Another Scam in Pakistan, as March Towards Economic Disaster Continues

























Another Scam in Pakistan, as March Towards Economic Disaster Continues




In Pakistan there are certain politicians who have no love for Pakistan

Their only desire in life is to make money by hook or crook.

Amongst the top suckers of the blood of Pakistan are:

  1. Nawaz Sharif
  2. Shahbaz Sharif
  3. Mian Mansha 
  4. Ishaq (Dollar) Dar
  5. Khurshid Shah
  6. Zardari and others

The present government is hell bent to find ways to rob Pakistan.

Ishaq Dar comes up with one mischievous scheme after another:

  • PIA: Trying to privatise and sell to their own nominee. The sale was to be done underhand. Thank goodness that the whole scheme which “stank to high heaven” was thrown out. FAILED
  • LNG DEAL: The secret deal planned with the “unknown” seller of Gas to Pakistan, arranged surreptitiously by SAIF UR REHMAN, sitting in DOHA. This too was foul and many questions had to be answered 
  • WORLD BANK LOANS. There is no necessity. We are gradually being sunk into debt by these uneducated and greedy leaders. From these US Dollars they will siphon off to their own projects.

Now the latest scheme they have out with is :

EUROBONDS; The present market rate is around 2 % for 5 years

PAKISTAN IS GOING TO FLOAT AT 8.5% for 5 years- As one famous Economist said; only a stupid nation will do this. People must have vested interest in getting these US Dollars. Soon they will disappear.


What we as Pakistanis must know who is going to pay back on these borrowings. Nawaz and Dar are not Economists. They are simply “Daylight Robbers.”


GOD SAVE PAKISTAN from these Machiavellian schemers. 


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