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The curse of Nawaz Sharif family corruption is coming soon to a theatre near you, to show how to rob a nation. Watch modern Nero Nawaz Sharif frozen by fear and incompetence, while Pakistani professionals are slaughtered according to the neocon Zionist-India axis, and their agents taliban who morph into Ahrar-i-Hind to slaughter Pakistan lawyers and judges. They are brutal to the core and mercilessly gunning down a woman law intern Fiza. They belong to the devil-worshipping sect that grows by murdering unarmed Pakistani professionals, because these professionals are the biggest threat to their nihilistic ideologies, which have not been sanctioned by any religion or creed. By killing others and killing themselves they achieve their nirvana of hell. Pakistan is fighting alone this war unleashed by a confluence of known and unknown enemies, each with their single point agenda destroy the most power nuclear Islamic nation. Two lethal enemies of Pakistan and enemies of Muslims have joined hand with Saudi Wahhabis, Takfiris, and Salafis to conduct operation “Crush Pakistan.” they have their plans and 180 million strong Pakistanis have their protector, the almighty Allah, he has his plan. While their plans fail. His plan works, because He is the one Absolute, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent ruler of ours and multiple other universes or multiverses, which he creates every moment. He created Pakistan and Pakistan will outlast and defeat all its enemies. They have tried to destroy it for 65 years but have ignominiously failed. All Pakistan’s enemies are warned; you will fail and die in misery for killing innocent people of Pakistan to achieve your evil agendas. Your economies will be destroyed. Your children will die worst deaths than those you bring upon innocent Pakistanis. Your generations will be afflicted by plagues and diseases you have never know. Learn from the deaths of three people who destroyed united Pakistan. Indira Gandhi=shot to death, Sh.Mujib = shot to death by his own people, and ZA Bhutto hanged by his favorite Army Chief. Clinton humiliated and abused by his own nation as a lecher and a womanizer, living a loveless life with a woman who despises him. All had a part in destroying united Pakistan; Ariel Sharon the last schemer against Pakistan died a slow death living in purgatory for years. Read the poem Ozymandias & learn a lesson. But, you have lead in your ears and steel curtains on your eyes.




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