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The fate of the high treason case on Musharraf-Saddam Like Summary Trial Planned By Nawaz Sharif

The fate of the high treason case on Musharraf

























The fate of the high treason case on Musharraf was sealed on the day when his motorcade command was taken over by an active service ISI Colonel and diverted to Rawalpindi AFIC instead of appearing before the Article 6 Tribunal in Islamabad. Rest is all BULL. 

Visibly disturbed Musharraf asked as to where he was being taken. He was 
told that this was being done under command from Higher ups. He kept quiet.

Ch. Nisar went on air to justify the emergency in which Musharraf had to be 
rushed to AFIC.

As per the stories in the air, Raheel Sharif’s elder brother was very close to Musharraf and after his martyrdom, Musharraf patronized Raheel Sharif throughout his career besides as some reports say, kept him in his accommodation too for some period.

Once Raheel went to Musharraf and sought his help to have his ancestral land vacated from some occupants, Musharraf instantly called the authorities to have the lands vacated while Raheel was with him and only let him go once it was confirmed that occupation has been 

For the appointment of his successor, Kyani went to Nawaz Sharif with his
recommendation at least three times but Nawaz Sharif made his own selection.
Kyani didn’t like Raheel because he was close to Musharraf. Interesting.

It is learnt that Raheel Sharif along with his wife have called on Musharraf
at least 3 times so far at the AFIC.

And moreover: 

To add credence to the above, it’s funny but true that on the last day of
Musharraf’s so called appearance in court, it was his dummy not Musharraf.
When the judge remarked as to why he was sitting, he said that he was
standing. The judge remarked that you have somewhat shrunk. Only one picture


of his was flashed by Geo TV and country wide media followed the
instructions of not trumpeting about it. Normally, media follows his route
right from the start to the court, in court and return journey. All this was
missing. (This look alike of Musharraf appears on Geo TV posing as Musharraf
in the program ‘Hum sub umeed sa haen’ for many years.

Raheel Sharif by his looks is a man of resolve and no non-sense.

This case will define the civil- military equation for some time to come.

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Nawaz Sharif’s Kangaroo Court Trial of Gen.(Retd) Pervez Musharraf:International Press Conference: Calls to Suspend Immediately and Unconditionally Treason Trial


International Press Conference: Calls to Suspend Immediately and Unconditionally Treason Trial


PERVEZ MUSHARRAF Treason Trial: international legal experts demand an immediate and unconditional suspension of the trial in light of leaked secret communication from the Pakistani Prime Minister’s Office indicating an unlawful collusion between the Pakistani Government and elements of the Judiciary to “fix and manipulate” the trial.

Speakers: Steven Kay QC and Toby Cadman of 9 Bedford Row International

Venue: Brassey Room, One Great George Street, Westminster, London

Date: Friday 21 March 2014

Time: 1.45 pm

  • Secret communication leaked from a confidential source in Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Office illustrates an unlawful collaboration between the Pakistani Government and elements of the Judiciary to manipulate and fix the treason trial to the detriment of former President Musharraf.
  • Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif held directly responsible for manipulating the treason trial and stands accused of using his political influence to fix the treason trial and exert revenge on his political enemy.
  • A supplemental report to be submitted to the UN detailing the leaked information.
  • Urgent appeal submitted to the UN Office of the High Commissioner and UN Special Rapporteurs to intervene in the flawed treason trial has been accepted and the UN have communicated their concerns directly with the Pakistani government.
  • Pakistani Government refusing to co-operate with the UN Office of the High Commissioner and UN Special Rapporteurs.
  • King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia urged to personally assist Musharraf.
  • LONDON 21st March 2014 — Steven Kay QC and Toby Cadman of 9 Bedford Row International are today submitting a supplemental report to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights detailing the serious evidence of unlawful collusion between the Pakistani Government and elements of the Pakistani Judiciary in the treason trial against former President Musharraf.

The lawyers are condemning the Special Court as a Kangaroo court which has been exposed as tool by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to extract revenge against his political enemy. They are also demanding an immediate and unconditional suspension of the Special Court and a comprehensive investigation in light of the shocking revelations by the relevant UN bodies.

At the same time Kay QC and Cadman are calling on King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to intervene and support Musharraf who as the former President of Pakistan and former Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan provided immense support to the development of “brotherly relations” between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia during his time in office.

