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VIDEO: Coward of Kargil Nawaz Sharif Pakistan’s Enemy No:1 Dragged Feet to Do Nuclear Test Also












Poori Army JANTI hai kai, DANDA dai kar DHAMAKAY karwaeay Thai Army nai.

Nawaz Baighairat main Itna DAM na HAI, na THA aur Na ho ga Kabhi,

Saudi DALALOON kay Talway Chatnay Walay GANJ-AY, amrika bhi apnay

Saudi dalaloon ko beech main rakh kar BAAT karta hai en ko Direct MOONH bhi nahi lagata.


Above Comments: Courtesy:http://www.siasat.pk/forum/showthread.php?174541-Nawaz-Sharif-And-Shahbaz-Sharif-did-not-want-Nuclear-Test

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The fate of the high treason case on Musharraf-Saddam Like Summary Trial Planned By Nawaz Sharif

The fate of the high treason case on Musharraf

























The fate of the high treason case on Musharraf was sealed on the day when his motorcade command was taken over by an active service ISI Colonel and diverted to Rawalpindi AFIC instead of appearing before the Article 6 Tribunal in Islamabad. Rest is all BULL. 

Visibly disturbed Musharraf asked as to where he was being taken. He was 
told that this was being done under command from Higher ups. He kept quiet.

Ch. Nisar went on air to justify the emergency in which Musharraf had to be 
rushed to AFIC.

As per the stories in the air, Raheel Sharif’s elder brother was very close to Musharraf and after his martyrdom, Musharraf patronized Raheel Sharif throughout his career besides as some reports say, kept him in his accommodation too for some period.

Once Raheel went to Musharraf and sought his help to have his ancestral land vacated from some occupants, Musharraf instantly called the authorities to have the lands vacated while Raheel was with him and only let him go once it was confirmed that occupation has been 

For the appointment of his successor, Kyani went to Nawaz Sharif with his
recommendation at least three times but Nawaz Sharif made his own selection.
Kyani didn’t like Raheel because he was close to Musharraf. Interesting.

It is learnt that Raheel Sharif along with his wife have called on Musharraf
at least 3 times so far at the AFIC.

And moreover: 

To add credence to the above, it’s funny but true that on the last day of
Musharraf’s so called appearance in court, it was his dummy not Musharraf.
When the judge remarked as to why he was sitting, he said that he was
standing. The judge remarked that you have somewhat shrunk. Only one picture


of his was flashed by Geo TV and country wide media followed the
instructions of not trumpeting about it. Normally, media follows his route
right from the start to the court, in court and return journey. All this was
missing. (This look alike of Musharraf appears on Geo TV posing as Musharraf
in the program ‘Hum sub umeed sa haen’ for many years.

Raheel Sharif by his looks is a man of resolve and no non-sense.

This case will define the civil- military equation for some time to come.

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Najam Sethi is not Pakistani – Ex Army Chief Mirza Aslam Baig

Najam Sethi is not Pakistani – Ex Army Chief Mirza Aslam Baig






Actually ab jedda ki sair k baad Nawaz bhi murtadd ho gya hai,,, aur usi saff mein shamil ho gya hai,,,,They know that kpk and sindh will never vote them,,,, they can only hold punjab by might and they want to merge with india for the sake of better future of their family business.Secondly Geo TV is on the same page… they also feel restricted in Pakistan,,, they want free eastern boundaries so that they change turn their billions(Rupee) profit into trillions(Rupee) in population of 1+ billion country……

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The curse of Nawaz Sharif family corruption is coming soon to a theatre near you, to show how to rob a nation. Watch modern Nero Nawaz Sharif frozen by fear and incompetence, while Pakistani professionals are slaughtered according to the neocon Zionist-India axis, and their agents taliban who morph into Ahrar-i-Hind to slaughter Pakistan lawyers and judges. They are brutal to the core and mercilessly gunning down a woman law intern Fiza. They belong to the devil-worshipping sect that grows by murdering unarmed Pakistani professionals, because these professionals are the biggest threat to their nihilistic ideologies, which have not been sanctioned by any religion or creed. By killing others and killing themselves they achieve their nirvana of hell. Pakistan is fighting alone this war unleashed by a confluence of known and unknown enemies, each with their single point agenda destroy the most power nuclear Islamic nation. Two lethal enemies of Pakistan and enemies of Muslims have joined hand with Saudi Wahhabis, Takfiris, and Salafis to conduct operation “Crush Pakistan.” they have their plans and 180 million strong Pakistanis have their protector, the almighty Allah, he has his plan. While their plans fail. His plan works, because He is the one Absolute, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent ruler of ours and multiple other universes or multiverses, which he creates every moment. He created Pakistan and Pakistan will outlast and defeat all its enemies. They have tried to destroy it for 65 years but have ignominiously failed. All Pakistan’s enemies are warned; you will fail and die in misery for killing innocent people of Pakistan to achieve your evil agendas. Your economies will be destroyed. Your children will die worst deaths than those you bring upon innocent Pakistanis. Your generations will be afflicted by plagues and diseases you have never know. Learn from the deaths of three people who destroyed united Pakistan. Indira Gandhi=shot to death, Sh.Mujib = shot to death by his own people, and ZA Bhutto hanged by his favorite Army Chief. Clinton humiliated and abused by his own nation as a lecher and a womanizer, living a loveless life with a woman who despises him. All had a part in destroying united Pakistan; Ariel Sharon the last schemer against Pakistan died a slow death living in purgatory for years. Read the poem Ozymandias & learn a lesson. But, you have lead in your ears and steel curtains on your eyes.




