Good and Evil by Inayet Ullah


About five years ago while pondering upon the deteriorating economy, deep political corruption
and all our woes existing at that time in Pakistan, we wondered what future awaited us in our
country. Even if we got rid of the corrupt rulers of that time the taking over rulers would be the
same. Then we said “Now only God can do something to save us”. The benevolent and merciful
God heard our wailing prayers and bestowed us with an innocent, sincere and honest man by
the name of Imran Khan to purge our life of curruption and evil. But the sad state of affairs is
that we have not given him the value and support he truly deserves. Its true that 90% (may be
more) of the population supports Imran Khan and only 10% of the population supports corrupt
politicians, they are at present in power and ruling the country.
It is essential for every ruler to survive in Pakistan to have the support of three organizations: (1)
Establishment, (2) Judiciary, (3) Election Commision. Now all the corrupt politicians have united
together to fight Imran Khan to remove him from the political scenario. They have money which
they have accumulated by unfair means, and with this money, they have bought all the three
organizations so that they can continue to loot and plunder uninterrupted and unabated.
The honest and patriotic Imran Khan is alone against the united corrupt politicians and currently
they are stakeholders since they have the backing of all the three organizations.
Hats off for Imran Khan for his courage, patience and perseverence despite all odds against
him. its now a combat between good and evil, a fight between truth and falsity, and come what
may, truth will remain truth on its own merits. Imran Khan stands for justice and righteousness,
and he is ready for sufferings also, if he has to.
We are standing at s crossroad and at a crucial time, and we have to decide which way to go.
Going to the wrong direction will lead us to disaster. Imran Khan is our guiding star. We should,
therefore, support him in all possible ways.
What we can and should do? We all should turn to Merciful Almighty Allah, in full faith and
conviction, to seek His forgiveness for our sins and earnestly pray to Him to help Imran Khan to
defeat the corrupt politicians of our country, eradicate corruption, and make way for social,
political and economic order based on Islamic justice and fairness. We should be hopeful and
not indulge in despair since despair is “kufr.
Later time will be better than the former time (Al-dhuha verse 4 Al-Quran).
God is with us. We should follow the footsteps of Imran Khan and keep reciting: We worship
only you and seek help only from you {Alfateha verse 4).
This reminds me also of the opening line of a poem by Manzer Bhopali: Taqatain tumhari hain
aur Khuda hamara hai.

Although the poem is about the claims of achievements by west, in fact, these are our {muslims}
performances in the past, this also applies to the current situation we are in.

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