The lawyers are also demanding that the Pakistani Government comply with their international legal obligations and fully co-operate with the UN agencies. The Pakistani Government’s current refusal to respond to requests for information by the relevant UN bodies demonstrates the lack of transparency in the treason trial and the Pakistani Government’s decision to hide information.

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has manipulated the Pakistani legal process and used unlawful influence on the Pakistani Judiciary to bring a barrage of unsubstantiated charges against former President Musharraf. He has done this as a means of extracting revenge against a political opponent and appeasing Islamic fundamentalists who the former President Musharraf stood up against.

Nawaz Sharif use of a special court consisting of hand-picked judges to try former President Musharraf has been exposed to the international community as a “fixed and manipulated political trial.”

Toby Cadman, international human rights lawyer representing President Musharraf commented:

“The UN is now reviewing the allegations and they are clearly being taken up with the utmost seriousness. The allegations have been formally transmitted to the Government of Pakistan. It is unclear at this stage whether the Government will cooperate. We would urge them to engage with the UN Special Rapporteurs to ensure that justice is seen to be done. It is quite clear that the trial cannot continue under the present conditions and we call for an immediate suspension of proceedings pending a full and independent review by the UN.”

Commenting specifically on the information leaked from a source in Prime Minister Sharif’s office:, Cadman added:

“The former President’s right to be tried by an impartial and independent tribunal is clearly a matter of utmost concern. The right to a fair trial is absolute and cannot be subject to limitations under any conditions. There is an obvious conflict of interest between the judiciary in charge of the former President’s trial and the issue at stake. The recent disclosure demonstrates the level of collusion between the executive and the courts.”

Commenting Steven Kay QC said:

“In December 2013 our legal team submitted a detailed communication to the UN Special Procedures Branch in Geneva. It was submitted at that time that the trial process is little more than a stage-managed show trial with the judges picked by political opponents who are now in power. The recent disclosure clearly supports those allegations and tends to demnstrate that the case against the former President bears all the hallmarks of a political show trial exhibiting the most egregious example of political interference.”

Commenting Chaudry Sarfraz Anjum Kahlon, political advisor to former President Musharraf stated:

“Nawaz Sharif’s decision to pursue fabricated cases for political purposes is detrimental to the democratic system of Pakistan and indicates his obsession for personal revenge. Nawaz Sharif’s decision does not reflect the actions of a matured statesman but rather a democratic dictator who hides behind a veneer of democracy. The treason trial is illegitimate in the eyes of the Pakistani people and the international community.”



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What the PML-N Government has done with its Ex. Army Chief and Ex. President is appalling. It has tarnished the Image of Pakistan

What the PML-N Government has done with its Ex. Army Chief and Ex. President is appalling. It has tarnished the Image of Pakistan

Zafar A. Bokhari, Professor, Chicago State University

Honorary Commissioner, ARDC of The Illinois Supreme Court







 I live in the USA and teaching at an American University for the last 24 years. I have lectured in four continents and have travelled all over presenting papers in various conferences. I do not belong to any political party in Pakistan. I have never met Gen. Musharraf in my life. My 24 years of teaching Americans and world student body has given me an objective thinking and approach. What Pakistani Government has done with its Ex. Army Chief and Ex. President is appalling. I am not protecting Gen. Musharraf but I am talking about the image of Pakistan and its top positions, like Army Chief, where people get on top by merit. This Article 6 drama has become a laughing matter. Based on my observations; Pakistan’s enemies in Western academia, media, and intellectual world are happy on the stupidity of this constitutional juggling in Pakistan. I am specifically requesting educated Judiciary to take note of this. If Judiciary let BA condition lifted for uneducated “Lawmakers” of Pakistan, Articles 62 & 63 were not implemented, Articles of City Governments were not implemented for the last 7 years, and third time term Prime Minister Article was added for personal benefits of two politicians, Sharif & Bhutto; then “Ghaddar” must be redefined for any educated professional like Ex. Army Chief. Will Judiciary allow removal of LL.B. qualifications for Judges? Then why they did not challenge removal of BA condition for Lawmakers?

 Calling an ex Army Chief Ghaddar by corrupt looters and politicians is extremely “unethical”. I know how some enemy intellectuals from other countries are happy on our stupidity. Here are my arguments as Pakistani American academic.

  If Musharraf has done any corruption or wrong doing. Try him but not as “Ghaddar”.

