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Israel Lost the War and America Betrayed Humanity in Gaza By Mahboob Khawaja, PhD


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15 May 2024

Israel Lost the War and America Betrayed Humanity in Gaza

[Photo: Gazans in the rubble, Sinistra In Europa, Nov. 21, 2023.]

By Mahboob Khawaja, PhD

Global Mankind vs. Political Wickedness

Rationality requires objective reasoning and it is not coming for an impending cataclysm of the Israeli onslaught on Rafah and the United States – the complicit friend in making genocide betrayed its history of civility, morality, responsible political governance, equality of human rights, freedom, and justice and a lot more that only future will unfold. Ferocious concepts of good and evil are being implied by the Israeli war agenda challenging the human consciousness of principles of truth, freedom, and honesty.

Mike Whitney (“Genocide in Gaza: King Bibi’s Land Grab” Global Research: 5/10/2024), is an independent reputable citizen journalist who captures the prevalent facts:

The assault on Rafah comes despite the acceptance by Hamas Monday of a proposal for a temporary cessation of hostilities in exchange for the release of hostages. But after spending weeks attempting to blame the Palestinians for the ongoing war, Israeli officials flatly rejected the proposal….The cynical and misleading phrase “Israel’s right to defend itself” has become synonymous with the premeditated mass-murder of civilians. Most people have never seen anything as horrific as Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza which explains why college campuses across the United States have become hotbeds of political activism almost overnight. America’s students now serve as the nation’s conscience by opposing a flagrantly immoral onslaught that deliberately targets defenseless women and children….If you’ve ever taken a lifesaving course, you know there’s a real possibility that a drowning person will drag you under and you’ll both die. It’s a lesson that should be kept in mind when discussing America’s relationship with Israel. (Adapted from @LarryBoorstein.

PM Netanyahu is not winning the camouflaged political battle and resorts to an extreme fractured mindset to annihilate the innocent people of Gaza and more so at Rafah. He looks like a despotic figure, not a leader, broken in moral, spiritual, and human integrity lacking distinction between virtue and vice, and using the logic of power as the source of controversial strategies violating the international civilized norms of human safety, conflict resolution, and peacemaking.

Across the US, new generations of thinking people demonstrate revulsion against the one-track established political perspective of the State of Israel and its war in Gaza on university campuses and question the rationality of catastrophic human sufferings, crimes against humanity, and the alleged genocide of Palestinians. Ironically, America and Israel appear to be ignoring the legally binding implications of the ICJ verdict demanding Israel to “prevent all acts of Genocide in Gaza.”

Western Colonialism and the Betrayal of Arab-Muslim Leaders

The static Arab-Muslom leadership lacking credibility hides under the OIC (The Organization of Islamic Conferences) – a dry-inked paper entity to propel its meaningless resolution for the ceasefire and peace in Palestine. Some of those signing the paper enjoin business relationships with Israel. They are being watched and cursed by the Arab masses for indifference and betrayal of the Islamic principles of helping the helpless victims of war. There are reportedly several thousand Western (German, French, the US, and British) mercenaries fighting alongside the Israeli forces in Gaza.

The Western mythologists view the oil-exporting Arab leaders as “camel jockeys” and brainless figures. They live in palaces protected by American and European mercenaries, while erecting high-rise buildings, organizing football matches, Olympic games, and COP28, while 2.5 million are being displaced and more than 34,547 are massacred across Gaza and some 14,700 innocent children killed. Israeli attacks on hospitals, places of worship, and the killing of civilians go unabatedly. The Arab-Muslim leaders have no sense of time or history and capacity to defend the interest of Islam as the Israeli Ultra Nationalists plan to dismantle the 3rd holiest site Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Please see: “Al-Aqsa Mosque Waiting for the Arab Leaders” and “America-Israel War on Gaza a Prelude to Conquest of the ArabWorld ”https://www.uncommonthought.com/mtblog/archives/2024/01/05/america-israels-war-on-gaza-a-prelude-to-conquest-of-the-arab-world.php

Planet Earth is Living for All – Those Bombing it are Morally and Intellectually Sick People

