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Nawaz Sharif is a Clear and Present Danger to Pakistan.


 Nawaz Sharif is a Clear and Present Danger to Pakistan.

His partner in crime is Asif Zardari, this is the dynamic devilish duo which is out to reduce Pakistan as a vassal of India, in consonance with the wishes of their sponsor and power base, the only Global Super Power and its Agencies. The first step by Nawaz Sharif is the release of Indian Spy Gulbhushan Yadav,it will happen overnight, an Indian Airforce plane will land in Lahore(its security will be provided by the Punjab Police); a police commando team will whisk Gulbhushan Yadav to the waiting IAF plane. Next morning, the release of Gul Bhushan Yadav will be announced on GEO Television, as a gesture of goodwill from Pakistan to Indian, as part of CBMs.confidence Building Measures. End of the Story.

Pakistan Think Tank members have alerted us that an act of sabotage is possible and/or imminent by RAW and its mastermind Ajit Doval on CPEC and its port facility at Gwadar. ISI should be alert that NDS, RAW, and Western Intelligencies are recruiting agents in S.Punjab,Balochistan,Sindh,Afghanistan, and Eastern Iran, to commit to acts of sabotage on CPEC. Several million dollars have been allocated by India, UAE,Iran,US,UK, & EU countries to destroy CPEC,which is considered to boost the economic power of China. This is considered as a Clear and Present Danger to the Economies of US,EU, and India. This will be the first time in the history of mankind that China and Russia will have access to the warm waters and deep harbor of Gwadar,located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf.


We will post such inside stories sent to Pakistan Think Tank Organization-UQAAB from reliable and trustworthy sources from patriotic Pakistanis and Expatriate Pakistanis. These stories will tell the inner secrets of Nawaz sharif’s subversive activities on behest of his foreign masters. In the 1970s, we tried to warn the nation through letters and articles about massive attempts to split East Pakistan,but no one listened.The outcome of the subversion of foreign nation’s was successful.India in collusion with US and UK intelligence, while ostensibly supporting United Pakistan, subversively worked with India to promote secession. Pakistani Expatriates from around the globe send us reliable stories which we double and triple check from our own sources in Islamabad. Pakistan is under a vicious attack from within and globally from Afghanistan, India, USA, UK, France,NATO Allies,S.Arabia and Iran.Only China is its trustworthy Ally.But, Chinese cannot support Pakistan defenses on social media.Having traveled and having connections in China, Pakistanis are alone in defending the Motherland. This attack has been orchestrated by Intelligence agencies of several countries,who have $Bn resources. & an ally in current PM Nawaz Sharif & Opposition led by PPP and the power behind it,Asif Zardari. Our sources in Pakistan tell us. that Pakistanis in Social Media should be eyes, ears,and speech of Pakistan’s Only Iron Wall Agency ISI.Pakistan army can defend external frontiers.However,it is spread too thin and needs help to defend the nation’s social frontiers in the Media and Internet.Pakistan’s free-wheeling TV channels and Press has already been surreptitiously bought by foreign intelligence agencies. Even the Media Czar of Pakistan, Absar Alam is possibly in the pay of foreign intelligence agencies,who work through Pakistanis, and who sell the motherland to fill their dollar accounts in Dubai Banks.

Only educated Pakistanis familiar with techniques of Western and Indian propaganda & their Social Media influences can prevent this disaster through their proactive efforts. Current propaganda organs in Pakistan are western sponsored TV channels and newspapers;among them, GEO and Express Tribune are in the forefront.

Example Propaganda Front Organization to Influence Hearts and Minds of Pakistanis:




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MAY 19, 2014

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, May 19 (Pak Destiny) Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed has hinted that he will go to any extent in supporting and saving the Jang/Geo group come what may.

Perviaz Rashid has warned the Cable Operators of blocking any TV channel (Geo) or disturbing its number.
He did not condemn the Karachi Press Club incident in which Geo group reporters stopped the Cable Operators from holding a press conference.
On the issue of ISI chief bashing, Pervaiz Rasheed has not yet given comments being a law minister too sought from the PEMRA.
Earlier,he had made it clear “we are with the people of dalil (Geo group) not with the people of galail (ISI, army)”.
Let’s see if Mr Rasheed manages to save Geo from shutting down after the latest blasphemy episode involving its host Shiasta Lodhi. But one thing is clear Pervaiz Rasheed is making all out efforts to save the media group whom Imran Khan has labelled “PML-N media cell”. – Pak Destiny

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Disaster and incompetence

Disaster and incompetence

Dr AQ Khan
Monday, March 31, 2014

Random thoughts

The last few weeks have been taken up by news of the tragic events in Thar where many young children and large numbers of cattle died due to drought and serious shortage of food and water. Thousands of people travelled on foot with their cattle to find ‘greener pastures’. 

