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World’s Best Agency ISI : A psychotic nightmare for Pakistan’s enemies, much maligned by media and politicians

ISI is considered as one of the top intelligence agencies of the world.  It has limited resources but still excels as a beacon of pride for all Pakistanis. Indians and their Armed forces live in morbid fear of ISI to the point of paranoia and national psychosis.

ISI’s unsung heroes, both men and women, under the most trying circumstances guard the national, ideological, and international interests of Pakistan. ISI  has been successful in instilling fear in its enemies. They are the real heros of the Pakistan.

 Currently, this agency, which cannot publicly defend itself, has come under a spate of demonic propaganda from the very people it protects.  Leading the charge is a cacophonic, shrill, and aging, lawyer named Asma Jehangir.  Promoting this propaganda are certain sections of Pakistani electronic media,and the plague on Pakistan, the PPP.  Muslims have always been defeated, not by their enemies, but, by their own kind. After breaking apart East Pakistan, the PPP is now hell-bent on destroying the West Pakistan.  

Please watch a beautiful below:

Har Lehza Hai Momin Olper’s Ramadan 2010 Ad flv

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Indian Army officer under scanner after honey-trapped by Pakistan

Indian Army officer under scanner after honey-trapped by Pakistan

In a major embarrassment, a lieutenant colonel from the Indian Army was reportedly caught in a ”honey trap” by Pakistani intelligence agencies that forced him to spy for them against Indian interests, sources in the army headquarters said here Tuesday.
The officer, from an infantry unit, is now facing a court of inquiry to ascertain if he passed on any sensitive information on the Indian Army’s deployments and plans, the sources said. The officer was in Bangladesh this summer to attend a course at one of their military academies when he was trapped by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), sources said. 

He allegedly developed an intimate relationship with a women, who was acting at the behest of Pakistan, after meeting her at a party in Dhaka, they added. Unable to bear the pressure from ISI, which had reportedly videotaped him with the woman, the officer opened up about his unenviable position with the Indian High Commission authorities in Dhaka.

Following this, he was immediately packed off to India sometime between September and October this year, sources said. The officer was in Dhaka for a couple of months within which he fell in the honey trap, sources said.

On his return to India, the Indian Army interrogated him to ascertain if he had passed on any Indian Army deployments and plans to Pakistan’s ISI. Recently, they initiated the court of inquiry against him to arrive at a conclusion on how to punish him for his commissions and omissions during his Dhaka stint, they added.

This is the second incident of an Indian military officer falling prey to a “honey trap” in the recent years. In 2009, Indian Navy’s Commodore Sukhjinder Singh was caught in a ‘honey trap’ scandal involving him and a Russian woman, after his photographs taken in a compromising position with her came out in the open.

He was the Indian Navy’s pointsman in Moscow between 2005 and 2008 to oversee the refit and repair of Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier that India had bought from Russia in 2004. After the Russians pressed for increasing the Indian payment of $974 million made in 2004 twice to $2.9 billion by 2009, India finally had to agree to pay $2.4 billion in February 2010.

Even as the Russians, beginning 2007, made demands for hiking the price of the warship that India plans to rechristen INS Vikramaditya, the commodore was well entrenched in the honey trap. This had led to suspicion that this involvement of the Indian Navy’s pointsman in the trap had emboldened the Russians to jack up the cost of the repair and refit of the warship progressing at the Sevmash shipyard in Russia.

Following the photographs coming out in the open, the navy held a court martial that found him guilty. He was sacked and discharged from service without pension benefits for his indiscretion.

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Indian Americans, Use US Press to Malign Pakistan: Case in Point-Amit Kumar.

Hindus, living in American are in a 24/7 Anti-Pakistan campaign frenzy. One such invidual is Amit Kumar,  a member of New York’s John Jay College Faculty.  Not only through his faculty position, but also in collaboration with others, he is serving as propagandists for India in the US Press. 
Amit Kumar is an Indian-American, who uses the bona fide of his faculty position at John Jay College, to serve as a stealth, propagandist for India.   The American co-authors, like Nicholas Auclair, are too naive or dumb, to understand that, they are being manipulated, as pawns in India’s popaganda war against Pakistan.
A sampling of his writing is shown below.
Pakistani students at John Jay College should protest this misuse of faculty position by Amit Kumar, to promote a personal propagandist agenda for India.
Pakistanis on Facebook should comment against this Indian Propaganda Mill.  There is an Indian network in the US which plans and mounts anti-Pakistan propaganda, by writing letters and articles in the US Press.  How it works:
  1.  An Indian RAW agent, finds a fellow American and writes an anti-Pakistan article.
  2. They publish it in the press and get legitimacy on the internet, through, the newspaper site. In this case. The Richmond Times Dispatch, before, you know it,
  3.  Other Indians, who know the author,  come like flies, and start, a wa, wa , campaign with comments like, “superb,” about the article.  
  4. This pattern is very comment in how Indians underground propaganda operates.
See an example below:

View from South Asia, 2016

Dateline: Kabul, Afghanistan. July 2016.

In the summer of 2016, U.S. military forces in Afghanistan number less than 10,000, stationed predominately at Bagram Air Base northeast of the capital, Kabul. A force of 15,000 private security contractors

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US think tank paid $100,000 to Haqqani to write book against army

US think tank paid $100,000 to Haqqani to write book against army

Usman Manzoor

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Smith Richardson Foundation, an American think tank, claims that it paid $100,000 to Husain Haqqani to write a book, which attacks the Pakistan army and the military-mosque alliance and its implications for US policies.
Haqqani came up with a book within two years and the controversial memo reflects many of the thoughts stated in his book.
The think tank also claims that it funded another $175000 to Carnegie Endowment for International Peace for developing a new US policy toward Pakistan in 2004 and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace hired Husain Haqqani for the purpose.
Smith Richardson Foundation is an American think tank whose mission is

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Haqqani counting on friends while awaiting key inquiries

Haqqani counting on friends while awaiting key inquiries
Memo scandal is politically motivated, former envoy to US says
Hussain Haqqani recounts the track record and financial dealings of his nemesis, Pakistani-American businessman Mansour Ejaz, whose disclosures led to his resignation.
Islamabad: With a handful of news stories and op-ed articles held firmly in his hand, Pakistan’s recently resigned ambassador to the US, Hussain Haqqani, is counting on good luck and friends to counter the diplomatic and political storm he and his political leadership is engulfed in these days.
Haqqani looks sharp, blunt, but not as confident as he used to be as he sits with uneasy calm at the fourth floor of most-guarded place in the Pakistani capital

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