Earth is living and sustains life and all that is needed by all living things and rotates itself at a speed of 1000 miles per hour at the equator and orbits the Sun at an average speed of 67062 MPH. Earth is a “trust” to humankind for its existence, sustenance of life, survival, progress, and future-making. Those who bomb the Earth and destroy human lives and habitats are not normal human beings and God will hold them accountable for the consequences of their crimes against mankind.“Fear God” and ‘do not violate the covenants of peace and trust on Earth’,remind the teachings of the Bible, Torah, and Quran to all mankind, otherwise God’s punishment to the transgressor will be severe. (Quran: 40: 21):

“Do they not travel through the Earth and see what was the End before them? They were even superior to them in strength; And in the traces (they have left) in the land: But God did call them to account for their sins; And none had they to defend them against God.”

Those who believe in and follow the Divine Judaism – the generations of Israelites are reminded by God (Quran 2: 84-85):

And remember, We took a Covenant from the Children of Israel (progeny of Jacob), Worship none but God; ….shed no blood amongst you, Nor displace people from homes: and Ye solemnly ratified…… And on the Day of Judgment they shall be consigned to the most grievous penalty, For God is not unmindful what ye do. 

And killing of innocent people is prohibited in the Ten Commandments (Torah):

‘Thou shalt not kill’ (Exod. 20:13; also Deut. 5:17). Jewish law views the shedding of innocent blood very seriously, and lists murder as one of three sins (along with idolatry and sexual immorality), that fall under the category of yehareg ve’al ya’avor – meaning “One should let himself be killed rather than violate it.”According to Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague: ‘Jewish law forbids the killing of innocent people, even in the course of a legitimate military engagement.’

PM Netanyahu admits “ Israel stands alone.” Do the people of Israel feel confident of PM Netanyahu’s leadership towards peacemaking and global harmony? When egoistic transgressors challenge the sanctity and limits of the Laws of God, they become an object of punishment from God and that is how many powerful nations were destroyed in history.

Lessons of History are ignored and how America Has Lost Humanity

If the global institutions were not defunct, the 2.5 million civilians should have been protected by the UNO and leading powers as the Charter makes them obligated in conflict zones. Mass graves of medical professionals, and innocent civilians targeted at gunpoint are discovered from three hospitals in Gaza but Western intellect does not call for accountability of the aggressors. What if the Arab-Muslim world had armed forces and honest leaders to protect the people of Gaza?

The American-Israeli collaborative war on Gaza and its immediate consequences made the Western world and all of its institutions shamefully redundant in the 21st century global norms of civility, human rights, freedom, justice, and safety of civilians – whereas crimes against humanity are captured in obscure impulses and indecision and deliberate inaction by the UNO and the Security Council. Mike Whitney (“Genocide in Gaza: King Bibi’s Land Grab” Global Research: 5/10/2024), quotes author Lawrence Davidson to answer some of the critical questions by showing how the transplanting of mainly European Jews to Palestine created “cultural and ‘racial’ incubators for an ‘us (superior) vs. them (inferior)’” which is fairly common among settler populations. Here’s more:

The founders of modern Zionism were both Jews and Europeans and (as such) had acquired the West’s cultural sense of superiority in relation to non-Europeans…..This sense of superiority would play an important role when a deal (the Balfour Declaration) (in which), the British would… help create a “Jewish national home” in Palestine……in other European colonies, where large numbers of Europeans resided, the era following World War II saw their eventual evacuation as power shifted over to the natives….Unfortunately, in the case of Palestine, this process of de-colonization never occurred…..And, from the Zionist standpoint, this entire process has worked remarkably well. Today all but a handful of Israeli Jews dislike and fear the people they conquered and displaced. They wish they would go away. And, when their resistance gets just a bit too much to bear, they are now quite willing to see them put out of the way….

Like Israel, Palestine is a nation, a human culture, and its entire natural visibility is obliterated by Israeli war machines. The animals have no bombs, no guns, and bullets to kill each other and do not reflect on the imperatives of life. We, human beings, are supposed to be intelligent and responsible species on this Earth. At the edge of reason, the notion of evil leads to the realization that evil and the tyranny of war must be stopped by all means, and those responsible for bombing the innocents, genocide, and crimes against humanity must be held accountable to restore the vision of a sustainable moral and intellectual humanity.