While this tragedy was building up, the rulers of Sindh were busy spending billions on the ‘Sindh Festival’ to even notice. When footage of infants dying of starvation in their mothers’ laps started surfacing, the rulers laid the blame for their deaths on disease rather than from the effects of drought. 

Did not Hazrat Umar (RA) categorically state that if even a dog died of starvation or thirst on the banks of the Euphrates, he, Umar, would be held responsible to Allah for it on the Day of Reckoning? In Thar, hundreds of children died of starvation, but the rulers are least bothered. Surely there will be severe and painful punishment for such callousness.

Many of you might have read the story of a not very religious person who picked up a wounded and starving dog and took it home where he fed and looked after it. After the man died, his neighbour, a self-proclaimed ‘pious’ person, saw him in a dream looking quite happy and content. Upon enquiry he was informed that the Almighty was so pleased with his kindness to the sick dog that he had given him a place in Paradise immediately.

True or fictitious, the Almighty is the most beneficent, the most merciful and all knowing. In Thar, hundreds of infants died of starvation, yet our rulers are under the illusion that they will not be held responsible. It is a blessing from the Almighty that we have so many kind-hearted people and philanthropists in our country who always jump in to help calamity-hit people. 

In this case too, food and other aid in kind was rushed to Thar by the MQM, Edhi, the army, Jamaat-e-Islami.
 Commodore Ilyas, that he should drill wells in the area for the supply of clean drinking water. Some friends and I had arranged for the boring of two wells (costing $20,000) in the desert surrounding Timbuktu where we had earlier helped Abdul Rahman build a simple, eight-bedroom guesthouse. This guesthouse provided boarding and lodging for tourists and jobs and financial support for about 25 families. 

At a later visit we were happy to see hundreds of people and thousands of head of cattle benefitting from the wells. When the Malaysian Ambassador at Dakar, Zainul Abedur, visited Timbuktu, stayed at the guesthouse and was shown the wells, he was so impressed that he paid for two more wells to be dug. These four wells are now supplying adequate water and sparing people from having to walk many kilometres every day to obtain water from other sources. In that area, water is found at a depth of around 400 meters.

The agreement with the boring company was that, should they need to go deeper, they would bear the extra cost, but should they not need to go that deep, they would refund the portion not used. Alhamdulillah, what a practical demonstration in honesty and fair play!

If Riaz Hussain Sahib manages to get a sufficiently large number of wells dug in the Thar area, the residents will have a permanent supply of water for household purposes, cattle and limited use for irrigation for crops and vegetables. What a blessing that would be! It is supposed that here too the average depth of such wells would be no more than about 400 meters.

Now danger bells are ringing in Cholistan. However, contrary to the lethargic attitude of the Sindh rulers, Mian Shahbaz Sharif immediately dashed to Cholistan to personally supervise relief work. He is always quick to respond to emergencies. We can only hope that a serious crisis will not develop there.

Another matter of significant importance is the federal government’s total incompetence in appointing heads to 19 important state organisations. Nine months in the saddle and still such simple yet important decisions have not been taken. The other day Fahad Hasan Fahad, an additional secretary in the PM Secretariat, was trying to convince noted anchorperson, Kamran Khan, that there were legitimate reasons for not doing so. 

There was no such hesitation in filling Cabinet posts, competent or otherwise, while it was not possible to find 19 people from a population of 190 million, many of whom are highly educated and competent (but, alas, not stooges). When setting up the Kahuta Plant, it took me only a few weeks to put together an exemplary team that proved its competence by delivering a nuclear arsenal in seven years and ballistic long range missiles in three years. We also initiated and completed the rehabilitation of the Peoples’ Steel Mill in two years and planned and executed the construction of the state-of-the-art GIK Institute in three years. 

It would have been possible for me to select competent people to fill these vacant posts within four weeks. The additional secretary seems to be looking for geniuses from outer space. It is rather unfortunate that the PM, who has been in the chair twice before, is not showing any maturity. His two previous governments did not do well – full of financial scandals and maladministration – and both times he was sent home. This time, too, he has surrounded himself with inexperienced and incompetent sycophants. 