  Emergency has always been used in many countries. Sometimes democracies have used to control law and order. India has used it many times. USA declared emergency in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

    Premeditation was obvious when politicians changed constitution in 2009 to get Musharraf. At the same time they benefitted themselves by removing BA conditions. This was a joke and sadly media and judiciary let this happen. Lawmakers in democracies and authoritarian China are highly educated. Supreme Court under Ex. CJ let politicians play with constitution for personal benefits. They also added third time PM term for personal benefits of two politicians: Sharif & Bhutto. When constitution is used for personal gains then why then why Ghaddar cannot be removed for Ex. Army Chief.

   In 2007 the act of Emergency was not a crime; it was brought by having bad intentions. Army should have objected but they may not know these constitutional juggling created by corrupt politicians.

    Movements create positive results worldwide from China, Turkey to South Africa. But when movements are based on fraud and deception, the poor suffers and movement leaders prosper. That’s what happened in lawyer’s movement in 2007. This was again enemy agenda to destroy a stable economy. In today’s modern diplomacy bombings or killings are not done by smart strategists, they destroy infrastructure and means of production. Incompetent leadership does this nicely. Pakistan economy suffered a lot from Lawyer’s movement. What is the outcome and result today after 7 years? A stable economy was destroyed. People are suffering more than in 2007.

 Pakistan is the ONLY country where “Aamriat” is criminalized. China, Saudi, and many societies are authoritarian and not “criminalized” by any world body and UN. Pakistani politicians have not delivered themselves but added Article 6 for military rulers.

   Debate in Pakistan should focus on which era was better: “Democratic or Aamiriat”. Leaders of lawyers’ movement must be tried for destroying economy which is larger criminal act than constitution in abeyance which was legal in Pakistan in 2007.

   Article 6 was Bhutto’s creation against Wali Khan as Traitor or Pro-India. Now politicians have given it new twist against Military Presidents. Article 6 needs to be re-addressed. The most disturbing part is calling an Ex. Army Chief & President “Ghaddar” who has given 44 years of his life to Pakistan including fighting wars against enemy.

    Significant majority of Pakistan’s political class is “non professional”, people with fake degrees, corrupt, incompetent, and parasite on country. Lawyer’s movement was an enemy agenda in modern warfare; to destroy the economy and divide people. Even Asma Jehangir, an anti Musharraf lawyer, was critical of current judicial system and special court as “Kangaroo Court”. In many democracies such people would have been tried for destroying economy. But in Pakistan, it is other way around. Corrupt enjoy and educated professionals are not allowed to develop Pakistan.

   Politicians have not followed constitution by not having (Baldiati) City Governments elections. Loot and corruption are also anti constitution. Judiciary in Pakistan did not follow constitution, when Reference against CJ Chowdhry was not sent to Supreme Judicial Council and people were brought on road which destroyed a stable economy. Article 6 must be applied on political parties’ leaders for violating constitution.

    These crimes of corruption and of not having City Governments have left people dying, helpless, and poor. Security was compromised because China controls through 46,000+ Mayors and USA with 19,700 Mayors. Same is true for many countries of Africa, Turkey, India and 1005 Europe.

  One prime minister and four Chief Ministers are the only outcome of elections with unnatural powers, while MNAs & MPAs are lawmakers not administrators. 1850 British system of DCs & SPs do not even exist in UK, they have adopted US County system and City Governments. In Pakistan Musharraf had that system while PPP & PMLN took country back to 1850s system; making Pakistan and its people vulnerable. City Governments could have provided much needed life, security, educational, social and economic development to the people in the past 7 years.

    People of Pakistan have to take notice that energies of this poor nation have been wasted in the name of Article 6 to chase “one person only” and destroying the image of Armed Forces. While global realities are different. We need to be honest about Article 6. There have always been two base systems of governance worldwide in various forms: Democracy as Liberal (Scandinavia), Conservative (USA), Social (EU), Authoritarian (Egypt, S. America, Africa) & Theocratic Democracy (Iran) and Authoritarian & Totalitarian: Dictatorships, Monarchies, Military Rule, Tribal Totalitarian, Communism, & many smaller units. China, Saudi Arabia, All Gulf, North Africa, Ex Soviet Union, E. Europe, and many countries have or had this system. This system may have challenges from Human Rights point but not “criminalized” like premeditated Article 6 in Pakistan.

