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Nawaz Sharif and India have one trait in common, both lie to protect their failures. India lied about their Kargil defeat.

Nawaz Sharif and his PMLN members lie about Pakistan Army’s Kargil War Victory.

Every Jiyala of PMLN will tell you Kargil War was a Failure.

Indian Army Chief of Kargil War wants to Forget It!

Nawaz Sharif’s reason behind this chicanery is that he did not want to give credit to Pakistan Army under the leadership of Gen.(Retd) Pervez Musharraf for thrashing the Indian Army at the heights of Kargil, which resulted in killing 3,000 Indian Army soldiers and officers. Gen.(Retd) Musharraf may have a thousand flaws, but, Kargil War was his finest hour. Gen(Retd) Aziz and Gen(Retd) Musharraf played a stroke of genius in Kargil War Strategy. Pakistan’s Political Pundits demonise him and due to personal bias portray him as responsible for a Kargil “fiasco.”  

If Kargil War was a “fiasco” for Pak Army, then, the question arises, why did India Court Martial several GOCs and Corp Commander of Indian Army, XV Corp ?:


Indian Heavy Losses in Kargil War Are Remembered

in Huge Monument Build to Honour Over 3,000 War Dead

“But the General has not shared the lapses and neglect of responsibilities of the Army leadership, particularly of the sector commanders, and to an extent, his own. Some of these are by now, well known, including the mindset of the 15 Corps Commander, Lt Gen Krishan Pal, who insisted that there were only a handful of infiltrators 60 to 80 and that none of them was a Pakistani soldier. He committed troops without allowing them adequate weapons and strength, and if facts given by Lt Gen Y M Bammi in a book are taken into account, he punished an officer, Brig Devinder Singh, who wanted better preparations insisting that there were a large number of Pakistani soldiers inside the Indian territory.
The officer had eight battalions under his charge, and by all accounts, he fought very well, leading the troops from the front. Gen Malik himself has been seen and heard praising this officer at various fora. Yet, Brig Devinder Singh’s career was cut short to save those who were wrong.
To recall, the biggest players of the Kargil War were:
The Government at the highest echelon of the Political Leadership;

The top rung of the Indian military leadership

Lt Gen Kishen Pal, an Honest Soldier


The Army Chief, GOC-in-C Northern Command, 15 Corps Cdr, and the 3 Div Cdr. The intelligence agencies, primarily the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). The Indian Air Force (IAF) and its exercise of Air Power.
The dedicated and committed soldiers and the middle and junior level officers.

(Reference: http://defence.pk/threads/the-kargil-conflict.50085/”)


Nawaz Sharif’s Paranoia

 Nawaz Sharif was paranoid that after such a great victory. He was afraid that Gen (Retd) Musharraf would achieve same status as FM Ayub Khan and thereby kick out the absolutely corrupt and incompetent illegitimate Nawaz Sharif PMLN “Dandhelee”) Govt. Nawaz Sharif propaganda against Kargil is unrelenting. He did not want Pakistan public to believe that Pakistan Army was capable of achieving this victory. Nawaz Sharif is very astute about his business interests.

Nawaz Sharif’s Two-Pronged Approach to Stop Kargil War

Nawaz Sharif’s objectives were to promote his business interest in India, a larger market for his Ittefaq Industries products. He wanted to save India and Indian Army from humiliation from this ignominious defeat. He used a two-pronged approach, 1) Stop the War and Prevent Pakistan Army to Make Gains in Kargil sector, which may make Indian Army’s Movements under Pakistan Army Observation Posts. Thus allowing Pakistan Artillery to cause serious damage to India convoys providing supplies to units in Kashmir. 2) To make Pakistan Army look weak, humiliated bungling, and a “rogue” organisation. This would give Nawaz and his party to keep Pak Army on the defensive and not interfere in national affairs, no matter how much corruption Nawaz and his friends do. 

Nawaz Sharif, A CIA Asset

Nawaz Sharif is a CIA’s major asset in Pakistan’s political scene. He is weak, easily intimidated, cowardly, incompetent, and in times of crisis gets a “mind freeze.” He cannot handle crisis well and that can be seen in his vacillation and foot dragging against TTP. He is co-dependent on CIA and gets his direction through their position papers and relies heavily on their analyst. Even today, Sartaj Aziz, the Octogenarian is in Washington to get direction from Secretary John Kerry.


Nawaz Sharif’s Mortal Fear of Losing Business & Life


During Kargil War, Nawaz Sharif was morbidly afraid of Indian intrusion across the international boundary in Lahore. His fears most likely included the capture of Lahore and his own arrest by the Indian Army. All of the above factors resulted in his mad dash to President Clinton to stop, “Pakistan Army,” which he could not do, from further escalation and consolidation in Kargil.