The same game as before is on now. Supreme Court orders are finding space in dustbins and the courts have been left with no powers. Their orders to appoint a chief election commissioner, chairman of the Higher Education Commission, chairman of the Pakistan Steel Mills, chairman PIA, etc are all being ignored. Repeated orders for holding local bodies elections have been totally ignored and rejected. Nonetheless, there are claims of good and transparent governance. 

Mark my words; this government will leave us under heavy foreign debt, inflation, further absence of law and order (even Islamabad faces the law of the jungle these days), corruption, etc. This practice of ‘ruling by turn’ is going to be the death of Pakistan. There is no viable opposition. Only here can ‘do mubari’ (second-rate, incompetent) corrupt people rule, plunder and destroy. Unless a revolution takes place soon, nothing will change – there is no hope for the common man.

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What the PML-N Government has done with its Ex. Army Chief and Ex. President is appalling. It has tarnished the Image of Pakistan

What the PML-N Government has done with its Ex. Army Chief and Ex. President is appalling. It has tarnished the Image of Pakistan

Zafar A. Bokhari, Professor, Chicago State University

Honorary Commissioner, ARDC of The Illinois Supreme Court







 I live in the USA and teaching at an American University for the last 24 years. I have lectured in four continents and have travelled all over presenting papers in various conferences. I do not belong to any political party in Pakistan. I have never met Gen. Musharraf in my life. My 24 years of teaching Americans and world student body has given me an objective thinking and approach. What Pakistani Government has done with its Ex. Army Chief and Ex. President is appalling. I am not protecting Gen. Musharraf but I am talking about the image of Pakistan and its top positions, like Army Chief, where people get on top by merit. This Article 6 drama has become a laughing matter. Based on my observations; Pakistan’s enemies in Western academia, media, and intellectual world are happy on the stupidity of this constitutional juggling in Pakistan. I am specifically requesting educated Judiciary to take note of this. If Judiciary let BA condition lifted for uneducated “Lawmakers” of Pakistan, Articles 62 & 63 were not implemented, Articles of City Governments were not implemented for the last 7 years, and third time term Prime Minister Article was added for personal benefits of two politicians, Sharif & Bhutto; then “Ghaddar” must be redefined for any educated professional like Ex. Army Chief. Will Judiciary allow removal of LL.B. qualifications for Judges? Then why they did not challenge removal of BA condition for Lawmakers?

 Calling an ex Army Chief Ghaddar by corrupt looters and politicians is extremely “unethical”. I know how some enemy intellectuals from other countries are happy on our stupidity. Here are my arguments as Pakistani American academic.

  If Musharraf has done any corruption or wrong doing. Try him but not as “Ghaddar”.

  Emergency has always been used in many countries. Sometimes democracies have used to control law and order. India has used it many times. USA declared emergency in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

    Premeditation was obvious when politicians changed constitution in 2009 to get Musharraf. At the same time they benefitted themselves by removing BA conditions. This was a joke and sadly media and judiciary let this happen. Lawmakers in democracies and authoritarian China are highly educated. Supreme Court under Ex. CJ let politicians play with constitution for personal benefits. They also added third time PM term for personal benefits of two politicians: Sharif & Bhutto. When constitution is used for personal gains then why then why Ghaddar cannot be removed for Ex. Army Chief.

   In 2007 the act of Emergency was not a crime; it was brought by having bad intentions. Army should have objected but they may not know these constitutional juggling created by corrupt politicians.

    Movements create positive results worldwide from China, Turkey to South Africa. But when movements are based on fraud and deception, the poor suffers and movement leaders prosper. That’s what happened in lawyer’s movement in 2007. This was again enemy agenda to destroy a stable economy. In today’s modern diplomacy bombings or killings are not done by smart strategists, they destroy infrastructure and means of production. Incompetent leadership does this nicely. Pakistan economy suffered a lot from Lawyer’s movement. What is the outcome and result today after 7 years? A stable economy was destroyed. People are suffering more than in 2007.

 Pakistan is the ONLY country where “Aamriat” is criminalized. China, Saudi, and many societies are authoritarian and not “criminalized” by any world body and UN. Pakistani politicians have not delivered themselves but added Article 6 for military rulers.

   Debate in Pakistan should focus on which era was better: “Democratic or Aamiriat”. Leaders of lawyers’ movement must be tried for destroying economy which is larger criminal act than constitution in abeyance which was legal in Pakistan in 2007.