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PM Sharif among billionaire lawmakers

History of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif So Called Poltical Leader of Pakistan


In the early eighties, after that Nawaz Sharif had completed his education his father Mian Muhammad Sharif started him in the business. However, this proved a disaster. As a second option Mian Muhammad Sharif set him up with Pakistani actor Saeed Khan Rangeela to get him into acting (something which Nawaz Sharif wanted).

A few days later Saeed Khan Rangeela sent his regrets to Mian Muhammad Sharif saying that his son was too dumb for acting and movie industry. Mian Muhammad Sharif then a cricket coaches to train his son for cricket, but his physical fitness was too low for the sport. It is rumored that by mid-day on his first day at training Nawaz Sharif threw the bat down and left the stadium saying, “This is too tough for me.”  As a last resort he paid General Ghulam Jilani Khan a considerable sum of monies to introduce Nawaz Sharif to General Zia-ul-Haq recommending him for a political post, who in turn made Nawaz Sharif the Finance Minister of Punjab. This was the day when the street thugs of Mohni Road had stepped on to becoming the national thugs of Pakistan.

The day Nawaz Sharif had become Finance Minister, the entire family’s earnings were few million rupees and had only one refinery. From there they went on to: Ittefaq Sugar Mills was set up in 1982, Brothers steel in 1983, Brother’s Textile Mills in 1986, Brothers Sugar Mills Ltd in 1986, Ittefaq Textile units in 2-3 in 1987, Khalid Siraj Textile Mills in 1988, Ramzan Buksh Textiles in 1987, Farooq Barkat (pvt) Ltd in 1985. By the time of Zia ul Haq’s fateful plane crash, Mian Muhammad Sharif’s family was earning a net profit of US$ 3 million, up from a few million rupees. By the end of the decade their net assets were worth more than 6 billion rupees, according to their own admission, nearly US$ 350 million at the time. But this turned out to be small-change when Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister.

When Nawaz Sharif became prime minister, the group took a decision to secure project loans from the foreign banks and only working capital were taken from the nationalized commercial banks. The project financing from foreign banks was ostensibly secured against the foreign currency deposits, a number of which were held in benamee accounts, as repeatedly claimed by Interior Minister Naseer Ullah Babar at his press conferences. In 1992 Salman Taseer released an account of Nawaz Sharif’s corruption stating that the family had taken loans of up to 12 billion rupees, which were never paid back. On March 2, 1994, Khalid Siraj, a cousin of Nawaz Sharif claimed that the assets of the seven brothers were valued at Rs 21 billion.

These were the accounts of profits and companies which were openly known to public. However, the family kept their side business going all the while ” the gambling dens and heroin control in Lahore ” and along with their industry the side business also mushroomed.

During the Afghan-Soviet War Nawaz Sharif’s cousin Sohail Zia Butt started working under the drug baron Mirza Iqbal Beg, then Pakistan’s second biggest drug lord after Ayub Afridi. Mian Muhammad Sharif and his sons had a permanent share in his gambling and heroin business. In 1990 Suhail Butt won a seat on the Islami Jamhoori Ittehad ticket in the Punjab Assembly. It was through Sohail Butt’s association that Nawaz Sharif became a close associate of Mirza Iqbal Beg. It was through him that Nawaz Sharif became benami owner of many of the privatized government entities, such as Muslim Commercial Bank. Sohail Zia Butt other than getting involved in the drug business made billions in the co-operative societies’ collapse, mainly through the National Industrial Credit and Finance Corporation. It was Nawaz Sharif’s share in his cousin’s drug business which he used to buy off the generals thereby delaying the inevitable dismissal of his government.

In 1995 when Mirza Iqbal Beg was imprisoned, Sohail Zia Butt took over his drug empire. It is at this time that he became one of the biggest drug and crime bosses in Pakistan and was nicknamed the “King of Hera Mandi” and at one time all six underworld gangs of Lahore were working under him.

By 1995 family’s declared annual profits from industrial units had increased 1500% from US$ 30 million to staggering US$ 400 million.

This is the short version of how in mere 15 years small street thugs running gambling dens became leaders of a country running narcotics, underworld and smuggling empires, untouched by everyone.








