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THE PROPAGANDA BLITZKRIEG BY CROOKS AGAINST IMRAN KHAN:Nawaz Sharif & Crooked Cronies use diversionary tactics to shift focus from stolen offshore $50-200 Bn














Pakistan's Honest Man


There is no denying the fact that Imran Khan is still a novice politician compared to seasoned crooks of PMLN,PPP,ANP,MQM,JUIF. He also does not have the luxury of good and seasoned advice. Lastly PTI party organization is still in shambles with severe differences and divisions among its various groups and very few persons of substance, political acumen and standing among its ranks. Mostly consists of youth or light weights.
Having said all that lets get to the bare facts in the current onslaught of undermining IK.
I personally feel this mud slinging Blitzkrieg will have no bearing on Imran Khan end of the day as he is not a thief. They cannot implicate him as a crook no matter what they do or try.
He continues to stand tall as far as his honesty , persistence and dedication is concerned. He is also lucky in a way that at this juncture despite all his faults there is no other politician in our national arena with credentials of honesty. There is just no choice. IK also maintains his appeal, charisma, crowd drawing ability and individual popularity among the masses. He remains a one man army and the only person who stands in way of the agenda of crooks bathed in worst corruption.
Now coming to the current defaming campaign against IK.
These are two very different cases but an effort is being made to confuse the issue and make it murky..
The bare fact remains that Imran Khan legally brought his hard earned legal monies from cricket and from the sale of his flat in London to Pakistan. He has already presented the documentation and money trail of that sale and acquisition of property in Pakistan.The same has been declared to ECP and FBR and tax returns filed accordingly.
While on the other hand these thieves and thugs have been consistently laundering illegal monies and kick backs from Pakistan unchecked and unobstructed for decades to their totally illegal off shore fat accounts abroad set up to hide illegal monies with no documentation and money trail. What is the comparison.
Everyone in this nation understands that very well now. These smoke screens, dramas and diversions by the thugs will not help in any way end of the day. It is too late to do that in any case.
Najam Sethi’s, Danyials, Zubairs, Talal Chaudhrys,Abid Sher Ali,Ishaq Dar, and Khawaja Asif’s etc are worthless touts who have no standing and credibility of their own. Not one of them can become a counselor on their own. They are just paid pimps speaking the language of their thug masters as a meaningless propaganda which does not mean anything.
The unfortunate fact and irony remains for Pakistan remains that it appears that at this critical juncture in our checkered history IK is the only hope and he has to fight this herculean battle all alone with the help of the battered and helpless people of Pakistan. IK must understand this loud and clear.
The people if they want to rid Pakistan of corruption must stand with him. It is certainly not an easy job on hand by any means to rid Pakistan of these well entrenched rich and evil masters of corruption, loot and plunder. May wrath of God Almighty be on these corrupt elements and may God Almighty in his infinite mercy help Pakistan and its people wriggle out of their evil grip. Ameen.
Wishing Imran Khan best of luck and hoping for a better and brighter future for my Pakistan.



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Another Scam in Pakistan, as March Towards Economic Disaster Continues

























Another Scam in Pakistan, as March Towards Economic Disaster Continues




In Pakistan there are certain politicians who have no love for Pakistan

Their only desire in life is to make money by hook or crook.

Amongst the top suckers of the blood of Pakistan are:

  1. Nawaz Sharif
  2. Shahbaz Sharif
  3. Mian Mansha 
  4. Ishaq (Dollar) Dar
  5. Khurshid Shah
  6. Zardari and others

The present government is hell bent to find ways to rob Pakistan.

Ishaq Dar comes up with one mischievous scheme after another:

  • PIA: Trying to privatise and sell to their own nominee. The sale was to be done underhand. Thank goodness that the whole scheme which “stank to high heaven” was thrown out. FAILED
  • LNG DEAL: The secret deal planned with the “unknown” seller of Gas to Pakistan, arranged surreptitiously by SAIF UR REHMAN, sitting in DOHA. This too was foul and many questions had to be answered 
  • WORLD BANK LOANS. There is no necessity. We are gradually being sunk into debt by these uneducated and greedy leaders. From these US Dollars they will siphon off to their own projects.

Now the latest scheme they have out with is :

EUROBONDS; The present market rate is around 2 % for 5 years

PAKISTAN IS GOING TO FLOAT AT 8.5% for 5 years- As one famous Economist said; only a stupid nation will do this. People must have vested interest in getting these US Dollars. Soon they will disappear.


What we as Pakistanis must know who is going to pay back on these borrowings. Nawaz and Dar are not Economists. They are simply “Daylight Robbers.”


GOD SAVE PAKISTAN from these Machiavellian schemers. 


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Monkey with a Razor : Perception by Ayaz Fakir





The Monkey with a Razor



  Ayaz  Fakir


     The Ambassador of a European country was at a dinner with some Pakistanis, and PM Nawaz Sharif came up in the discussion, and the Ambassador asked quite innocently, can your PM read and write? This set me thinking, is this the perception that people have about our PM? Can our PMs Public relations people in the PM office be so incompetent and that the image of the our PM so low, that doubts of his educational qualifications have been raised at international levels.

