Nawaz Sharif is a Clear and Present Danger to Pakistan.


 Nawaz Sharif is a Clear and Present Danger to Pakistan.

His partner in crime is Asif Zardari, this is the dynamic devilish duo which is out to reduce Pakistan as a vassal of India, in consonance with the wishes of their sponsor and power base, the only Global Super Power and its Agencies. The first step by Nawaz Sharif is the release of Indian Spy Gulbhushan Yadav,it will happen overnight, an Indian Airforce plane will land in Lahore(its security will be provided by the Punjab Police); a police commando team will whisk Gulbhushan Yadav to the waiting IAF plane. Next morning, the release of Gul Bhushan Yadav will be announced on GEO Television, as a gesture of goodwill from Pakistan to Indian, as part of CBMs.confidence Building Measures. End of the Story.

Pakistan Think Tank members have alerted us that an act of sabotage is possible and/or imminent by RAW and its mastermind Ajit Doval on CPEC and its port facility at Gwadar. ISI should be alert that NDS, RAW, and Western Intelligencies are recruiting agents in S.Punjab,Balochistan,Sindh,Afghanistan, and Eastern Iran, to commit to acts of sabotage on CPEC. Several million dollars have been allocated by India, UAE,Iran,US,UK, & EU countries to destroy CPEC,which is considered to boost the economic power of China. This is considered as a Clear and Present Danger to the Economies of US,EU, and India. This will be the first time in the history of mankind that China and Russia will have access to the warm waters and deep harbor of Gwadar,located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf.


We will post such inside stories sent to Pakistan Think Tank Organization-UQAAB from reliable and trustworthy sources from patriotic Pakistanis and Expatriate Pakistanis. These stories will tell the inner secrets of Nawaz sharif’s subversive activities on behest of his foreign masters. In the 1970s, we tried to warn the nation through letters and articles about massive attempts to split East Pakistan,but no one listened.The outcome of the subversion of foreign nation’s was successful.India in collusion with US and UK intelligence, while ostensibly supporting United Pakistan, subversively worked with India to promote secession. Pakistani Expatriates from around the globe send us reliable stories which we double and triple check from our own sources in Islamabad. Pakistan is under a vicious attack from within and globally from Afghanistan, India, USA, UK, France,NATO Allies,S.Arabia and Iran.Only China is its trustworthy Ally.But, Chinese cannot support Pakistan defenses on social media.Having traveled and having connections in China, Pakistanis are alone in defending the Motherland. This attack has been orchestrated by Intelligence agencies of several countries,who have $Bn resources. & an ally in current PM Nawaz Sharif & Opposition led by PPP and the power behind it,Asif Zardari. Our sources in Pakistan tell us. that Pakistanis in Social Media should be eyes, ears,and speech of Pakistan’s Only Iron Wall Agency ISI.Pakistan army can defend external frontiers.However,it is spread too thin and needs help to defend the nation’s social frontiers in the Media and Internet.Pakistan’s free-wheeling TV channels and Press has already been surreptitiously bought by foreign intelligence agencies. Even the Media Czar of Pakistan, Absar Alam is possibly in the pay of foreign intelligence agencies,who work through Pakistanis, and who sell the motherland to fill their dollar accounts in Dubai Banks.

Only educated Pakistanis familiar with techniques of Western and Indian propaganda & their Social Media influences can prevent this disaster through their proactive efforts. Current propaganda organs in Pakistan are western sponsored TV channels and newspapers;among them, GEO and Express Tribune are in the forefront.

Example Propaganda Front Organization to Influence Hearts and Minds of Pakistanis:



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