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Mafia rule is security threat to Pakistan By Dr Shahid Qureshi

Mafia rule is security threat to Pakistan 
















p style=”text-align: left;”>Future of Pakistan is at risk if the present policies continued than there will be no army and no generals to criticise said a senior analyst in London. The presidential election cost Pakistan billions not to mention the human cost of its own people sacrificed. Some one told me that,” a country where black economy take over the white economy that country is always ruled by MAFIA”.

A mafia who is playing a game of “good cop and bad cop” rules Pakistan to keep power and control but innocent soldiers and civilians are dying every day. But for how long is the question? The recent Presidential Ordinance is a typical example of mafia style amnesty by blackmail and you scratch my back and I will yours. The law enforcement agencies are not capable and trained to catch the high tech criminals in Pakistan. Sugar, wheat, shares and cement mafia is too strong. Yes more than a military chief and President armed with 58 (2) b.

The law of evidence needs to redefine. The multiplication of millionaires and billionaires in Pakistan is clear evidence that Mafia is running the show while the poor people of Pakistan are paying indirect taxes. The “law of conflict of interest” almost don’t exist. Some officials are bidding on line from their laptops in the stock exchanges while sitting in sensitive places and start the business after the stock markets are closed.

Some analysts are questioning if Pakistan is ready to face any external threats because sensitive institutions and some high-ranking officials are busy in other things than doing their jobs. I objected to the suggestion that Pakistan’s Armed Forces would act like Iraqi army in case of ‘war from outside’. Pakistan armed forces are the best professionally trained provided they are allowed to do what they are supposed to do.

The civilians are not exception at all especially who are planning to spend retired life in the US. Pakistan has compromising elite who is undermining the Sovereignty of Pakistan day in day out. According to some reliable sources the wife of Pakistani Foreign Secretary Riaz Mohmmad Khan is an indigenous US Citizen and working in the US State Department. Does it sound odd? Is there any conflict of interest? Is nuclear Pakistan a free country or a banana republic?

On 12th September 2007, US Deputy Secretary of State John D. Negroponte who was leading the American team in talks called on Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Riaz Muhammad Khan before formal opening of the talks on Pakistan-United States strategic dialogue to promote bilateral relations and expand cooperation in various fields. Trouble follows wherever Negroponte goes.

Critics says certain minorities like Qadianis in Pakistan are playing major role as a bridge between Zionist state and present rulers of Pakistan through their up and running office in Israel and presence of approximately 600 Qadianis in the Israeli Army.

On Monday 8th October 2007 Israeli President Shimon Peres congratulated Pervez Musharraf on his yet unofficial re-election as president of Pakistan, a country with which Israel has no relations. “Although we do not have formal relations, I would like to convey my best wishes on your election as president of Pakistan for a second term,” Peres wrote in a letter made public.

“You have shown responsibility and strength in preventing the spread of violence and terrorism on many occasions and I carry in my heart your support for peace in the Middle East which I heard directly from you.”

Israel and Pakistan, the world’s second-most populous Muslim country, have no official relations. However, Musharraf and the now coma-stricken former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon shook hands on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in September 2005.

President Musharraf made a surprise offer on Friday 20th April 2007, to help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in an interview with the pan-Arab satellite Television Al-Arabia.

Musharraf told the Dubai-based television that he would be willing to visit the Jewish state in order to help bring peace to the troubled Middle East. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said Pakistan’s involvement would be welcomed, but said Musharraf’s effectiveness would likely be limited.

“Israel believes that moderate Muslim countries like Pakistan can play a very important role in helping and strengthening the Middle East peace process,” Regev said. “Having said that, experience has clearly demonstrated that the most successful mediators have always been those that have established and solid relationships with both sides.”

Israel on Saturday 21st April 2007, welcomed an offer by President General Pervez Musharraf to help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but said it was doubtful the Pakistani leader could make much progress. But Israeli Prime Minister turned down the offer later on.

“General Pervez Musharaf’s coup seemed timely. Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said to Newsweek Magazine (5 November 2001):’I told him [President Bush], we understand your strategy, as a good Jewish boy, I would have never dreamed that I would pray for the safety of Musharraf, the president of Pakistan. That is a most unexpected experience.”

