ electorates – illiterate serfs and tillers at the mercy of the feudals, blind followers in faith (mureeds) of the peers and Makhdooms, given to baradari and tribal compulsions and even some brainwashed extremists or Jialas.  Unfortunately, they form a big majority too, to the extent of easily offsetting the opinion of any other segment of the society. They will keep electing the same people again and again, baap nahi tau beta, chacha nahi tau mama, beti nahi tau bahu, etal, not necessarily out of loyalty but because of the compulsions mentioned above and to which the monetary consideration may also be added for the poor. How votes are purchased is an open secret now!  With the result that though at best there could be some c hange of the faces but essentially the system stays the same! .  
In order to elect honest and capable politicians to govern and deal with the day to day matters of statecraft, the very first thing for the electorate is that it must itself be wise enough to elect the proper persons. The voter has got to be sufficiently knowledgeable to make a judicious use of his/her vote. One man one vote cannot hold much water in this scenario.  Even, otherwise too, universal adult franchise is not a very Islamic in essence which advocates Shura

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