   Article 6 was Bhutto’s creation against Wali Khan as Traitor or Pro-India. Now politicians have given it new twist against Military Presidents. Article 6 needs to be re-addressed. The most disturbing part is calling an Ex. Army Chief & President “Ghaddar” who has given 44 years of his life to Pakistan including fighting wars against enemy.

    Significant majority of Pakistan’s political class is “non professional”, people with fake degrees, corrupt, incompetent, and parasite on country. Lawyer’s movement was an enemy agenda in modern warfare; to destroy the economy and divide people. Even Asma Jehangir, an anti Musharraf lawyer, was critical of current judicial system and special court as “Kangaroo Court”. In many democracies such people would have been tried for destroying economy. But in Pakistan, it is other way around. Corrupt enjoy and educated professionals are not allowed to develop Pakistan.

   Politicians have not followed constitution by not having (Baldiati) City Governments elections. Loot and corruption are also anti constitution. Judiciary in Pakistan did not follow constitution, when Reference against CJ Chowdhry was not sent to Supreme Judicial Council and people were brought on road which destroyed a stable economy. Article 6 must be applied on political parties’ leaders for violating constitution.

    These crimes of corruption and of not having City Governments have left people dying, helpless, and poor. Security was compromised because China controls through 46,000+ Mayors and USA with 19,700 Mayors. Same is true for many countries of Africa, Turkey, India and 1005 Europe.

  One prime minister and four Chief Ministers are the only outcome of elections with unnatural powers, while MNAs & MPAs are lawmakers not administrators. 1850 British system of DCs & SPs do not even exist in UK, they have adopted US County system and City Governments. In Pakistan Musharraf had that system while PPP & PMLN took country back to 1850s system; making Pakistan and its people vulnerable. City Governments could have provided much needed life, security, educational, social and economic development to the people in the past 7 years.

    People of Pakistan have to take notice that energies of this poor nation have been wasted in the name of Article 6 to chase “one person only” and destroying the image of Armed Forces. While global realities are different. We need to be honest about Article 6. There have always been two base systems of governance worldwide in various forms: Democracy as Liberal (Scandinavia), Conservative (USA), Social (EU), Authoritarian (Egypt, S. America, Africa) & Theocratic Democracy (Iran) and Authoritarian & Totalitarian: Dictatorships, Monarchies, Military Rule, Tribal Totalitarian, Communism, & many smaller units. China, Saudi Arabia, All Gulf, North Africa, Ex Soviet Union, E. Europe, and many countries have or had this system. This system may have challenges from Human Rights point but not “criminalized” like premeditated Article 6 in Pakistan.

 Education and Economic Development are the key factors of City Governance worldwide. In Pakistan it is family based fraud democratic system of 1850s which denies people’s right of self governance in City Governments. Can Judiciary and Army Guide and support in Changing System? Parliamentarians will never change. Pressure of change has to come from overseas Pakistanis, people of Pakistan, and international democratic donors. This has to be backed by media, civil society, and educated institutions in Pakistan.

 End Note: Will Judiciary allow removal of LL.B. qualifications for Judges? Then why they did not challenge removal of BA condition for Lawmakers?

 Zafar A. Bokhari

 Professor of Marketing & International Business

 Chicago State University

  Commissioner, ARDC of The Illinois Supreme Court (Honorary)

   [email protected]


Word “Ghaddar” for Pakistan Army Chief must be Removed from Pakistani Constitution,

The Way in which the minimum educational qualification of BA was Removed from the Constitution to Bring Uneducated Politicians as Lawmakers.

Enemy Agenda is followed by Politicians, while Judiciary and Army are not taking Note of this.

   Zafar A. Bokhari – Chicago State University

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Change of Guard-A Reality Check





Dear Sir ………….

I read with interest the  assessment regarding the next chief. Some of the contenders like Tariq and Haroon have been my students during various stages of their career and one knows them well as also their reputation in the army.

Interestingly the largest analysis you did was on Tariq which itself says something.

As I told you earlier he is the best thing that could happen to the Army…… amongst the young officers he is called ‘Bull dozer’…….

Haroon who was my student on the war course is known as ‘Apa’ (ha ha)………. Not a good nickname for a potential army chief.

I also know all the ‘advisors’ that you have identified (again some I have served with …Qayyum……… and others who have been my students  ….. Qadir and Javed………) and unfortunately I do not grade any of them with an intellect or ability  that would guide them towards making an unbiased recommendation.

God help us all and God help Pakistan.

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