Shimon Peres has a soft corner for General Musharaf for long time but why is a million dollar question? Why would a leader with blood of Palestinians on his hand love General Musharaf? That is for President and his team to think. People of Pakistan need justice not bullets need food not bombs. Does any one think Indian-US agenda and interests are common in Waziristan and Baluchistan?

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is award winning senior investigative journalist and writer on international terrorism, security and foreign policy based in London)

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Regime Change in Pakistan – ‘Nero’s Democracy’ ? By Dr Shahid Qureshi

Regime Change in Pakistan – ‘Nero’s Democracy’ ?


By Dr Shahid Qureshi  






nawaz modi bowing


On the day of Eid when Indian army firing on the (LOC) Line of control in Kashmir have killed poor innocent Pakistani civilians preparing for Eid celebrations while Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was in Saudi Arabia praying for his sins for over 10 ten days, with his finance minister Ishaq Dar and later other family members joined him including his son in law and former ADC Captain ® Safdar. He is proven to be Nero of Pakistan?

His brother Shabaz Sharif dynamic chief minister of Punjab was in London. He could not attend the Eid Party at Pakistan House in London the official residence of the High Commissioner. Asif Zardari chickened out of Pakistan few weeks ago after threatening the Armed Forces of Pakistan with his ‘dark forces’ and his kids joined him later in Dubai, his sister Faryal Talpur is in London. MQM leader Altaf Hussain adopted British citizenship and living in London. While all this going on Army Chief Raheel Sharif was with troops on the front line and Imran Khan with his wife with internally displaced mean refugees in its own country – thanks to war on terror and business of the arms dealers.

Above is a sketch of what is going on in Pakistan with democracy, and one more thing is that model, escort and alleged money launderer Ayan Ali was released on bail granted by the Lahore High Court with the great efforts of her lawyers and supporters Latif Khosa former Governor of Punjab, Farooq Naik former President of Pakistan and chairman senate. It was Ayan Ali’s 81 trip to UAE. In all this democratic activity poor custom inspector and investigator who recovered half million US dollars was murdered in Rawalpindi.

This highly sexualised Pakistani democracy where leaders snatch wives and daughters of people working under their command to the point where one need a request for protection like Ferdinand of Spain did to the Khalifa in Baghdad as his daughter was hostage with the cruel king. Obviously these leaders are rich and can have as many women they wish but going after subordinates wives and sisters is below any moral standards? That is the state of democracy.

Now question one ask is that when Pakistan don’t have a full time foreign minister as Nawaz Sharif is also hold that charge who will defend the foreign policy? He appointed two elderly gents one in Indian back pocket other in the US side pocket.

The defence minister is not only corrupt but also incompetent. He is responsible and complicit in over 1500 deaths of innocent people in Karachi due to the corruption of politicians in matter of K-Electric. Who is benefiting the profits who is getting Rs. 4.70 per unit and selling over Rs.22 per unit? Is it a rocket science that they are partners in this crime? They can’t see that there was a breach in the contract by K-Electric in any other democracy heads would be rolling but in Pakistan only poor people’s die rich go in exile to come back later. According to released documents K-Electric is owned by Indians and they have data of every house and sensitive installation in Karachi. Otherwise it will take less than hour to take over K-Electric and hang all the director?

Nawaz Sharif regime previously gave to access to a US-Israeli owned company mapping and 3 D survey of Pakistan with access to every street and town. I wrote in 2006 that load shedding and starvation of electricity  is a security matter started by corrupt Shaukat Aziz now employee / advisor of Indian steel magnet Lakshami Mittal continued by Asif Zardari and now Nawaz Sharif.

A country like Pakistan who can make drones, fuel jets in the air, making long rang ballistic missiles, making JF17 fighter jets but cannot make a hole in Attabad lake for 5 months that caused floods and make electricity. All the water dam projects were in papers in past 15 years and those who were objecting are on foreign pay roles. However to please his foreign masters’ politicians have cut into budget of higher education and atomic energy as well as defence production.