Nawaz Sharif does not car an iota about Pakistan or its people. His interests lie in survival and accumulation of wealth and power. Nawaz Sharif is a Pakistani “Banya,” who has a Banya Mentality. His upbringing by a corrupt father, who accumulated enormous wealth and went from a small brick Kiln foundry to acquisition of Pak Army’s major asset. The Ittefaq Foundry.

Nawaz Sharif is the causative agent for withdrawal of Pakistan Army from Kargil, which resulted in the only causalities due to their exposure to forward observers of Indian Artillery. Thus Nawaz snatched, a defeat from victory. He is responsible for all the Shahadats of the extremely brave NLI and Sindh Regiment soldiers  when they were asked to pull back. Nawaz Sharif has PAK ARMY BLOOD on his hand. He has also demonised Pak Army through a whispering campaign by PMLN Jiayalas, that Kargil War was a defeat for Pak Army. He knows the truth. One day, that truth will catch-up to Nawaz, when he and his whole family may have to pay for it with their own blood. India is having a hard time swallowing Kargil defeat, in spite of heavy losses and post-defeat embarrassment, Indian Army continues to console itself, by reading false and concocted reports by Indian Media.

As usual, Pak Media was asleep at the wheel and due to its hatred of Pakistan Army for its meddling in politics, Pak media could not digest Pakistan Army’s finest hour and went along with lies and snake oil which India and Nawaz Sharif were selling.





In 77 day Kargil Conflict of 1999, more Indian soldiers lost their lives than combined loss of 1947 – 1949, 14-month-old Kashmir War, 23 days 1965 Indo – Pak war & 14 days 1971 War for Bangladesh formation. Many divisions were eliminated, it is learnt. Though the real figure is never disclosed to the public have a rough idea from media reports. During Kargil conflict, Indian TVs were showing only one Bofors gun firing all the time & Pakistan TVs were showing captured Indian soldiers alive. Many Indian people were saying that it is was pre-planned drama for forthcoming General Elections in India with full understanding with Pakistan’s establishment to make BJP win which actually happened too. Later on , figures were disclosed by either side within 300 no of lives lost at either sides. A few years later, Nawaz Sharif, a pathological liar falsely said that Pakistani side lost 2,700 men when actually 270 men were lost by Pakistan Army. Later, it was disclosed in the news that the loss of life in India was so many that the stock of caskets was exhausted & fresh caskets were imported very quickly in which allegations of a large amount of kickbacks were disclosed on defence & other top Indian ministries. Now some recently retired army men who were posted in Kashmir state during the war told so many individual & general stories. I too heard many stories. All are unanimous on the point that most of Indian soldiers were not acclimated to very cold places having any experience & ability to withstand on snow heights & suffered so much that ratio of loss of life was 100 : 1 against the enemy. If that is correct, it means that India lost 2,70,000 soldiers at least in that conflict & then casket scandal is understandable. In Kashmir, recently most of the soldiers who want to leave the valley at any cost said that entire Gulmarg & many such places were evacuated of the troops & all were sent to kargil . Only few came back. Is BJP hiding that fact & not talking anything on Kargil even during election campaign. Is the information of that high figure correct ? All Kashmiris happily say so. What is the truth ?




If Kargil victory is so great, why is India , the Victor trying to forget it.

Victors Do Not Forget Victory, Only losers Do

New Delhi: Thirteen years ago, the Indian Army found itself drawn into a messy low-intensity conflict with Pakistan in the icy heights of Kargil in Jammu and Kashmir that cost it 527 soldiers. Today, Gen VP Malik, the then Army chief, laments that the major victory scored has all been forgotten. Kargil was India’s first television war and could have promoted a “strategic culture” in the country, but the gains were lost because of political compulsions, Malik says. 

“We must celebrate the Kargil victory. Unfortunately, the Kargil war has become a political football,” 74-year-old Malik, who lives in the Chandigarh suburb of Panchkula, told a news agency in an interview. 

“Politics got into the Kargil victory and the celebrations became a political football. That’s what we saw with political rivals celebrating and criticising the war for reasons that suited them,” Malik said. 

“The armed forces had tremendous support from the people and the media,” he said, adding: “But politics got into all this and that’s why there were good celebrations initially and there are hardly any celebrations. Slowly people are beginning to forget because it is not providing much political mileage.” 

From 2000 to 2003, July 26, the day the war ended, was commemorated in a variety of ways. This, however, stopped when the United Progressive Alliance government came to power. 

Calling for grander celebrations, Malik said, “We have to tell the people about these battles and if we want to build a strategic culture, we need to celebrate these victories and inform people how these battles were won.” 

The Kargil war in May-July 1999 saw India throwing back Pakistani regulars who had occupied key heights in the sector that had been vacated by the Indian troops during the harsh winter. 

