Pakistan’s Victory in 1965 War

Brigadier Mahmood Shah recalled that the enemy had launched attacks on West Pakistan on a wide front, from Sialkot, Lahore to Kasur aimed at to disperse Pakistani forces to achieve its nefarious objectives. But India completely failed in its aims.

He said although we were outnumbered by the Indian forces that comprises armored, artillery and infantry divisions backed by Indian Air Force, yet Pakistani forces had successfully repulsed all attacks of the Indian ground forces with unprecedented chivalry and indomitable courage

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‘Creation of Bangladesh: Myths Exploded’ by Dr. Junaid Ahmad

“In 1962 he (Mujibur Rahman) wrote a letter to Pandit Nehru that was delivered by a visiting Indian in which he proposed declaring independence and staging a rebellion with Indian help in the month of February 1963: (; see also ‘India, Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh and Pakistan’ by Shashanka Banerjee). When Nehru failed to respond he contacted the chief minister of Tripura state and went across to see him.”
Lecture on ‘Creation of Bangladesh: Myths Exploded’
ISLAMABAD: A lecture was delivered on the ‘Creation of Bangladesh: Myths Exploded’ by Dr Junaid Ahmad, an accomplished academician, writer and researcher here at National University of Modern Languages (NUML) on Friday. The lecture was organised by the Peace and Conflict Studies Department of NUML, a news release said.

NUML Director General Brig Muhammad Ibrahim, Registrar NUML Aminullah Khan, deans, directors, heads of departments, faculty members and a large number of students were also present on the occasion.

Dr Junaid Ahmed’s detailed and informative lecture educate the audience about the topic. He said most of the things which are famous and against Pakistan are not true but mere a propaganda by India and Bangladesh. We as a nation never try to tell or educate the people about the truth and never try to right on the issue, he added.

He further said Urdu was not the language of West part of Pakistan, it was not the language of Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. To a question, he said we never try to learn from the past, we made mistakes in the past and repeating the same.


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Changing Dynamics of Air Warfare in South Asia by KAISER TUFAIL

The mission flown by the PAF was unique in many ways. The ground targets had been identified and prepared well in advance for exactly such an eventuality. The pilots had routinely practised flying in large packages, with ECM support and comprehensive situational awareness provided by AEWC aircraft. BVR missiles were used in the Indo-Pak scenario for the first time;  interestingly, close combat situations did not crop up for the classic dogfighters like PAF’s F-16 and IAF’s Mirage 2000, for instance.  It was manifest that BVR combat had taken precedence over close combat, if not rendering it completely obsolete.  A fighter in any future conflict must, therefore, have both long and short range missile firing capabilities, along with the associated sensors like radars, threat warning systems, and data links.  PAF could do well by urgently replacing its legacy fighters with ‘home-grown’ JF-17s (especially the upcoming Block III version), which have all the desirable attributes at an affordable cost.

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Crescent Controversy – 1 Col. Syed Riaz Jafri (Retd)

 Let’s wait till the 14th of the moon, when its disc will be a perfect circle and decisively visible to all. If the 14th of the moon falls on the 3rd of August the Minister would be right and if it ! falls on the 4th of August then the Mufti Sahib. Further more, who so ever happens to be right should be entrusted as the final authority with the task of all future moon sightings in Pakistan. If it is the RHC, it should continue functioning as heretofore. But should the Minister happen to be right then the Metrological department be given this responsibility and the RHC done away with.

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Archive Article: How Pakistan was Sold for $8 Billion!

The Pakistan armed forces has lost more than 3,200 soldiers, with another 6,400 injured. They sustain an average of 10 casualties each day, and approximately 35,000 Pakistani civilians killed by suicide bombers and terrorism.  US policies around the world and especially in Pakistan created refugees and approximately 2 million internally displaced people (IDPs) in SWAT and FATA to further destabilize the country. Millions of people in Pakistan are waiting to be fully rehabilitated; 2.5 million Afghan refugees are a burden on the economy of Pakistan as well as causing social problems. They can’t go back to Afghanistan as US and NATO have occupied Afghanistan and fighting an unwinnable war.One can assume that Pakistani nation suffered both human and financial losses only because this small minority of people have their few billion dollars worth assets in USA, UK, Dubai, Malaysia and Europe.

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