 Education and Economic Development are the key factors of City Governance worldwide. In Pakistan it is family based fraud democratic system of 1850s which denies people’s right of self governance in City Governments. Can Judiciary and Army Guide and support in Changing System? Parliamentarians will never change. Pressure of change has to come from overseas Pakistanis, people of Pakistan, and international democratic donors. This has to be backed by media, civil society, and educated institutions in Pakistan.

 End Note: Will Judiciary allow removal of LL.B. qualifications for Judges? Then why they did not challenge removal of BA condition for Lawmakers?

 Zafar A. Bokhari

 Professor of Marketing & International Business

 Chicago State University

  Commissioner, ARDC of The Illinois Supreme Court (Honorary)

   [email protected]


Word “Ghaddar” for Pakistan Army Chief must be Removed from Pakistani Constitution,

The Way in which the minimum educational qualification of BA was Removed from the Constitution to Bring Uneducated Politicians as Lawmakers.

Enemy Agenda is followed by Politicians, while Judiciary and Army are not taking Note of this.

   Zafar A. Bokhari – Chicago State University

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Twin-seat FC-1/JF-17 breaks cover

Twin-seat FC-1/JF-17 breaks cover

By: Robert FosterPublished: 19 Jun 2013






Aviation Industries of China (AVIC) revealed a twin-seat model of its Chengdu Aircraft Corporation FC-1 export fighter at the Paris Air Show 2013.

The single-seat version is co-developed and co-produced by Pakistan, which calls it the JF-17 Thunder. A two seat FC-1 has been contemplated since at least 2004, although AVIC officials would not say when a prototype would appear.

Officials refused to comment directly on the two-seat variant’s potential performance other than to say that would be only “slightly less” capable in most parameters. They said that the twin-seat FC-1 compensated for the loss of fuel space – and related range – that second seat created by using an elevated and enlarged spine that also conferred more stability and allowed for a smaller vertical stabiliser.

The idea of a twin-seat version of the FC-1/JF-17 was first mentioned toIHS Jane’s by a Pakistan Air Force official at a 2004 defence exhibition. Since then Pakistani and Chinese officials have offered conflicting opinions about the programme’s status: Chinese officials have usually denied or downplayed the programme while Pakistani officials have been sceptical about funding.

The appearance of the model at Paris suggests that AVIC sees potential in the programme – and that funding has been found. The model in Paris was shown with full weapons outfit. When asked about potential power plants for the FC-1, AVIC officials confirmed that a FC-1 prototype had been flying with a Chinese-designed turbofan engine, but said it was not yet ready for export and that testing would be needed for several more years.




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529 Morsi supporters sentenced to death by Fascist Egyptian Military Government



529 Morsi supporters sentenced to death by Fascist Egyptian Military Government







 – MARCH 24, 2014


A court in Egypt on Monday sentenced 529 supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi to death after a mass trial, judicial sources said.

The backers of Morsi are facing a deadly crackdown launched by the military-installed authorities since his ouster in July, with hundreds of people killed and thousands arrested.

The sentence was delivered in the second hearing of a trial which began on Saturday in Minya, south of the capital.

Of those sentenced, 153 are in detention and the rest are on the run, the sources said, adding that 17 others were acquitted. The verdict can be appealed.

Those sentenced are among more than 1,200 Morsi supporters on trial in Minya. A second group of about 700 defendants will be in the dock on Tuesday.

They are accused of attacking both people and public property in southern Egypt in August, after security forces broke up two Cairo protest camps set up by Morsi supporters on August 14.

They are also charged with committing acts of violence that led to the deaths of two policemen in Minya, judicial sources said.

The accused include several leaders of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood, including its supreme guide Mohamed Badie.

Morsi, Egypt’s first elected and civilian president, was ousted by the army on July 3 in a move that triggered widespread unrest across the deeply polarised nation.

Hundreds of people died in the August assault on the two Cairo protest camps and in subsequent clashes that day.

Rights group Amnesty International says at least 1,400 people have been killed in violence across Egypt since then, and thousands more have been arrested.

Morsi is himself currently on trial in three different cases, including one for inciting the killing of protesters outside a presidential palace while he was in office.

Morsi was removed after just 12 months as president following mass street protests against his rule amid allegations of power grabbing and worsening an already weak economy.




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