At the same time, Malik readily agreed that the victory in the 1971 war with Pakistan that saw the creation of the independent nation of Bangladesh was “much bigger” and “greater” than Kargil. 

“The 1971 war was certainly a much bigger, greater victory for India, as we had fought on both (eastern and western) fronts. But that was 1971. In 1999, we were reacting to a situation, as in 1965, and were playing on the back foot. 

“In 1971, we had taken the initiative in view of the refugees pouring in from the East and there was time for us to prepare for the war,” Malik said. 

But the situation in 1999 was different, he said, noting that the whole world was watching India with suspicion following its 1998 nuclear tests. 

“We did exceeding well with the Army, Navy and the Air Force jointly working out a strategy in a limited war scenario,” he added. 


First Published: Sunday, July 29, 2012, 16:04

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Faisal Raza Abidi Reveals the Corruption of PML-N Elite Junta


نوازشریف کی کرپشن کے کارنامے سنئیے اور خود حساب لگا لیں کہ قوم کی مجرمانہ خاموشی نے پاکستان کو نوازشریف کی شکل میں تباہی کے کس دہانے پر لاکھٹرا کیا ہے – ایڈمن

Posted by Syed Faisal Raza Abidi on Thursday, February 11, 2016

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MAY 19, 2014

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, May 19 (Pak Destiny) Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed has hinted that he will go to any extent in supporting and saving the Jang/Geo group come what may.

Perviaz Rashid has warned the Cable Operators of blocking any TV channel (Geo) or disturbing its number.
He did not condemn the Karachi Press Club incident in which Geo group reporters stopped the Cable Operators from holding a press conference.
On the issue of ISI chief bashing, Pervaiz Rasheed has not yet given comments being a law minister too sought from the PEMRA.
Earlier,he had made it clear “we are with the people of dalil (Geo group) not with the people of galail (ISI, army)”.
Let’s see if Mr Rasheed manages to save Geo from shutting down after the latest blasphemy episode involving its host Shiasta Lodhi. But one thing is clear Pervaiz Rasheed is making all out efforts to save the media group whom Imran Khan has labelled “PML-N media cell”. – Pak Destiny

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Disaster and incompetence

Disaster and incompetence

Dr AQ Khan
Monday, March 31, 2014

Random thoughts

The last few weeks have been taken up by news of the tragic events in Thar where many young children and large numbers of cattle died due to drought and serious shortage of food and water. Thousands of people travelled on foot with their cattle to find ‘greener pastures’. 

While this tragedy was building up, the rulers of Sindh were busy spending billions on the ‘Sindh Festival’ to even notice. When footage of infants dying of starvation in their mothers’ laps started surfacing, the rulers laid the blame for their deaths on disease rather than from the effects of drought. 

Did not Hazrat Umar (RA) categorically state that if even a dog died of starvation or thirst on the banks of the Euphrates, he, Umar, would be held responsible to Allah for it on the Day of Reckoning? In Thar, hundreds of children died of starvation, but the rulers are least bothered. Surely there will be severe and painful punishment for such callousness.

Many of you might have read the story of a not very religious person who picked up a wounded and starving dog and took it home where he fed and looked after it. After the man died, his neighbour, a self-proclaimed ‘pious’ person, saw him in a dream looking quite happy and content. Upon enquiry he was informed that the Almighty was so pleased with his kindness to the sick dog that he had given him a place in Paradise immediately.

True or fictitious, the Almighty is the most beneficent, the most merciful and all knowing. In Thar, hundreds of infants died of starvation, yet our rulers are under the illusion that they will not be held responsible. It is a blessing from the Almighty that we have so many kind-hearted people and philanthropists in our country who always jump in to help calamity-hit people. 

In this case too, food and other aid in kind was rushed to Thar by the MQM, Edhi, the army, Jamaat-e-Islami.
 Commodore Ilyas, that he should drill wells in the area for the supply of clean drinking water. Some friends and I had arranged for the boring of two wells (costing $20,000) in the desert surrounding Timbuktu where we had earlier helped Abdul Rahman build a simple, eight-bedroom guesthouse. This guesthouse provided boarding and lodging for tourists and jobs and financial support for about 25 families. 

At a later visit we were happy to see hundreds of people and thousands of head of cattle benefitting from the wells. When the Malaysian Ambassador at Dakar, Zainul Abedur, visited Timbuktu, stayed at the guesthouse and was shown the wells, he was so impressed that he paid for two more wells to be dug. These four wells are now supplying adequate water and sparing people from having to walk many kilometres every day to obtain water from other sources. In that area, water is found at a depth of around 400 meters.

The agreement with the boring company was that, should they need to go deeper, they would bear the extra cost, but should they not need to go that deep, they would refund the portion not used. Alhamdulillah, what a practical demonstration in honesty and fair play!

