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Good and Evil by Inayet Ullah


About five years ago while pondering upon the deteriorating economy, deep political corruption
and all our woes existing at that time in Pakistan, we wondered what future awaited us in our
country. Even if we got rid of the corrupt rulers of that time the taking over rulers would be the
same. Then we said “Now only God can do something to save us”. The benevolent and merciful
God heard our wailing prayers and bestowed us with an innocent, sincere and honest man by
the name of Imran Khan to purge our life of curruption and evil. But the sad state of affairs is
that we have not given him the value and support he truly deserves. Its true that 90% (may be
more) of the population supports Imran Khan and only 10% of the population supports corrupt
politicians, they are at present in power and ruling the country.
It is essential for every ruler to survive in Pakistan to have the support of three organizations: (1)
Establishment, (2) Judiciary, (3) Election Commision. Now all the corrupt politicians have united
together to fight Imran Khan to remove him from the political scenario. They have money which
they have accumulated by unfair means, and with this money, they have bought all the three
organizations so that they can continue to loot and plunder uninterrupted and unabated.
The honest and patriotic Imran Khan is alone against the united corrupt politicians and currently
they are stakeholders since they have the backing of all the three organizations.
Hats off for Imran Khan for his courage, patience and perseverence despite all odds against
him. its now a combat between good and evil, a fight between truth and falsity, and come what
may, truth will remain truth on its own merits. Imran Khan stands for justice and righteousness,
and he is ready for sufferings also, if he has to.
We are standing at s crossroad and at a crucial time, and we have to decide which way to go.
Going to the wrong direction will lead us to disaster. Imran Khan is our guiding star. We should,
therefore, support him in all possible ways.
What we can and should do? We all should turn to Merciful Almighty Allah, in full faith and
conviction, to seek His forgiveness for our sins and earnestly pray to Him to help Imran Khan to
defeat the corrupt politicians of our country, eradicate corruption, and make way for social,
political and economic order based on Islamic justice and fairness. We should be hopeful and
not indulge in despair since despair is “kufr.
Later time will be better than the former time (Al-dhuha verse 4 Al-Quran).
God is with us. We should follow the footsteps of Imran Khan and keep reciting: We worship
only you and seek help only from you {Alfateha verse 4).
This reminds me also of the opening line of a poem by Manzer Bhopali: Taqatain tumhari hain
aur Khuda hamara hai.

Although the poem is about the claims of achievements by west, in fact, these are our {muslims}
performances in the past, this also applies to the current situation we are in.

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Global Peace and Conflict Resolution: China’s President XI JinPing Takes Initiative to Make Peace between Russia and Ukraine

Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.

Strangely enough, none of the Western leaders – be it the US, NATO or the EU with the exception of Emmanuel Macron (France) had fostered a vision for a dialogue with Russia and China and to forge understanding for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.  It was absurd that knowledgeable leaders of the Western alliances could miss several opportunities for a face to face meeting with President Putin or China’s President to explore the possibilities for an amicable end to the hostilities.  Complementing his historic ties with the Russian Federation, China appears to be making the logical headlines for a peaceful change and a new beginning between Russia and Ukraine. Perhaps most Western strategic thinkers and intelligence communities assigned too much intellectual power to their current political leaders or their hired political advisors having the moral and intellectual capacity to be entrusted for effective role-play in dealing with Russia and China. Lacking the intelligence to know and understand the Nature of Things and the conflict within the universe and to human nature, they failed miserably lacking proactive vision and have become silent dummies and perhaps vices to endanger the peace and future of mankind.  Their indifference, obscure intents and primitive impulses of political reflections of Russia, Ukraine and China are simply games of puzzles – games of numbers of external affairs arising from absurd notions of ignorance and arrogance of their own powerful egoisms for hegemony and control of the world.

China Pakistan 75 Year Steadfast Friendship

After more than a year, the continued dreadful tragedy of Russian-Ukrainian conflict could lead to infallible results to encroach mankind prematurely into accidental annihilation by the use of tactical nuclear weapons. An evil is inseparable from contemporary global politics but glory lives in the conception of good, not in evil. All the nationalistic leaders compete in media propagation to have superior imagery for hegemonic politics and affluence. They were not prepared and are afraid of being replaced by the phenomenon of change and future-making. Morally and intellectually bankrupt leaders have no time to understand the aspirations of global mankind. We, the People of the globe aspire for peace, not for wars or destruction of human habitats by nukes and aggression against the weak and powerless. 