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and is the author of several publications including the latest: One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution. Germany, 12/2019.

All material is under a Creative Common share with attribution license unless otherwise noted.

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Arab Leadership’s Complicity to Support American-Israeli War on Gaza



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Pakistan: Indicted Criminals Disguised as Leaders

By Mahboob A. Khawaja

Pakistan for over 76 years lost its essence of national freedom which was achieved by a people-oriented movement for independence from British imperialism. British colonialism indoctrinated the masses of the sub-continent with its own distinct culture of thinking and behavior, public institutions and everlasting imprints of planned subjugation to foreign myths and ethnic superiority. The military establishment is one of those institutions of foreign thinking and actions. While India under Hindu dominated culture evolved its own brand of nationalism and political institutions, Pakistan fell victim to five major military coups and lost its search for national identity and Islamic foundation of the movement for national freedom. Today political corruption, moral and intellectual decadence, inept military domination and embedded uncertainties about a sustainable future are the new normal which a conscientious new generation of educated and intelligent Pakistanis are enduring for a navigational change. Pakistan future is at stake as the Generals and allied political conspirators would see no ending unless held accountable  and punished for their crimes.They are the wrong people – Generals do not build a nation, nor develop economy, agriculture, education, public institutions, moral and intellectual fabrics – they destroy all that was built by previous generations to pursue their own egoistic ends. Pakistan lost more than 50 years under corrupt politics. Pakistan does not need neo-colonial generals but Muslim thinking soldiers.

More so, the Feb 8, national elections displayed a highly corrupt systematic scheme of rigging the elections  and favoring the most hated – most feared indicted criminals – Sharifs – Bhuttos family and a few corrupt Generals and depriving the new generation to imagine a navigational change to transform Pakistan into a progressive nation of the 21st century. The few Generals led by Assim Munir appear more conspirators to use the indicted criminals to their favor and oust them when they become a liability as it happened during several military coups in the past.

A paradox of unforgivable systematic infested political corruption complemented by the ego of few Generals aligned with higher court judges to a new threshold of emerging disunity, military intervention in public affairs and favorite perversion of evil mongering claiming to serve the 240 million conscientious Pakistanis. Few Generals lacking capacity to think right planned a fraudulent elections to reinstate Bhuttos, Sharfis and Zardari as they were produced by the Generals who stole more than 50 years of the national lifetime, wealth and opportunities for change to buy palaces in the UK, France and Spain and discredit the nation, its honor and standing in global affairs. None of them could return the precious time stolen from the lives of Pakistanis. Please see: “British Colonialism and How India and Pakistan Lost Nation Freedom.” (2022). https://www.globalresearch.ca/british-colonialism-how-india-pakistan-lost-freedom/5765810

Do intelligent people learn words of wisdom even from their enemies? General PNK Choudry (former Chief of Staff of the Indian Armed Forces), who fought wars against Pakistan, narrated that if Pakistan had honest and intelligent leaders, they could have averted the 1971 surrender and defeat at Dakka- East Pakistan. I asked him how? He disclosed that ZA Bhutto had asked Mrs. Indira Gandhi (PM India) to help him become the next president of Pakistan; whereas Sheikh Mujib Rehman ( the elected majority leader) was more a Bengali nationalist aspiring to become the next leader of Pakistan. If the Pakistani Generals had transferred the power to Sheikh Rehman, it would have been the right thing to do and he would not have survived more than a few months as all the official machinery was based in Islamabad. Mrs. Gandhi agreed to help Zalfikar Bhutto but the price was defeat and surrender of Pakistan, and Bhutto was a power maniac to become the unelected leader of Pakistan. Editor Altaf Qureshi (“Skoot-e Dhaka say Purdha Utha Hey” the Urdu Digest), narrated the historic facts: ‘General Yahya Khan stabbed the body of Pakistan and Bhutto did the same.’ Are we not seeing the same story being repeated again in Pakistan after more than 50 years?

