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The Holy Quran Experiment






The Holy Quran Experiment: What happens when people are quoted verses from a Holy Book

The Islam has been under huge scrutiny lately and is often criticised for being an aggressive religion… but what about Christianity?
In this video we disguised a Bible as a Quran and read some of it’s most gruesome verses to the people. This is what they had to say.

Two guys from the Netherlands disguised a Bible as a Quran and read some of its most gruesome verses to the people. What they had to say is eye-opening.

Bible-quran_759_theheathensguideAs part of a social experiment, Sacha Harland and Alexander Spoor disguised a Bible as a Quran and read some of its most gruesome verses to the people. 

We currently live in turbulent times, when the people are quick to judge against each other, actions are carried out without thought and every day there are a number of news stories on bombings and shootings in the name of religion.

The most ‘convenient’ target for the world, the fight against terrorism, has been, and continues to be, Islam and its teachings. Statements from terrorist groups such as the Islamic State (ISIS) have made things worse. After the attack in Paris, two guys from the Netherlands — Sacha Harland and Alexander Spoor — decided to run an experiment. As an on-ground report, the duo went about quoting passages from a holy book, recording people’s reaction. The end is most fascinating.

This is what they had to say as an introduction to their experiment: “Islam has been under huge scrutiny lately and is often criticised for being an aggressive religion… but what about Christianity? In this video, we disguised a Bible as a Quran and read some of its most gruesome verses to the people. This is what they had to say.”

Watch the video here.

The duo quoted passages like, “If you reject my commands and abhor my laws, you will eat the flesh of your own sons, and the flesh of your own daughters”, “I will not allow for a woman to teach… you will have to cut off her hands”, among others.

The participants, unaware that the book being quoted is actually the Bible, react very strongly, with one saying, “How could one believe in this? That’s unbelievable to me.” Comparing the Bible and the Quran, one man said, “The Bible is a lot less harsh and a bit more peaceful.” When the truth was revealed, most stepped back in shock, unable to digest the news that the very ‘Western’ religion they belonged to actually propounded these teachings.

One man actually went ahead to acknowledge, “It’s all prejudice really. I try not to be prejudiced myself but apparently I already am.”

The video, ‘The Holy Quran Experiment’, has been viewed over 2.5 million times since it was uploaded on December 4, 2015.

This is not the first time they’ve done an experiment like this under the Youtube channel Dit Is Normaal. Every week the duo “travel to a city in the Netherlands and ask its citizens the most challenging, interesting, strange questions”.

How do people perceive Bible verses if they think they’re coming from the Quran?

Dutch YouTube duo Dit Is Normaal decided to conducted a social experiment following the attacks in Paris to dispel misconceptions about Islam. They disguised a Bible as a Quran, and then went out onto the streets of the Netherlands to ask people about certain verses from it. 

The pair chose specific Biblical passages that are far out of touch with modern Western culture, and they read them out loud to passerby, pretending they were reading from the Quran. People said the readings were “aggressive,” while they described the Bible as “more peaceful” and “positive.” The shock was palpable when they found out the verses they had just heard were actually part of the Christian holy text.

“Our experiment was a way to highlight our prejudice as a society about Islam, one that has been fed to us through mass media over the past couple of years,” Alexander Spoor of Dit Is Normaal wrote to The Huffington Post in an email Monday. “The responses we got from the people on the streets were interesting, but not surprising. The outcome of this experiment pretty much proved our hypothesis to be correct. The responses we’ve been getting from people online are slightly surprising, though. We’ve received so many messages of thankfulness from Muslims from all over the world for making this video. It’s been quite incredible.”

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Who are ‘Samozas’ of Pakistan? By Dr Shahid Qureshi

Who are ‘Samozas’ of Pakistan?


By Dr Shahid Qureshi  


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari. Former President, Asfandyar Wali Khan (ANP Chief) and Ishaq Dar (finance minister)



























Samozas of Pakistan have proved that they will never change no matter what ever is at stake whole country or its assets. The recent so called democratic elections in Karachi and winning of terrorist group MQM-A is a clear sign that politicians have decided to destroy every institution of Pakistan whatever is left. Only a week ago two military police soldiers were killed in cold blood by the terrorists in Karachi but dummy and geriatric Chief Minister Sindh has not signed on the papers giving powers to Rangers for operations against terrorists. His master Asif Zardari is sitting in Dubai in self-exile after making threats to Army Chief. He is saved by Nawaz Sharif in $60 million Swiss Case for not representing the case in court and providing essential evidence. The state is almost collapsed where Chief Justice of Supreme Court has asked many times to improve governance. The armed forces have issued a press release for the improvement of governance in the context of Karachi operation where terrorist are being released by the police and courts for lack of evidence.

Asif Zardari during his term destroyed Railways with the help and support of pro India ANP.  He destroyed civil administration and police which Sharif brothers aka ‘Banu Sharif’ continued in Punjab province since 2008. They did not hang a single convicted criminal and murderer out of 8000 plus waiting to be executed until 2015 after the tragic incident of Army Public School in December 2014.