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Kashmir kept in Cold Freezer By Brig(Retd)Asif Haroon Raja

Kashmir kept in Cold Freezer

Asif Haroon Raja

When it comes to the question of honour and dignity, then the tangible superiority, or diplomatic and economic superiority doesn’t matter. For the defence of the motherland and to protect the dignity and honour of the nation, all materialist ambitions and internal feuds should be set aside, and everything in hand sacrificed to push out the offenders and to eliminate the conspirators.

The Afghan Mujahideen did it in the 1980s and the Afghan Taliban repeated it in 2021. On both occasions, the Lilliputians defeated the Goliaths because of their cohesion, unity and abiding faith in Allah. The leaders and the led fought hand in hand and they braved the difficulties equally. The TTA achieved the miracle on their own and without external support.

During Napoleon’s campaign in Russia, when the Corps of Marshal Michael Ney was encircled while withdrawing from Leningrad to Moscow and was asked to surrender, he replied, “Marshal’s do not surrender”, and he fought his way out of the encirclement after a savage fight.      

When ten times superior Indian forces invaded the encircled and isolated EP, although the heavily outnumbered troops fought with extraordinary grit and determination despite the extremely heavy odds, the senior leadership buckled down and drowned their sacrifices in the sea of humiliation. The defenders of Hilli who had blunted repeated attacks of Indian 20 Mountain Division from 21 Nov till 4 FF was ordered to withdraw on 11 Dec, had to bear the shame of surrender. Lt Gen AAK Niazi in command of 45000 regular and irregular forces could have made history had he opted to die fighting like a tiger instead of surrendering. Defiance might have opened an honorable avenue of exit and possibly a political resolution of ‘confederation’.

India, supported by the USSR, annexed East Pakistan in Dec 1971 through treachery and subversion. No Pakistani leader pledged to avenge the defeat and wash off the humiliation. All aspired for friendship with India and went an extra mile to keep India appeased.

Pakistan didn’t untie the knot with the duplicitous USA despite its betrayal in the 1965 war and in the 1971 war. A policy of one-sided appeasement was adopted.   

With this mindset, Kashmir which had emerged as the unfinished agenda of the Partition and the chief bone of contention between the two neighbours was never taken seriously and was put in the cold freezer. No long-term Kashmir policy was framed and India was given a free hand to consolidate its hold over the disputed territory. Only a reactive policy was adopted. Even on the diplomatic front, no meaningful effort was made to counter the Indian narratives and the disinformation campaign. 

Without Kashmir, Pakistan is incomplete and without the free flow of water in our rivers, Pakistan’s survival is impossible. India was allowed to build over 60 small, medium and large dams over the three eastern rivers and to indulge in water terrorism.

It is dismaying to know that all our civil and military leaders did politics with Kashmir. Many in the army earned promotions by posing as peacetime Napoleons while some made profits. 

The game started when Liaqat Ali Khan accepted Jawahar Lal Nehru’s request for a ceasefire at a time when our brave hearts had turned the tide of the 1948 war. Maj Gen Akbar who wanted the war to continue and had made plans to interdict the vulnerable lines of communication was court martialled and imprisoned. 

Nehru duped our leaders by making a false pledge that he would resolve the issue by granting the right of self-determination to the Kashmiris. Thereon he kept buying time and absorbing Kashmir into the Indian Union through fake elections, buying the loyalties of puppets in Kashmir and affecting changes in the Indian Constitution. The UN and other world powers remained tilted towards India. 

Field Marshal Ayub Khan was the only leader who made an earnest effort to liberate Kashmir through use of force, but luck didn’t favour him and Op Gibraltar and Op Grand Slam couldn’t meet its planned objectives. Yet he had made Pakistan armed forces a robust fighting machine which was able to defeat the nefarious designs of six times superior Indian armed forces that had vowed to destroy the Pak military in the battle of Chawinda in the 1965 War. He has several other feathers in his cap for which the nation should remain grateful, but the chronic army haters paint him in black.  

Tashkent Accord was not a sell off of Kashmir as falsely alleged by ZA Bhutto, but Simla Accord in 1972 was the first sell off. Bhutto agreed to convert the ceasefire line in Kashmir into Line of Control (LOC), and both mutually consented to convince their respective people to accept the LOC as a permanent border between the two Kashmirs’. Third party involvement was replaced with bilateralism which favored India since it could buy time and parry the UN intervention. 