Recently, the US media reports Chuck Schumer (the US majority senate leader) is quoted telling the Pakistani Generals: ‘not to subdue or kill Imran Khan for political ambitions.’ Imran Khan (PTI imprisoned leader), in many ways represents the new hopes and aspirations of young generations of Pakistanis for political change.   Vengeful and paranoid Generals wanted to keep Khan and PTI out of power so nobody could question their wrong thinking and deceitful actions against the nation. Most dreadful tragedies have infallibly resulted in victimizing the masses. Today, the nation is crippled with catastrophic events of insecurity, mismanagement and socioeconomic and political exploitation.

The few Pakistani Generals view “power” and “Pakistan” as their own property. All Five coups were a stabbing to the body of the nation and ended up in loss of East Pakistan. Please see “ Pakistan Confronts its future under betrayal of Generals.” 01/24https://www.uncommonthought.com/mtblog/archives/2024/01/15/pakistan-confronts-its-future-under-betrayal-of-generals.php

Nation-building is Intricately linked to the Genius of New Generations of Educated  and Intelligent People, Not to Indicted Criminals

It is the role and responsibility of a nation to produce intelligent and honest leaders for future-making.Ironically, Pakistani neo-colonial systems have kept old and obsolete to run the country. After 50 years of corrupt history, Pakistan is back to most hated and indicted criminals – the known traitors as leaders with the help of a few Generals. Nations cease to exist when educated people of new generations who could have replaced the old and redundant guards leave the country and never return to build the nation. Young educated generations embark on migrating to Europe or America and never come back.

Wherever Generals bring coups, nations opt to conflicts, deaths and ultimate destruction of civility. Generals and Judges do not develop nations or civilizations but educated, thinking hubs and people of knowledge and vision. Today, the nation is crippled with catastrophic events of insecurity, non-productivity, mismanagement and socioeconomic and political exploitation. They view “power” and “Pakistan” as their own property. They are the wrong people, with wrong thinking and doing the wrong things.

Imran Khan inherited a highly corrupt infested culture of political governance. Although Khan spoke of moral and intellectual values and nation-building, he did very little to support that agenda. Khan could have arranged evidence-based legal prosecution of Sharif brothers, Zardari and others for corruption, killings and stolen wealth but failed to do so. He did not kill anybody nor robbed any banks and political governance was infested with corrupt figures of the past. Please see by this author: “Pakistan in Search of Freedom and Security”, Uncommon Thought Journal and Global Research: 10/20/22, and “Pakistan, Planned Political Chaos: Imran Khan a Victim of Hope for the Future”, Global Research: 11/06/2022; “Pakistan Striving for Its Soul.” 8/23

The besieged and morally inept few Generals using Sharif brothers will curb any open investigation into their alleged crimes and dismantle public institutions of accountability for a fair and just national election. The few Generals and Sharif brothers are egomaniacs with an overwhelming pathological urge for political power to distort and reject the will and aspirations of the people of Pakistan striving for political change. Tyranny is always powerless and transitory.  Imran Khan  and some 20,000 of his party  supporters have been imprisoned under false pretext of political vengeance and to pave the way for another opening to the crime riddled Sharif family. Is there a hope for justice to the cause of the masses? A reconstruction and overhaul of the law and justice system and non-intervention by the Generals into politics and transfer of political power to the majority elected leader and party.  It is a long way to build a working democracy in Pakistan. To safeguard the future of national freedom, the few Generals and top Judges should be tried for violations of the Constitution, human rights, arrests of innocent masses and fake cases against Khan at the ICJ and ICC, the Hague? The possibility is there for public legal accountability including a firing squad to cleanse the stinking garbage.

Pakistan needs an urgent navigational change but few Generals and judges are part of the problem.The current state of Pakistani affairs reflects a complete societal breakdown and march towards self-annihilation. Despite the hollow claims of a few Generals, no moral and ethical behavior is seen in the sudden and inexplicable plunge to human wickedness highlighting the affairs of the besieged nation. They would claim democracy at work when the majority winning party (PTI) is being blocked to form the next legitimate government and masses are outraged and oppose the Generals and Judges lacking respect, professional integrity and impartiality to serve the nation. The new generations of conscientious Pakistani will curse a few Generals and the Chief Justice for their alleged conspiracy to dehumanize the Islamic culture of rights and obligations of the masses. All they could get in return from the US covert operation is dry milk, used clothes and perhaps green cards to migrate to the US and keep their identities secret for reasons of pending justice and futuristic legal accountability. Have they not learned what happened to Saddam Hussein, Khadafi, Musharaf and the Shah of Iran?

