World’s Best Agency ISI : A psychotic nightmare for Pakistan’s enemies, much maligned by media and politicians

ISI is considered as one of the top intelligence agencies of the world.  It has limited resources but still excels as a beacon of pride for all Pakistanis. Indians and their Armed forces live in morbid fear of ISI to the point of paranoia and national psychosis.

ISI’s unsung heroes, both men and women, under the most trying circumstances guard the national, ideological, and international interests of Pakistan. ISI  has been successful in instilling fear in its enemies. They are the real heros of the Pakistan.

 Currently, this agency, which cannot publicly defend itself, has come under a spate of demonic propaganda from the very people it protects.  Leading the charge is a cacophonic, shrill, and aging, lawyer named Asma Jehangir.  Promoting this propaganda are certain sections of Pakistani electronic media,and the plague on Pakistan, the PPP.  Muslims have always been defeated, not by their enemies, but, by their own kind. After breaking apart East Pakistan, the PPP is now hell-bent on destroying the West Pakistan.  

Please watch a beautiful below:

Har Lehza Hai Momin Olper’s Ramadan 2010 Ad flv

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