The worst event must have been when defence minister (Nawaz Sharif-Khawaja Asif) and finance minstry (Ishaq Dar) refused money to the Pakistan Air Force who wanted to buy F16 jets from Jordan. It was unprecedented when Army Chief General Raheel Sharif gave money to air force from army budget to buy ever needed F16s. However Ishaq Dar paid money for the ‘metro’ projects the most expansive and over billion rupees per kilo meter construction cost.

This newly rich with corruption money has taken over so called democracy of Pakistan. If we talk about their corruption they says ‘democracy is in danger’. In fact Pakistan is in danger because of them as, A S Dalit former chief of Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) said, ‘why kill them when you can make them corrupt’. Asif Ali Zaradari followed that policy and appointed most corrupt people on the high positions. In actual fact more corrupt one was, higher the position for him in Zardari Inc.

This policy was not mere coincident. There was a back ground to it. During the USSR period a KGB agent defected to USA and investigation was done but they could not find anything against him. After the fall of USSR his old KGB mates met him in USA and asked him what were you doing for the enemy we could not find any proof against you? He simply replied when I was appointing KGB agents for foreign postings I was appointing the most corrupt and rest was done by the enemies.

The worst damage these politicians did to Pakistan is economic, physical and psychological. They have used the armed forces of Pakistan as shield and achieved their sinister objectives. Over 30000 people have been killed in Sindh and Karachi by Zaradri-MQM-A nexus in the name of ‘reconciliation’. Their lies cost billion and human lives were lost. Zardari banned executions in Pakistan by presidential orders to save Indian agents and his mafia goons in prisons. He lied to the nation saying EU will stop trade with Pakistan while EU is trading with Saudi Arabia, USA, China, and Iran where execution is legal.

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Who are the Real Gangsters in Pakistan? by Dr Shahid Qureshi



Dr Shahid Qureshi 

The London Post





British actor Ross Kemp’s program about ‘Gangs’ in the world gives an interesting insight. I was watching one of his programs about the ‘gang war in El Salvador’. He interviewed rival gangs, their everyday lives in the streets, role of police and lives in prisons. After interviewing all the notorious gangs like MS13 he asked a local journalist Lino Gomez with great connections to comment about the gang war 12 murders a day in a population less than London. Lino Gomez said; ‘According to DEA (US Drugs Enforcement Agency) report there is a movement of 570 tons of pure cocaine from El Salvador to US worth around $30,000 million ($30 billion) every year.

These gangs or its members can not move that amount of cocaine (570 tons worth US $30 billion) and live the way they live. He was of the opinion that to run a drugs business of $30 billion smoothly there is need for a clique of tattoos, violence, corruption because it catches the attention of the media, press and international bodies. The real (gangsters) movers of 570 tons of cocaine are the most powerful people in the rich, the elite with connections in the governments or part of the government, essentially they like to do business, or buy corrupt officials to get their jobs done instead of coming in to politics themselves directly. They don’t wear tattoos (like gang members) but they do wear expansive ties and Rolex watches too, said Lino Gomez.

They live in expansive villas with no trail of their money. Can some identify these characters around them? A senior journalist said; ‘these people are funding all terrorists’ gangs voluntarily so much so they have lent their licensed weapons to these criminal gangs.

A new recent trend emerged is to hire a retired army officer as manager to protect them from nuisance. The funny situation arises when most of the ‘wood cutters’ have similar stories of growth or finding ‘treasure troves’ like in children books. The queen bee formula really applied creates one character very honourable in public eye and give all your black money to him for investment than sit back and relax. This dummy is not going to betray the rest of the syndicate’. These young men ‘target killers’ or even their leaders from lower working class families are like bubbles for them. They made them feel powerful, get them do dirty jobs for them some times on the behalf of the ‘outside players’ even enemies of the state. ‘The secretive closed structure keeps all the mess inside’.

A senior Pakistan journalist Mohammad Malick said; ‘some one asked my son in school what does your father do? My son said; ‘he makes enemies for his profession’. No journalist, judge of general or politician is bigger than the multi billion $ dollar international game being played in Pakistan especially Karachi. A senior British – Pakistani journalist formally informed the British authorities and police with the names and addresses of the alleged plotters planning to assassinate him linked with the target killings in Karachi. These people have rented their whole gang to the international players. He said; ‘no one should be allowed to play with British values and democratic norms’.