     The reality is more dangerous, for our PM’s education is not as low as his IQ which for a nuclear power is akin to giving a monkey a razor, only being a nuclear power is dangerous for the others.

     Being PM of Pakistan is a formidable task, and the destiny of 200 million people, and their future, is in the hands of someone who has a serious image problem,and the reality could be worse than the perception.

     The time has come for the citizens to rise up, against this sham democracy, which has succeeded in removing all the safeguards that had been placed to protect the people from the tyranny of the ‘elected’ majority. It would be pertinent to point out that Hitler and Mussolini were both elected as rulers through a massive majority, and it took a World war to finally remove them !

     Pakistanis have no solution other than to wait the five year term. In the meantime the ‘majority’ with a pliant opposition would empty the coffers, and pile up debts that will be impossible to repay. Surely our founding fathers did not envisage such a country for us. Do we deserve such rulers?

     While we have an army chief that is standing by and watching the plunder.? A Supreme Court that refuses to take notice of the destruction of a once flourishing society.

     A target killer was hanged a few months ago, Saulat Mirza, who had confessed to killing. 129 persons. Now someone has confessed to the murder of 400 persons. These are people who were used to bring the rulers to power, and sustain them in their positions.The Army has succeeded in arresting and bringing some of the killers to book. But the Army has not yet moved to prosecute them, nor has it decided to prosecute those who ordered the kills. The people are confused watching the Pakistan Army waiting for further instructions. Meanwhile many of the criminals are escaping and their money has already been moved to safe havens. The final go ahead from the Prime Minister is awaited, but this signal is already subject to a MukMuka (settlement) between the PMLN, and the PPP, both hesitating to yank the chain, lest both political parties are ejected. One thing is sure. The country cannot continue like this. The rulers of Pakistan have not realised the anger in the people simmering close to the surface. The recent examples of Saddam Hussain, Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak are all before us. Though Gaddafi and Saddam had given their people fantastic welfare benefits, education medical facilities amongst the best in the world, yet, when the tide turned they set upon their rulers and despatched them ruthlessly, without remorse. In Pakistan our rulers have given us nothing, taking away the future of our children. In our political setup the accountability of the rulers has been taken away, and replaced with more safeguards to protect the rulers when in fact it should be the people who should be protected from the rulers.

     Other than Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, no other politician has been held to account, and even Bhutto was hanged for the wrong reasons. The crimes he committed against Pakistan were manifold- the breakup Pakistan was engineered by him,and was a treasonable offence, as he played into theIndian plan of reducing the Pakistani threat to India, by half. By retaining the position of Chief Martial Law Administrator he put himself above the law. This showed the Pakistani political ethos of putting self above state. A dictum that has been followed assiduously to the present day. It can safely be stated that after Bhutto no political leader has considered the effects on the state. The use of target killers to ‘eliminate’ hundreds of people for political reasons, conjures visions of some medieval bloodthirsty Feudal Lord rather than an urbane poetry reciting Urdu ,living in the plush woodlands of Millhill. That too in the 21st century. These are the leaders that have foisted themselves upon us. Can we break the stranglehold they have on the Nation? Even Imran Khan has strayed from his path, which should be the elimination of the present corrupt leadership, through a ruthless                                                     accountability. Sparing none. All those politicians who have committed crimes to further their political agendas including murder should be ruthlessly punished. For example, the rise of the MQM using extortion kidnapping and murder under the cover of politics within the knowledge of the Head of ISI Gen Kayani, makes him an accomplice and as guilty as the target killer involved. These terrorist activities will also include the current political leadership. Can Ch.Nisar claim that he was not aware of the crimes being committed under his watch during the past two years? Can Gen Kayani plead he was unaware of these criminal acts?

    If indeed the leadership of the ISI kept its silence at that time to retain its position at the trough of corruption, then is the then COAS not liable to punishment? And as an accomplice the punishment is equal to the crime. It seems that the entire leadership of all the parties are accountable. For none can plead innocence of the knowledge of the criminal activities. This knowledge makes them criminally culpable as they were in positions of power, and could have stemmed the rot, and thus share the guilt equally.

     Fortunately the present Army leadership is in a position to wipe the slate clean.

     Only then can a new leadership emerge.

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Herald exclusive: Altaf Hussain, losing the plot

Herald exclusive: Altaf Hussain, losing the plot
June 4, 2014

This article was first published in The Herald Annual issue of January 2014.

Illustration by Sana Nasir

Altaf Hussain must have felt untouchable when the British government decided to grant him a burgundy passport in 2002, a decade after he ran away from Pakistan to seek political asylum from the “brutality” of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s first government.