If Riaz Hussain Sahib manages to get a sufficiently large number of wells dug in the Thar area, the residents will have a permanent supply of water for household purposes, cattle and limited use for irrigation for crops and vegetables. What a blessing that would be! It is supposed that here too the average depth of such wells would be no more than about 400 meters.

Now danger bells are ringing in Cholistan. However, contrary to the lethargic attitude of the Sindh rulers, Mian Shahbaz Sharif immediately dashed to Cholistan to personally supervise relief work. He is always quick to respond to emergencies. We can only hope that a serious crisis will not develop there.

Another matter of significant importance is the federal government’s total incompetence in appointing heads to 19 important state organisations. Nine months in the saddle and still such simple yet important decisions have not been taken. The other day Fahad Hasan Fahad, an additional secretary in the PM Secretariat, was trying to convince noted anchorperson, Kamran Khan, that there were legitimate reasons for not doing so. 

There was no such hesitation in filling Cabinet posts, competent or otherwise, while it was not possible to find 19 people from a population of 190 million, many of whom are highly educated and competent (but, alas, not stooges). When setting up the Kahuta Plant, it took me only a few weeks to put together an exemplary team that proved its competence by delivering a nuclear arsenal in seven years and ballistic long range missiles in three years. We also initiated and completed the rehabilitation of the Peoples’ Steel Mill in two years and planned and executed the construction of the state-of-the-art GIK Institute in three years. 

It would have been possible for me to select competent people to fill these vacant posts within four weeks. The additional secretary seems to be looking for geniuses from outer space. It is rather unfortunate that the PM, who has been in the chair twice before, is not showing any maturity. His two previous governments did not do well – full of financial scandals and maladministration – and both times he was sent home. This time, too, he has surrounded himself with inexperienced and incompetent sycophants. 

The same game as before is on now. Supreme Court orders are finding space in dustbins and the courts have been left with no powers. Their orders to appoint a chief election commissioner, chairman of the Higher Education Commission, chairman of the Pakistan Steel Mills, chairman PIA, etc are all being ignored. Repeated orders for holding local bodies elections have been totally ignored and rejected. Nonetheless, there are claims of good and transparent governance. 

Mark my words; this government will leave us under heavy foreign debt, inflation, further absence of law and order (even Islamabad faces the law of the jungle these days), corruption, etc. This practice of ‘ruling by turn’ is going to be the death of Pakistan. There is no viable opposition. Only here can ‘do mubari’ (second-rate, incompetent) corrupt people rule, plunder and destroy. Unless a revolution takes place soon, nothing will change – there is no hope for the common man.

Email: [email protected]


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The fate of the high treason case on Musharraf-Saddam Like Summary Trial Planned By Nawaz Sharif

The fate of the high treason case on Musharraf

























The fate of the high treason case on Musharraf was sealed on the day when his motorcade command was taken over by an active service ISI Colonel and diverted to Rawalpindi AFIC instead of appearing before the Article 6 Tribunal in Islamabad. Rest is all BULL. 

Visibly disturbed Musharraf asked as to where he was being taken. He was 
told that this was being done under command from Higher ups. He kept quiet.

Ch. Nisar went on air to justify the emergency in which Musharraf had to be 
rushed to AFIC.

As per the stories in the air, Raheel Sharif’s elder brother was very close to Musharraf and after his martyrdom, Musharraf patronized Raheel Sharif throughout his career besides as some reports say, kept him in his accommodation too for some period.

Once Raheel went to Musharraf and sought his help to have his ancestral land vacated from some occupants, Musharraf instantly called the authorities to have the lands vacated while Raheel was with him and only let him go once it was confirmed that occupation has been 

For the appointment of his successor, Kyani went to Nawaz Sharif with his
recommendation at least three times but Nawaz Sharif made his own selection.
Kyani didn’t like Raheel because he was close to Musharraf. Interesting.

It is learnt that Raheel Sharif along with his wife have called on Musharraf
at least 3 times so far at the AFIC.

And moreover: 

To add credence to the above, it’s funny but true that on the last day of
Musharraf’s so called appearance in court, it was his dummy not Musharraf.
When the judge remarked as to why he was sitting, he said that he was
standing. The judge remarked that you have somewhat shrunk. Only one picture


of his was flashed by Geo TV and country wide media followed the
instructions of not trumpeting about it. Normally, media follows his route
right from the start to the court, in court and return journey. All this was
missing. (This look alike of Musharraf appears on Geo TV posing as Musharraf
in the program ‘Hum sub umeed sa haen’ for many years.

Raheel Sharif by his looks is a man of resolve and no non-sense.

This case will define the civil- military equation for some time to come.

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