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Hapless , Helpless State and Traitorous Mafia by Faisal Masood–92 News—10-04-2021

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We, the People, the Humanity and Our Entangled Future in Global COVID-19 Pandemic  Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.

We, the People, the Humanity and Our Entangled Future in Global COVID-19 Pandemic

 Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.

The COVID-19 pandemic surge has depleted our inner thoughts, souls and outlook for change and adaptability to the making of the future. At the outset, political leaders appear to be leading the movement for human survival, often abridged by medical scientists and experts in determining which vaccinations – be it European, Russian, Chinese or American should be used to treat people of ethnic, social, moral and intellectual and political diversities. Do they pretend that vaccines or the pandemic knows nationalities or political ideologies separating the human intellect? Ostensibly, human faculties of thinking and choices are being used for divisions and political indoctrinations not for specialized human unity to cope with the emerging crises of COVID-pandemic and its aftermath impacting the masses across the world.









Global Covid-19 Pandemic








We must be looking for truth to necessitate rethinking in our minds and souls for change and universal sense of humanity as being One and unshakeable by geography, politics and ethnicity and sentiments of political nationalities and persecution. We can do it, we are One People and One Humanity impacted by unknown motives of the few lacking knowledge and wisdom to unite mankind in situations of crises often engineered by ignorance missing divine knowledge of truth and human origin.  We cannot be divided into segments of geography and history as numbers. We the People, We the Humanity are connected to all other things within the God-given Universe to serve mankind. This gives soundness and power to reason and forbidden truth in the current global affairs.

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