Indian Americans, Use US Press to Malign Pakistan: Case in Point-Amit Kumar.

Hindus, living in American are in a 24/7 Anti-Pakistan campaign frenzy. One such invidual is Amit Kumar,  a member of New York’s John Jay College Faculty.  Not only through his faculty position, but also in collaboration with others, he is serving as propagandists for India in the US Press. 
Amit Kumar is an Indian-American, who uses the bona fide of his faculty position at John Jay College, to serve as a stealth, propagandist for India.   The American co-authors, like Nicholas Auclair, are too naive or dumb, to understand that, they are being manipulated, as pawns in India’s popaganda war against Pakistan.
A sampling of his writing is shown below.
Pakistani students at John Jay College should protest this misuse of faculty position by Amit Kumar, to promote a personal propagandist agenda for India.
Pakistanis on Facebook should comment against this Indian Propaganda Mill.  There is an Indian network in the US which plans and mounts anti-Pakistan propaganda, by writing letters and articles in the US Press.  How it works:
  1.  An Indian RAW agent, finds a fellow American and writes an anti-Pakistan article.
  2. They publish it in the press and get legitimacy on the internet, through, the newspaper site. In this case. The Richmond Times Dispatch, before, you know it,
  3.  Other Indians, who know the author,  come like flies, and start, a wa, wa , campaign with comments like, “superb,” about the article.  
  4. This pattern is very comment in how Indians underground propaganda operates.
See an example below:

View from South Asia, 2016

Dateline: Kabul, Afghanistan. July 2016.

In the summer of 2016, U.S. military forces in Afghanistan number less than 10,000, stationed predominately at Bagram Air Base northeast of the capital, Kabul. A force of 15,000 private security contractors

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