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications including the latest: One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution, 2019; and his upcoming book is entitled: Global Humanity and the Remaking of Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution beyond the Lens of Human Consciousness.

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A Rundown on Current Security Situation

A large cache of arms has been seized by the Coast Guards from Jimny near the Mekran Coast along Baluchistan. The arms were being smuggled from Iran to Pakistan. An important leader of Zainabun has been arrested. 

The Panjgur incident and our reaction in Saravan in Iran are still fresh in our minds. Fence mending was done quickly and both sides assured to be prudent and promised to coexist as brotherly neighbours. The latest incident has blown apart our hopes of a peaceful and friendly southern border. 

It is time for our policy makers to take a second look at the existing ground realities and the changed security paradigm, and accordingly frame our threat perception and security responses. 

Currently, Pakistan is internally facing the threat of resurgent terrorism in KP and Baluchistan, heightened political polarization and hatred, political instability, social divisions, economy at the edge of default, heavy burden of foreign and public debts and fifth generation war. 

These negatives have bred insecurity and uncertainty, which hinders future attempts to improve the economy and to draw in foreign investments.

There are too many snakes in the grass chipping the foundations of the country and are helping the enemies to create a gulf between the army and the people with the ultimate aim of weakening the first and last line of defence. Never before has Pakistan suffered from so many crises at one time. 

The coalition of six parties cobbled together are not natural allies and have so far shown little signs of placing national interests above their own selfish interests. They are more interested in getting plum portfolios than in pulling the sunk economy out of the quagmire, and to face the external threats collectively. The recent performance of PDM 1 during its 16 months rule, was deplorable and is one reason which deprived PML N from gaining simple majority in the Centre. 

The great majority of the elected MNAs and MPAs are big landlords, industrialists, businessmen and senior advocates and most are above fifty years old. 

Since no reforms of the institutions have been carried out, little is expected from the old hats who have been bathing in the polluted tub for the last 25 years. All are deeply infected by feudal mindset and in corrupt practices. 

Both the mainstream parties, PPP and PML N, failed to alleviate poverty, and to better the lives of the marginalized. Out of the two, the performance of PML N under NS was comparatively better and had some feathers in their cap but was far from idealism. 

The 3rd party experiment was a disaster. The PTI leadership is refusing to accept the hard reality that it was owing to its poor performance, which helped the PDM to make their vote of no confidence successful. It is still resentful and revengeful.

The PTI is in no mood to change its negative tactics of defiance, confrontation, violence and is vying to make Pakistan bankrupt and to go to dogs merely to regain power. 

For the icon, all those who abuse and make noise and resort to high handed tactics are his favourites. Peace lovers are sidelined. Chairman PTI Barrister Gohar who is less volatile and remains within the decent limits, survived by the skin of his teeth because of noise made by the media. 

The anti-army and anti-state journalists and U-tubers sitting abroad and inside the country spewing venom are the ideals and favourites of the cult followers. 

The ones bitten by cultish culture, have torn apart the social fabric of the society and made the youth violence prone and reckless. They are still living in the fools paradise of Haqiqi Azadi. 

For the myopic cult leader and his mind cloned followers, breaking the coercive hold of the military over politics and the country is the only way out to make Pakistan independent and prosperous. 

Instead of showing the mirror to the policy makers and pumping them to avenge the humiliating defeat of 1971,  the tunnel visioned cult followers are politicising it to gain political mileage. They are again and again reminding the Army that Pakistan will suffer a similar debacle if PTI is deprived of the throne. 

To shame the Pakistani leadership, they are glorifying fascist India and fascist Bangladesh and are turning a blind eye to the ruthless persecution and lynching of the Indian Muslims and other minorities in India and in IOK, and the ruthless crushing of all political parties in BD. In BD there is one party rule. 

Who will save 24 crore Pakistanis from the wrath of Indian military forces if the centre of gravity resting in GHQ gets enfeebled? 