Gen Ziaul Haq was the only leader who had a vision of liberating Kashmir. While he mandated the ISI to carry out biggest proxy war in Afghanistan in the 1980s without the involvement of any other agency, he triggered the Khalistan movement and fixed his periscope on Kashmir. After the defeat of the Soviet forces in 1988 and their readiness to quit in Feb 1989, it was very easy to take on Kashmir. India was internally at its weakest in the late 1980s and Pakistan had acquired weaponized nuclear capability. Gen Zia had planned to link Khalistan movement with the Kashmiri freedom movement. After the ten-year experience in covert war, the ISI was in sound position to push out the Indian occupying forces from IOK; Gulbadin Hikmatyar had pledged to send one lac Mujahideen to the aid of Kashmiris who had taken part in the Afghan Jihad. 

Gen Zia had gained tremendous influence and popularity in the Pashtun belt of Afghanistan, and was all set to introduce Islamic system. This was not to the liking of the western powers and it became obligatory to bump him off. He along with many generals were killed in an air crash in Aug 1988. His departure was rejoiced by Russia, India, and his detractors at home which included the PPP and the liberals. 

After his death, all the plans made for the liberation of Kashmir were shelved. Benazir, Nawaz Sharif (NS), Gen Musharraf and Zardari favored friendly ties with India and played politics to damage Kashmiri freedom movement. None exploited the armed uprising in IOK which had nailed down 7 lacs of Indian forces in the narrow Kashmir Valley. All favoured converting LOC into a permanent border, not realising that it would not quench the thirst of expansionist India. None took the Kashmiris in the loop while engaging in peace talks with India.

NS claimed that Kashmir resolution was round the corner when Vajpayee visited Lahore in Jan 1999, but lamented that his hand-picked Gen Musharraf stabbed him in the back by launching Operation Dras-Kargil on his own. In his second tenure, he cultivated personal friendship with Indian PM Gujral, and in his third term he established business ties with Modi and business tycoon Jindal. Gen Musharraf took the steam out of Kashmiri freedom struggle after signing peace deal with India in 2004, allowing India to fence LOC, floated the out of box solution and divided APHC. Zardari declared the Kashmiri freedom fighters as terrorists. To restart the suspended composite dialogue that were snapped after the Mumbai attacks in Nov 2008, NS agreed with Modi at the Uffa meeting in 2015 to accord higher priority to terrorism over Kashmir. Imran Khan (IK) desired friendship with Modi soon after he took over in 2018, but the latter declined to meet him. Reportedly, both IK and Gen Qamar Bajwa tried to arrange Modi’s visit to Pakistan in April 2021.

When India illegally annexed the disputed territory of IOK on Aug 5, 2019, that was the time when Pakistan should have gone all out to free Kashmir from the cruel clutches of fascist and racist India. Nothing else should have mattered after the jugular vein was severed. At least covert operations should have been stepped up in Kashmir and some other disturbed regions of India.

But like the former leaders, IK and Gen Bajwa favoured a similar outcome of the Kashmir dispute as envisaged by the predecessors and they continued with the old apologetic and defensive policy in spite of India’s intense firings across the LOC and Working Boundary, surgical strikes and other offensive acts. 

A tacit understanding was given to Trump and Pentagon during the visit of the two to Washington in July 2019. Trump’s mediation offer was meant to guarantee the safety of AJK and GB. Both were informed about Modi’s plan of changing the special status of IOK and they were told to control the people. 21-gun salute to Gen Bajwa by Pentagon, who was retiring in Nov that year, was a clear indication that he had consented, and it was decided that he will be given a three years extension. 

It is most distressing that Pakistan’s policy makers allowed India to usurp IOK without a whimper. The Indian brutes were permitted to carry out genocide and rapes of locked down Kashmiris in the biggest military garrison and open prison. Encouraged by pacifist response from Pakistan, Modi went ahead with his plan to change the demography and culture of Kashmir by settling non-Muslims and letting them buy lands and marrying Muslim Kashmiri girls. He is now welcoming foreign business tycoons as well as G-20 to invest and build business empires and resorts in the Kashmir Valley. 

The abject plight of the Indian Muslims, rendered stateless and treated as 2nd rated citizens of India and brutally oppressed, doesn’t bother the insensitive elite class in Pakistan, which is smug in their money-making ventures, and in infighting for power. They are least concerned about the dangerous designs of India wanting to fragment Pakistan into four parts. 

The writer is a retired Brig Gen, war veteran, defence, security & political analyst, international columnist, author of five books, Chairman Thinkers Forum Pakistan & director Measac Research Centre. [email protected]

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