The worst tragedy is that both Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif lied to the people of Pakistan that if they hang any one EU will stop trading with Pakistan. When I contacted the European Union on this matter they denied point blank any such instructions.  The result of that lie to the people and state of Pakistan was that it had to suffer more terrorist attacks on military, security institutions as well as civilians. In Pakistan only one TV channel SAMA run the story for few minutes and then there was silence?

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The London Post : Nawaz Sharif’s Businesses with India – Modi’s Lahore visit Nawaz Modi airport By Dr Shahid Qureshi


Nawaz Sharif’s Businesses with India – Modi’s Lahore visit
Nawaz Modi airport




Dr Shahid Qureshi







“Undisclosed but planned scripted Bollywood style visit of Indian Prime Minister Modi to Pakistan gave him what he wanted internationally there was nothing for Pakistan in it”, I said in a live program on Al-Jazeera in London on 25 December 2015.







See Al-Jazeera Program Video below:







The recent events in India isolated Mr. Modi. He lost elections due to the racist and anti-minorities policies. Moreover, corporate mafia who invested in winning of Mr. Modi elections become nervous when he started escalating tensions with Pakistan and violence in occupied Kashmir. On the other hand, Nawaz Sharif’s personal businesses with India override Pakistan’s international perception and moral of the soldiers and feelings of Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir. His greed and incompetence never changed he is good in scoring his own goals against Pakistan.

The reality is that Indian steel magnet ‘Jindal’ want access to the NATO’s scrap metals in Afghanistan and route to central Asia. Can you imagine Indian trucks of Pakistani roads? What MMQM-A and its minister Babar Ghauri did to Pakistan with the NATO containers after losing over 22000. It is reported that Ishaq Dar tipped of Babar Ghari and made his escape possible from Pakistan. Indian nexus is very deep in Pakistan and most of them are ‘bought’. They water bombed Pakistan with the help of ANP-PPP-MQM-A while Nawaz Sharif was having hair transplant and his sons writing letters to Indian Defense minister George Fernandez for help.

They all have price tags. Indian businesses with these people are not actual businesses they are ‘strategic investments. Nawaz Sharif’s role in the insurance of Jamnagar Refinery owned by Ambani Group in his previous government was reported in Indian media but Pakistani media and agencies were obviously sleeping on pills. Jamnagar Refinery is 80 miles from Pakistani border as a result insurance premium was very high and Nawaz Sharif reportedly helped bring down the insurance premium. Nawaz Sharif’s appointed Pakistani ambassador in London Riaz Sami issued 5 years’ visa to Dohru Bhai Ambani who was emissary of BJP Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpai as no record of issuance of visa was available.

It is important to understand that the reason India attended heart of Asia conference (Islamabad, 9-10 December 2015) is because it wanted to be in the loop about the matters concerning Afghanistan. Indian foreign minister was blunt in saying ‘I had to attend this event and since I am here I will have to meet PM Nawaz Sharif’. It is a clear statement and there is no reason for the monkeys to dance? However, the most concerning part is the increasing business interests and business deals of the ‘Nawaz Sharif Family’ with India. That is not business but prostitution and profiting from the situation. If Pakistan had normal relations like US-Canada with India Nawaz Sharif wouldn’t be profiting from it?

On the other hand, General Rahel Sharif seems like a virgin among the crooks and cons after the scripted winning of a pro India terrorist group MQM-A in Karachi and almost clipping of Rangers wings at the same time by the elite mafia gang disguised as politicians. All that happened after the street whispering of Prime minister Nawaz Sharif and Indian Prime Minister Modi in Paris. He is fully supported by Asif Zradari and ANP both are partners in crimes against Pakistan. If one analyses the body language of Nawaz Sharif and Narandara Modi it shows that Indians have convinced Nawaz Sharif and he is, that they both have a common enemy ‘Pakistan Army’.

Well pro India ANP damaged Pakistan and got paid is a con and treachery at the same time? ANP, MQM and PPP water bombed Pakistan by sabotaging all the water projects including ‘Kalabagh Dam’ although it is the best location for dam chosen by the British engineers in 1940s. ANP systematically destroyed the Pakistan Railways infrastructure during the ‘Ghulam Ahmed Blour’ period under PPP government. On the other hand, MQM-A destroyed the economy of Pakistan by creating law and order situation as well as following Indian policy of ‘keep Karachi bleeding’.


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PEOPLE ARE DYING ON ROADS & THESE JOKERS ARE BUSY IN MERRYMAKING:Eye Opening Details of the House Gifted to Maryam Nawaz’s Daughter

Nawaz Sharif Grand Daughter Wedding by UNewsTv



www.pakway.blogspot.com (27)

Poverty in Pakistan

Young & Old Suffer Together 

Nawaz Sharif’s Corrupt Family Thrives Supported By USA & S.Arabia




Eye Opening Details of the House Gifted to Maryam Nawaz’s Daughter
— December 24, 2015













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Well Done KPK Police







p style=”text-align: center;”>Difference-between-KPK-Police-and-PUNJAB-Police

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