Hamid Mir
Kamran Khan
Ansar Abbasi
Javed Choudhry
Najam Sethi
Talat Hussain
Nusrat Jawaid
Mushtaq Minhas
Irfan Siddique
          And other such Zameer Froshan who are on paid role of Nawaz Sharif have gone absolutely  Deaf & Dumb, rather have totally lost their power to think and write on such an important national issue where the wealth of the sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan rise manifold then declared a year earlier, despite the fact that whatever declared is far far less from the wealth he looted & plundered from this poor country where around 45% of its population lives under poverty line.
All this ill gotten wealth has been taken out of this country when this fraud was in power.
The declared wealth of this fraud is 1.8 billion.
Where as, only his Raiwind Palace is spread over 27000 kanals . The price of open land  in that particular area is Rs. 2300000/ Kanal, leave aside the cost of 85000 sqf of constructed & built up areas. 
The calculation is very simple vis a vis valve of his over all declaration. However, no mention of properties owned by our holy cow in UK, SPAIN, USA,UAE, Turkey and investments all around the world including Saudia Arabia.It would not be out of place to mention that before 1979 ( Zia ul Haq Era) Sharifs had only one steel factory under the title of Ittafaq Foundry, and used to live some where near Gowalmandi Lahore in a makan  opening directly on the road.
All what they have today is a Loot Ka Mal and belongs to the people of Pakistan, which this fraud family from Lahore will have to return sooner or later.
What a shame oh such selfish so called journalists who remain quiet on the subject knowing each and every detail of this looted mal.





Iftikhar A. Khan and Kalbe Ali






















ISLAMABAD: The ownership of the Raiwind palace spread over thousands of acres is a mystery because it has never been mentioned in the statements of assets and liabilities of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and other members of his family in politics.


Even latest declarations submitted by Nawaz Sharif, his brother Shahbaz Sharif, son-in-law Captain Mohammad Safdar and nephew Hamza Shahbaz to the Election Commission of Pakistan are silent on the ownership title of the huge property.


But Information Minister Pervez Rasheed told Dawn that the property was in the name of Shamim Sharif, mother of the Sharif brothers.
The statements of assets show that the Sharif brothers have much in common. Both live in houses not owned by them. Nawaz Sharif lives in a house owned by his mother while Shahbaz Sharif resides in a house owned by his spouse Nusrat.


Both use Land Cruisers gifted to them by unspecified persons. Both have multiple foreign and local currency accounts, own huge agricultural land and have investments in industrial units like sugar, textile and paper mills.


The most visible dissimilarity is the rapid growth in the value of assets owned by the elder brother and continuous decline in the value of assets possessed by the younger brother. Another dissimilarity is that Shahbaz Sharif has two properties in the United Kingdom, but Nawaz Sharif has no assets abroad.


Till the time of elections in May last year, Shahbaz was richer than Nawaz — though none of them a billionaire — but things are different now. According to the recent declaration, the value of Nawaz Sharif’s wealth has registered a six-fold increase in just 12 months to make him a billionaire for the first time.


According to statements of assets and liabilities, the net worth of Nawaz Sharif’s assets was Rs261.6 million in 2012 and of Shahbaz Sharif Rs336.9m.


In 2011, the assets of the Sharif brothers were worthRs166m and Rs393m, indicating an increase ofRs95.6m and decrease of Rs56.5m, respectively.


In 2013, the value of assets of Nawaz Sharif ballooned to Rs1.82bn while that of Shahbaz Sharif slipped further to Rs142m.


Incidentally, Shahbaz Sharif has more stakes abroad than in the country.


He owns properties and bank account worthRs138.28m in the UK. He has three loans worth117.10m in Pakistani rupees in British banks.
The younger brother has not disclosed the value of five properties with net area of around 676 kanal in Lahore – all gifted by his mother.
He has Rs51.96m cash in hand and Rs7.27m in his sole bank account in the country. (Editor’s Note: Out of 180 Million Pakistani Civilians & Military, how many can boast such amount as CASH IN HAND)


Mrs Nusrat, the first wife of Mr Shahbaz, had assets worth Rs273.46m on June 30 last year. It wasRs224.56m a year earlier. She has Rs14.34m cash in hand and Rs1.95m in her five bank accounts.
The assets of Mrs Tehmina, the second wife of Shahbaz Sharif, are worth Rs9.83m. They wereRs7.64m last year.


She has five bank accounts – two in Pound Sterling, one in dollar and two in Pak rupees, but the money in these accounts is only Rs23,770. She has cash in hand and prize bonds worth Rs750,000 and two cars.
Kalsoom Nawaz, the wife of Nawaz Sharif, has net wealth of Rs235.85m, which is much less than that ofMrs Nusrat Shahbaz.


Mrs Kalsoom Nawaz has land and a house in Changa Gali, Abbottabad, worth Rs63.75m, a bungalow on Mall Road in Murree worth Rs100m, 88 kanal of land in Sheikhupura worth Rs70m, jewellery of Rs1.5m and shares in family businesses.


She has Rs67,555 cash in hand and Rs55,765 in banks.
Hamza Shahbaz is wealthier than his father with net assets of Rs250.46m. He has two wives. The wealth of his first wife is Rs2.45m and that of the second isRs9.88m.


Capt Safdar’s wealth is worth Rs14.23m. He owns a car which his wife Marium received as a gift from the UAE 




Nawaz Sharif’s Chamcha No1,Ishaq Dar’s Son Car

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