Global Peace and Conflict Resolution: China’s President XI JinPing Takes Initiative to Make Peace between Russia and Ukraine

Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.

Strangely enough, none of the Western leaders – be it the US, NATO or the EU with the exception of Emmanuel Macron (France) had fostered a vision for a dialogue with Russia and China and to forge understanding for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.  It was absurd that knowledgeable leaders of the Western alliances could miss several opportunities for a face to face meeting with President Putin or China’s President to explore the possibilities for an amicable end to the hostilities.  Complementing his historic ties with the Russian Federation, China appears to be making the logical headlines for a peaceful change and a new beginning between Russia and Ukraine. Perhaps most Western strategic thinkers and intelligence communities assigned too much intellectual power to their current political leaders or their hired political advisors having the moral and intellectual capacity to be entrusted for effective role-play in dealing with Russia and China. Lacking the intelligence to know and understand the Nature of Things and the conflict within the universe and to human nature, they failed miserably lacking proactive vision and have become silent dummies and perhaps vices to endanger the peace and future of mankind.  Their indifference, obscure intents and primitive impulses of political reflections of Russia, Ukraine and China are simply games of puzzles – games of numbers of external affairs arising from absurd notions of ignorance and arrogance of their own powerful egoisms for hegemony and control of the world.

China Pakistan 75 Year Steadfast Friendship

After more than a year, the continued dreadful tragedy of Russian-Ukrainian conflict could lead to infallible results to encroach mankind prematurely into accidental annihilation by the use of tactical nuclear weapons. An evil is inseparable from contemporary global politics but glory lives in the conception of good, not in evil. All the nationalistic leaders compete in media propagation to have superior imagery for hegemonic politics and affluence. They were not prepared and are afraid of being replaced by the phenomenon of change and future-making. Morally and intellectually bankrupt leaders have no time to understand the aspirations of global mankind. We, the People of the globe aspire for peace, not for wars or destruction of human habitats by nukes and aggression against the weak and powerless. 

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