Regime Change in Pakistan – ‘Nero’s Democracy’ ? By Dr Shahid Qureshi

Regime Change in Pakistan – ‘Nero’s Democracy’ ?


By Dr Shahid Qureshi  






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On the day of Eid when Indian army firing on the (LOC) Line of control in Kashmir have killed poor innocent Pakistani civilians preparing for Eid celebrations while Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was in Saudi Arabia praying for his sins for over 10 ten days, with his finance minister Ishaq Dar and later other family members joined him including his son in law and former ADC Captain ® Safdar. He is proven to be Nero of Pakistan?

His brother Shabaz Sharif dynamic chief minister of Punjab was in London. He could not attend the Eid Party at Pakistan House in London the official residence of the High Commissioner. Asif Zardari chickened out of Pakistan few weeks ago after threatening the Armed Forces of Pakistan with his ‘dark forces’ and his kids joined him later in Dubai, his sister Faryal Talpur is in London. MQM leader Altaf Hussain adopted British citizenship and living in London. While all this going on Army Chief Raheel Sharif was with troops on the front line and Imran Khan with his wife with internally displaced mean refugees in its own country – thanks to war on terror and business of the arms dealers.

Above is a sketch of what is going on in Pakistan with democracy, and one more thing is that model, escort and alleged money launderer Ayan Ali was released on bail granted by the Lahore High Court with the great efforts of her lawyers and supporters Latif Khosa former Governor of Punjab, Farooq Naik former President of Pakistan and chairman senate. It was Ayan Ali’s 81 trip to UAE. In all this democratic activity poor custom inspector and investigator who recovered half million US dollars was murdered in Rawalpindi.

This highly sexualised Pakistani democracy where leaders snatch wives and daughters of people working under their command to the point where one need a request for protection like Ferdinand of Spain did to the Khalifa in Baghdad as his daughter was hostage with the cruel king. Obviously these leaders are rich and can have as many women they wish but going after subordinates wives and sisters is below any moral standards? That is the state of democracy.

Now question one ask is that when Pakistan don’t have a full time foreign minister as Nawaz Sharif is also hold that charge who will defend the foreign policy? He appointed two elderly gents one in Indian back pocket other in the US side pocket.

The defence minister is not only corrupt but also incompetent. He is responsible and complicit in over 1500 deaths of innocent people in Karachi due to the corruption of politicians in matter of K-Electric. Who is benefiting the profits who is getting Rs. 4.70 per unit and selling over Rs.22 per unit? Is it a rocket science that they are partners in this crime? They can’t see that there was a breach in the contract by K-Electric in any other democracy heads would be rolling but in Pakistan only poor people’s die rich go in exile to come back later. According to released documents K-Electric is owned by Indians and they have data of every house and sensitive installation in Karachi. Otherwise it will take less than hour to take over K-Electric and hang all the director?

Nawaz Sharif regime previously gave to access to a US-Israeli owned company mapping and 3 D survey of Pakistan with access to every street and town. I wrote in 2006 that load shedding and starvation of electricity  is a security matter started by corrupt Shaukat Aziz now employee / advisor of Indian steel magnet Lakshami Mittal continued by Asif Zardari and now Nawaz Sharif.

A country like Pakistan who can make drones, fuel jets in the air, making long rang ballistic missiles, making JF17 fighter jets but cannot make a hole in Attabad lake for 5 months that caused floods and make electricity. All the water dam projects were in papers in past 15 years and those who were objecting are on foreign pay roles. However to please his foreign masters’ politicians have cut into budget of higher education and atomic energy as well as defence production.

The worst event must have been when defence minister (Nawaz Sharif-Khawaja Asif) and finance minstry (Ishaq Dar) refused money to the Pakistan Air Force who wanted to buy F16 jets from Jordan. It was unprecedented when Army Chief General Raheel Sharif gave money to air force from army budget to buy ever needed F16s. However Ishaq Dar paid money for the ‘metro’ projects the most expansive and over billion rupees per kilo meter construction cost.

This newly rich with corruption money has taken over so called democracy of Pakistan. If we talk about their corruption they says ‘democracy is in danger’. In fact Pakistan is in danger because of them as, A S Dalit former chief of Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) said, ‘why kill them when you can make them corrupt’. Asif Ali Zaradari followed that policy and appointed most corrupt people on the high positions. In actual fact more corrupt one was, higher the position for him in Zardari Inc.

This policy was not mere coincident. There was a back ground to it. During the USSR period a KGB agent defected to USA and investigation was done but they could not find anything against him. After the fall of USSR his old KGB mates met him in USA and asked him what were you doing for the enemy we could not find any proof against you? He simply replied when I was appointing KGB agents for foreign postings I was appointing the most corrupt and rest was done by the enemies.

The worst damage these politicians did to Pakistan is economic, physical and psychological. They have used the armed forces of Pakistan as shield and achieved their sinister objectives. Over 30000 people have been killed in Sindh and Karachi by Zaradri-MQM-A nexus in the name of ‘reconciliation’. Their lies cost billion and human lives were lost. Zardari banned executions in Pakistan by presidential orders to save Indian agents and his mafia goons in prisons. He lied to the nation saying EU will stop trade with Pakistan while EU is trading with Saudi Arabia, USA, China, and Iran where execution is legal.

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