Will the cult followers pick up arms against them for the defence of the motherland and to safeguard the honour of women? If they had so much jihadism in them, wouldn’t it have been better to show it by crossing the LoC and marching up to Sri Nagar to liberate IOK? 5 Aug 2019 was the right time to give a call of Jihad.

But we know what sort of response came from Pakistan. Those real jihadis who wanted to go across the LoC were forcibly restrained and told to register a protest by remaining silent on each Friday for 30 minutes.

The PTI has chalked out its future plans which will be based on battles inside and outside the parliament, together with legal and court battles and supplemented with media war with a view to paralyse the coalition govt and prevent it from undertaking reforms and development work. It started its campaign with charges of rigging, irregularities, Form 45, and airing fake figures of victories. It claimed 180 NA seats but filed petitions for only 35 seats. It is seeking help from the US , EU, UK, IMF and the Pak expats. Social media and foreign funding are the major tools in the arsenal of PTI. Probably the last card has been played by President Alvi by refusing to call the session of the NA. The outgoing Speaker has however decided to call the session. 

Coming to the external threat perception, our Eastern border has been and will remain perpetually hostile. After annexing IOK and absorbing it fully into the Indian Union, fascist Modi and his hawkish team have repeatedly vowed to break Pakistan into four parts and have openly talked of a limited war in AJK and GB. Modi’s next ambition in his 4th term will be to annex the whole of J&K. 

India has been using multiprong offensives in the form of hybrid war, proxy war, cultural war, water terrorism, coercion, economic terrorism, and to strategically encircle and isolate Pakistan. 

India is eagerly looking forward to an opportunity to launch its Cold Start Doctrine to damage Pakistan. Owing to its strategic partnership with the US, NATO and Israel, its enhanced political, diplomatic, economic and military strengths, it is in a comfortable position to flex its military muscles to intimidate Pakistan and to unfold its military adventure. Indian media openly stated that IK was the best gift for India since he did what India couldn’t achieve in the last 75 years.

Our western border that has remained hostile from 1947 onwards, except for brief spells of harmony, has once again become turbulent because of TTA-TTP alliance and return of Indian influence in Afghanistan. 

Action against the TTP, return of illegal Afghan refugees and strict border management have further angered the Kabul regime. So far, there is little hope for the betterment of our relationship. The worrisome aspect is TTP-PTI alignment duly backed by Afghanistan. 

Pakistan was aware that RAW was using the Iranian soil as an auxiliary base for cross border terrorism during the 20-year war on terror, but it remained quiet because of volatility on its eastern and western borders. We ignored the hard fact that India and Iran were strategic and defence partners and both had supported Afghan Northern Alliance. 

We didn’t make noise even after arresting an Indian RAW agent Kalbushan in 2016 who had been operating from Chahbahar since 2003 and had spilled the beans. 

We knew that the Baloch rebel groups were using Iranian Baluchistan as their base of operations against Baluchistan and Karachi and that IRGC was supervising their activities. We had to build a fence along our southern border like we did in the northwest. But terrorism and supply of arms through the border and from the Mekran coast is still continuing. 

It implies that our southern border is also hostile, which has left Pakistan with no breathing space. It is being choked from three directions while the internal enemies are giving full support to them to accomplish their objectives. 

Despite these vile efforts to disrupt CPEC and to spoil China-Pakistan relations, phase one projects were completed in record time of three years, but the detractors were eventually successful in freezing the game changing project in 2018. Phase 2 projects are still in limbo. 

The double dealing USA has never been a friend of Pakistan and it has always used Pakistan as a rentier state to accomplish its regional objectives. 

The US has all along favoured India and undermined Pakistan’s core security concerns.

Well knowing the duality and insincerity of the US, our leaders, both civil and military, have remained subservient to its commands and have harmed national interests for the sake of dollars and to remain in power. 

It was because of this factor of obedience to Washington that Pakistan has been following a policy of one-sided appeasement, even with our sworn enemies and refrained from building a counter narrative to expose the fake narratives of India and occupied Afghanistan that the two were victims of terrorism and that Pakistan was the nursery of terrorism. 

By now, we should have learnt lessons that our policy makers were poor in making the difference between friends and foes. It was a folly to put all our eggs into the basket of dual-faced USA and thus making Pakistan wholly dependent upon the domineering USA. 