It is now widely speculated that Whitehall’s benevolence followed a letter Hussain wrote 12 days after 9/11 to then British prime minister Tony Blair, offering “unlimited resources” for human intelligence to monitor activities of madrasas, fundamentalists and Taliban-led organisations in Pakistan. He had also asked for Pakistan’s premier spy agency – the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) — to be disbanded, or “it will continue to produce many Osama bin Ladens and Talibans in future.”


Little did the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) head honcho know that he would himself blow his perceived impregnability about 10 years later, courtesy of his characteristic recklessness.


If 1992 was the most dangerous year in Hussain’s life, 2013 could safely be termed as catastrophic for his political pre-eminence. Damning media reports by leading world organisations, such as the BBC, the Guardian and the New York Times, about Hussain and his questionable activities have seriously dented his public persona. The vehemence with which his party cadre used to defend him has also decreased to an extent. He no longer remains untouchable.


Investigations were already underway against Hussain for alleged money laundering worth millions of pounds, as well as the 2010 murder of a former ally and party convener Imran Farooq, when he attracted the wrath of thousands by making an inflammatory speech after the May election, threatening to unleash violence against his opponents.


The British police had to open dedicated lines to note down complaints and issue crime reference numbers. The situation became so serious thatBaroness Sayeeda Warsi, the British minister responsible for Pakistan, had to state in the House of Lords: “The Metropolitan Police Service has received an unprecedented number of complaints about the alleged comments made by Mr Altaf Hussain. The metropolitan police are now formally investigating those comments and in due course will take any appropriate action.”


Reports suggesting that British authorities have gagged Hussain after his telephonic tirade are abound in the Pakistani media. They largely remain unsubstantiated. However, Hussain’s frequency to pick up the phone and rant for hours has subsided dramatically. One reason for that could be the results of the recent election wherein governments in Islamabad and Sindh do not need the MQM as an ally. It is a unique situation for a regional party that has always pillioned with power but postured as the opposition.


Farooq’s murder case might take a while to get resolved and Hussain might not be brought in on incitement-of-violence charges, but the money laundering accusation is progressing fast, seemingly to the detriment of Hussain and many of his closest aides. Recent raids on his mansion in Mill Hill, the party’s international headquarters in Edgware, and at the Acton Town house of his 70-year-old financial wizard, have made Hussain so nervous that he felt forced to pick up the phone yet again to address his followers. This time, he accused the British police and the “western establishment” of conspiring to kill him. His accusations, it appears, have not gone well with his former “protectors”.


Sibghatullah Qadri (QC), a well known barrister of Pakistani origin, whom Hussain and his comrades routinely consult on legal matters, describes the year 2013 as increasingly difficult for Hussain.


“There is no denying the fact that trouble is at his door and he may find it hard to dispel it.” Qadri opines that Hussain has only himself to blame for his troubles. “He has thrown caution to the wind. He has said things that he should not have and now he must be prepared to face the consequences. Even murderers are not killed under the British legal system. How could he accuse the police of such a conspiracy?”


Hussain is lucky, in a sense, as some of the most damning paperwork regarding his “questionable activities” is now locked away in the family division of the London High Court. Accusations made by his former wife, Faiza Gabol, in her divorce case can’t be accessed by a third party — that is, the media. But those privy to the contents of the divorce papers, privately claim Hussain had admitted to things that could further damage his politico-social credentials even amongst his staunchest supporters.


Pakistani journalists who have reported on Hussain still find it uneasy to talk about him. “He might be down but he is definitely not out,” says one. Others say they have done enough to divert the attention of law enforcement agencies towards him. “The ball is rolling now. We have done what we could. Now it’s the responsibility of the British authorities…” quips a Pakistani journalist based in London.


Hussain’s aides, who were recently picked up by the Metropolitan Police and then released on police bail, are due back for further interrogation in early 2014. If Hussain and company succeed in avoiding the money laundering charges, there is a strong likelihood they will face the music for serious tax evasion — a crime that could make them state guests for a few years.


Shirley Anderson is a pseudonym. The writer’s real name has been withheld on request for security reasons.


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MAY 19, 2014

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, May 19 (Pak Destiny) Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed has hinted that he will go to any extent in supporting and saving the Jang/Geo group come what may.

Perviaz Rashid has warned the Cable Operators of blocking any TV channel (Geo) or disturbing its number.
He did not condemn the Karachi Press Club incident in which Geo group reporters stopped the Cable Operators from holding a press conference.
On the issue of ISI chief bashing, Pervaiz Rasheed has not yet given comments being a law minister too sought from the PEMRA.
Earlier,he had made it clear “we are with the people of dalil (Geo group) not with the people of galail (ISI, army)”.
Let’s see if Mr Rasheed manages to save Geo from shutting down after the latest blasphemy episode involving its host Shiasta Lodhi. But one thing is clear Pervaiz Rasheed is making all out efforts to save the media group whom Imran Khan has labelled “PML-N media cell”. – Pak Destiny

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