The fate of the high treason case on Musharraf-Saddam Like Summary Trial Planned By Nawaz Sharif

The fate of the high treason case on Musharraf

























The fate of the high treason case on Musharraf was sealed on the day when his motorcade command was taken over by an active service ISI Colonel and diverted to Rawalpindi AFIC instead of appearing before the Article 6 Tribunal in Islamabad. Rest is all BULL. 

Visibly disturbed Musharraf asked as to where he was being taken. He was 
told that this was being done under command from Higher ups. He kept quiet.

Ch. Nisar went on air to justify the emergency in which Musharraf had to be 
rushed to AFIC.

As per the stories in the air, Raheel Sharif’s elder brother was very close to Musharraf and after his martyrdom, Musharraf patronized Raheel Sharif throughout his career besides as some reports say, kept him in his accommodation too for some period.

Once Raheel went to Musharraf and sought his help to have his ancestral land vacated from some occupants, Musharraf instantly called the authorities to have the lands vacated while Raheel was with him and only let him go once it was confirmed that occupation has been 

For the appointment of his successor, Kyani went to Nawaz Sharif with his
recommendation at least three times but Nawaz Sharif made his own selection.
Kyani didn’t like Raheel because he was close to Musharraf. Interesting.

It is learnt that Raheel Sharif along with his wife have called on Musharraf
at least 3 times so far at the AFIC.

And moreover: 

To add credence to the above, it’s funny but true that on the last day of
Musharraf’s so called appearance in court, it was his dummy not Musharraf.
When the judge remarked as to why he was sitting, he said that he was
standing. The judge remarked that you have somewhat shrunk. Only one picture


of his was flashed by Geo TV and country wide media followed the
instructions of not trumpeting about it. Normally, media follows his route
right from the start to the court, in court and return journey. All this was
missing. (This look alike of Musharraf appears on Geo TV posing as Musharraf
in the program ‘Hum sub umeed sa haen’ for many years.

Raheel Sharif by his looks is a man of resolve and no non-sense.

This case will define the civil- military equation for some time to come.

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