A former Pakistan army officer said; ‘I followed the orders and my oath but was let down by the institution when they left me on my own to the foreign backed terrorist mafia. It was never a personal fight. It was a heart breaking story of this former army officer. All he is asking is justice? No doubt these people are cowards as some one said; though brave don’t live longer but cowards don’t live at all’. When institutions don’t look after their people the rate of their dissolution is quicker than one can think. When you have demoralised force be it police or military it’s functioning soon become minimal. Who will protect the protector? The most interesting part is the US has been able to restore NATO supplies without any extra costs and also hasn’t paid money it owes to Pakistan? That trick could have been only possible if it has friends in high places. Who says Pakistan is not a US friendly country? There was an interesting dialogue in movie ‘a state of play’ between a senator and chief of private military company; “we paid to train these (now terrorists) and you are getting paid to kill them”.

I have said many times that if US solve its internal problems for example financial terrorism and mismanagement by the banks, financial institutions and the bankers over 70% problems it is having internationally will be resolved. The closure of manufacturing industry in the US and conversion of manufacturing based economy to consumer based economy has caused mass unemployment and promotion of ‘temporary and part time workers’. Private sector companies are taking over service industry i.e. health, military and social sectors. They are following ‘PBR payment by results’ model which is causing lot of trouble in the systems designed to function as a service and not as a corporate business for example a hospital cannot be run as a business or profit making machine or state armed forces cannot be used profit making machines. The job cuts and reduction in the military spending has ended US in more spending in financial as well as human costs.

It is like to save one dollar they ended up spending 5 dollars. When a hospital closes down crucial services to save money they end spending more money in buying those from private sector because in some case they lose the building, human resource. Private sector hires them on cheap rates and makes profits. Congratulations to NATO for completing successful mission in Pakistan by restoring supplies route free of charge. That could only be possible if it has friends in very high places with broader vision than normal Pakistani. Congratulations to all and sundry for whatever is achieved and leave the rest for next time. The enemy monger elements must be discouraged as not whole world is enemy of the country. One must congratulate the vision and ‘donor kebab’ strategy of the President against his opponents.

It might not make sense to many but this mind set is causing misery, death and destruction worldwide including Pakistan. This mind-set creates or sometimes manufactures crisis and wars on the issues which could be resolved without any trouble or need. For example if a private company do a ‘cost benefit analysis’ of US air craft carrier it has to be ‘rationalised’ and tools they will use to do this analysis will definitely make ‘military leadership nervous’ as it will create fear of cuts in their mind.

My response to this rationalising (cuts in) military, health and social services is simple – PRACTIALISE it. As imagination is better than knowledge and practical wisdom is far better than anything else?

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Pro Bono Publico- Lap Top Fireby Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

Pro Bono Publico- Lap Top Fire 


















December 27th, 2015

“A couple lost their 25 year old son in a fire at home on June 4th. The son who had graduated with MBA, two weeks earlier had come home for a while. He had lunch with his dad at home and wanted to go back.  His father told him to wait, to meet his mother, before he went back.He decided to take a nap while waiting for his mom to come back home from work.

Some time later their neighbors called 911 when they saw black smoke coming out of the house. Unfortunately, the 25 years old died by then in the three year old house. It took several days of investigation to find out the cause of the fire.  It was determined that the fire was caused by the laptop resting on the bed.When the laptop was on the bed cooling fan did not get the air to cool the computer and that is what caused the fire.  He did not even wake up to get out of the bed because he died of breathing in carbon monoxide emitted out of burnt laptop.

The reason I am writing this is that many of us and also, our brothers & sisters, sons & daughters, friends & family use the laptop while in bed. Let us all decide and make it a practice not to do that.The risk is real. Let us make it a rule not to use the laptop on bed with blankets and pillows around.


Please educate as many people as you can.

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)
30 Westridge 1
Rawalpindi 46000
Tel: (051) 5158033
E.mail: [email protected]

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‘Islamic’ Military Coalition – Really?

 “Verily, God does not change men’s condition unless they change their inner selves.” Quran 13:11

‘Islamic’ Military Coalition – Really?



 Syeda Qudsia Mashhadi







‘Islamic’ Military Coalition – Really?