We all know that the gates of Pakistan were opened for the FBI and CIA in 2002 to chase Al Qaeda, which enabled the two to form a big intelligence network in Pakistan by 2008. This network has penetrated into each and every department and segments of Pakistan. Our vulnerabilities are being exploited by our enemies to further weaken us from within. 

Our policy makers trusted the US to the extent that they asked Donald Trump to meditate and resolve the Kashmir dispute. CPEC was frozen to please the US and IMF, and put Pakistan’s ironclad relations with China in jeopardy. 

The US in collaboration with India have been playing a game of snake and ladder and never allowed Pakistan to take off economically. Dr Danielle Marke revealed the hidden truth in his book ‘No Exit from Pakistan’, that way back in 1954, the US policy makers had decided to keep Pakistan engaged due to its geostrategic location, but to keep it controlled and managed. For the latter, India ensured that Pakistan was kept on the tenterhooks by keeping it politically unstable. 

Apart from the three major wars and several conflicts and standoffs with India, and facing constant subversive threats from India in the three less developed provinces, coupled with the bellicosity of Afghanistan, the US used Pakistan as its rentier state for thirty years to fight its wars in Afghanistan. 

Outwardly, Pakistan was the most allied ally, but in actuality it was the most sanctioned country. FATF and IMF are some of the tools to browbeat Pakistan. 

The US has been cultivating Pakistani political leaders, bureaucrats, generals and the media to keep Pakistan under its thumb. 

Our leaders must be clear that under no circumstances the US would annoy India to please Pakistan, but would happily undermine Pakistan’s core interests to benefit India. 

Let us be clear that IK’s drama of Haqiqi Azadi was not from the US, but from the Pak Army. Similarly, Shabaz Sharif, Bilawal and Zardari are appeasers and pro USA. 

Pakistan stands on a slippery slope and can no more afford to indulge in futile infighting, senseless tug of war, emotionalism, divisive politics, strained civil-military relations, blaming each other, propaganda war, believing in Messiahs or in miracles. Making Pakistan chaotic and anarchic is not the medicine to cure Pakistan afflicted with multiple diseases. 

What is needed is to put aside our imagined or genuine grievances against each other, cool down our tempers, heal the youth and divert them towards constructive channels through better education, motivation, job opportunities, equitable social growth and justice system. 

We should concentrate wholly towards reforming our decayed systems and institutions, carry forward the already prepared economic uplift program under SIFC established in GHQ whole heartedly and with total dedication, honesty and sincerity of purpose, bridle the poisonous media badmouthing Pakistan and Pak Army and to reform it, tackle the mischief makers and spoilers with an iron hand, shun lavishness and VIP culture, enforce austerity, reduce and possibly get rid of IMF. 

We should stop taking dictations from Washington, lean towards China and Russia that are pro-peace and believe in the concept of shared development, and the Arab Gulf States that have promised heavy foreign investments. All out efforts must be made to complete the phase 2 of CPEC.

Education must be given higher priority to improve literacy and to refurbish school curriculum to improve our values, ethics and moral turpitude that have hit rock bottom. 

These steps are not unachievable, but are very much achievable if there is complete understanding between the rulers, army and the people. 

Above all, there should be across the board accountability under apolitical accountability mechanism and the justice system should be overhauled. The rule of law must be strictly enforced. 

While we can doubt the ability and capacity of the PDM 2 coalition to sail Pakistan out of choppy waters towards the shores of stability and prosperity, however, we can say that Gen Asim Munir is not a toady and  boot licker of the US. He could be our only hope to rid Pakistan of its slavish dependence upon the USA. 

So let us pray for his wellbeing and his  commitment, and make our contributions in helping him to defeat the nefarious designs of enemies of Pakistan at home and abroad. It is he who has the dexterity and willpower to push the cart of wobbly PDM 2, and to overcome all the hurdles and to make Pakistan strong and self-sufficient.

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America Supports Israeli War Beyond Gaza onto the Arab World by Dr Mahboob A Khawaja


by Dr Mahboob A Khawaja


Wars are integral to American and Israeli formative history and now they are engaged in “genocidal acts of vengeance” against the civilians of Gaza, widely accused by NGOs and global humanity. Virtually inexhaustible daily bombing spares no life, no functional hospitals, no UNRWA schools and no respect for the International Humanitarian Law or the Geneva Conventions. Israeli PM Netanyahu , an egoistic  person lacking moral and intellectual capacity, cares about his own political survival unleashing violent assumptions of hatred, animosities and killings of Palestinians – a nation no matter how normal claims to be, cannot function as normal beings to co-exist with their own self and make any positive contributions to societal normalcy. Many Jewish organizations (“Jews for Peace” and “Jews against Zionism”) and others across the US and Europe committed and stood for peace and global brotherhood. They are all calling for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Dr. Ludwig Watzal, a journalist and editor in Bonn, explains:”How Modern is Israel? “Zionism has Little to do with Judaism” https://www.globalresearch.ca/how-modern-is-israel-zionism-has-little-to-do-with-judaism/5537626 and see Israel Shahak and Prof Michel Chossudovsky:“Greater Israel”The Zionist Plan for the Middle East. https://www.globalresearch.ca/greater-israel-the-zionist-plan-for-the-middle-east/5324815

And killing of innocent people is prohibited by God’s Ten Commandments (Torah): ‘Thou shalt not kill‘ (Exod. 20:13; also Deut. 5:17). Jewish law views the shedding of innocent blood very seriously, and lists murder as one of three sins (along with idolatry and sexual immorality), that fall under the category of yehareg ve’al ya’avor – meaning “One should let himself be killed rather than violate it.”According to Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague: ‘Jewish law forbids the killing of innocent peopleeven in the course of a legitimate military engagement.’

America and Israel view all the Arab States as vulnerable to besiegement and political supremacy. Living in the fantasy of time and power, Arab-Muslim states have no armies or leaders to protect the national interest of Palestine. The PLO is devoid of intelligent leadership and Israeli forces have free hand to raid or kill Palestinians across the occupied territories. America and Israel have working plans to conquer more Arab lands -Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and others to resettle the Palestinians and put a finished answer on Palestine as a future State. Would the Arab-Muslim leaders rethink outside the imperial box to plan for a navigational change in relationships with the US and its military hegemony? The time, history and future generations of conscientious people will curse the so-called tribal agents for their wickedness and greed to be kings and queens and princes and nothing else to make their presence in the global arena of emerging conflicts.

War on Gaza is a stigma of political survival for PM Netanyahu and the war cabinet while several thousands of Israeli citizens demonstrate in Tel Aviv asking  for peace with Palestinians and a safe return of 134 hostages still in Gaza. Engaged in deceit of triumphalism, Netanyahu Government is not listening to voices of reason and truth. While the Israeli Ultra Nationalist groups continuously violate the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Arab-Muslim leaders are simply the spectators watching the provocations.

While the Arab leaders making melodramatic and misleading claims of security and peace with Israel and the West, the region is a highly militarized and destabilized landscape of continuous conflicts. To subdue and humiliate the “camel jockeys” of the oil producing Arab world, now the US exports wars, weapons and poisonous thoughts to divide and conquer the Arabian Peninsula. Historically, diverse tribal Arabs were united as an “Ummah” – One Nation by Islam but European colonialists assigned sectarian identities to divide the geography and history of Arab civilization. To change the future, America and Israel needed a political challenge to stop the war on Gaza but it was nowhere to be seen on the Arabian leadership horizon. For too long, Arab leaders breathe oxygen in moral and intellectual decadence and a delusional fantasy of oil-run economic prosperity.

Intelligent people always heed to rational advice but American and Israeli  warmongering and killings are contrary to the Nature of Things. The Gazan landscape is filled with deaths and destruction which could have been avoided if reason and honest policies were implied to the crisis. The time and opportunities call for rethinking and new ideas to reject violence and vengeance as contrary to the nature of humanity, peace and intellect. To avoid most dreadful tragedies in the making, we must reject the tyranny of war as a means to solve political problems and demand a return to persuasive communication and dialogue for conflict management and peace-making.

Dr Mahboob A Khawaja

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Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications including the latest: One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution. Germany, 12/2019.

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