 Syeda Qudsia Mashhadi









The recent announcement of an ‘Islamic’ Military Coalition by the Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia has raised some questions. The first thing that hits home is the fact that no Shia Muslim country is a part of this Islamic Coalition. I am all for a strong military coalition that has representation from all Muslim countries. This coalition on the other hand, does not include ‘all’; on the contrary, it sidelines some countries on the basis of sectarian differences. One wonders why the Ummah keeps on playing in the hands of Zionists and dividing itself on the basis of sects. Why this ‘Islamic’ military coalition comprises of only Sunni Muslim countries? Are we so blind that we cannot see that this military coalition of ‘Islamic’ states will further the divide between Sunnis and Shias?

Sputnik International also reported on this sectarian selection of Muslim countries:

According to al-Gharaoui, a member of the Iraqi Parliament’s Security Committee, the new initiative may lead to a further division in the Muslim society and deepen the split between various courses of Islam. The coalition, which includes Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey, among other nations, was created “to counteract terrorism, which became a threat to the interests of the Islamic nation,” according to an official statement of Riyadh authorities.

According to the Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman Al Saud, the coalition will fight not only against Daesh, but also against other terrorist groups. It is unclear what exactly he means by ‘other terrorist groups’. The Saudis did mention one militant group though: Hezbollah. This is alarming as Hezbollah has been fighting for Palestinians and offering resistance to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. They are not viewed as a ‘terrorist’ group like the Daesh, rather looked upon with respect amongst the oppressed Muslims. It would be better for Saudis to first ask Iraqi and Palestinian Muslims what they think about Hezbollah before labeling them as terrorists!

If this military coalition is expected to serve any purpose, it must include all Shia Muslim countries as well. The Muslim world is incomplete without Iran, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon. It is ironical that the countries most infested with ISIS/Daesh, like Iraq and Syria, are not included in this military coalition! Who is Saudi Arabia fooling?

As a Sunni Muslim, it is painful for me to see the way we were pushing Shia Muslims away from us. They are our brothers and we should bridge the gaps instead of highlighting the minor differences we have them. Have we forgotten the lesson of peace and unity that our Prophet PBUH preached all his life?

I don’t have any hope of any intelligent or reasonable response from Pakistan’s political leadership; the ones who are incapable of handling their own country properly cannot be expected to lead the whole Ummah at times of crises. I do, however, expect Pakistan’s military leadership to be watchful while being part of any coalition that aims to target other Muslim countries or sects. These are truly the most testing times for the Ummah and we see the situation worsening gradually. The only hope of salvation is by returning to our Deen and the message of Quran, but we deliberately choose to ignore it.

What to say about other Muslim countries when the so-called ‘custodian’ of ‘Harmain Shareefain is the biggest supporter and abettor of terrorism in the world! It is sickening and revolting to see that they would rather support the Zionist and Apartheid state of Israel than the Muslim Shia Iran! They would rather support the cut-throats of Daesh Khawarij then support the Shia Muslim, Bashar al Assad, who is still, by the way, the legitimate ruler of Syria, however despotic or dictatorial he may be, is a separate debate altogether.

No country has the right to interfere in the internal matters of any other sovereign state. Whether it is the USA, the so-called super power of the world or KSA, the so-called leader of Ummah, none of them has the right to run every country the way they want! They do not have the right to bring a regime of their choice in other countries. Period. If we have any sense of dignity and integrity as human beings, we, the countries silently watching, should call their bluff.

Time of empty rhetoric is long gone. We do not need another ‘Organization of Islamic Cooperation’ which failed miserably to do what was expected of it. Those countries, who have been openly giving aid to terrorists just so they could topple the leadership of the rival countries, have not done any service to Islam or the world. Such countries need to show with their actions that they will no longer support terrorists but rather support those neighbouring Muslim countries that they have been bombing!

Are we as human beings content to see new videos of gruesome executions released repeatedly by the monsters of ISIS? Are we content to see daily the children in schools and hospitals being bombed in Syria, Yemen and Palestine? Because if all of this is acceptable to us, then we do not have the right to inhabit this planet anymore, and it’s only poetic justice that we all kill ourselves in senseless wars over pointless issues.


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