Saudi Iran Conflict and Pakistan by Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)










January 9th, 2016


Saudi Iran Conflict and Pakistan


The Saudi Iran conflict has placed Pakistan in a very trying situation as to what to do and what not to do. On the one hand the KSA is like an ever benevolent brother whereas on the other Iran a very helpful and trusted more than a neighbour.  Pakistan has as such to play an extremely cautious balancing act between the two.  However, what should have been essentially viewed as a political conflict by Pakistan, our Allamas and Maulanas in their josh e khitabat on our TV talk shows are unwittingly turning it into a sectarian foray. This is, to say the least, a highly dangerous and ill-omened indulgence on their part for the unity of the nation. 


May I, therefore, request the electronic media through the columns of your august daily not to invite the clergy and clerics on their TV talk shows on this sensitive matter and instead solicit the views of the seasoned politicians and statesmen, the scholars of international and foreign relations and ambassadors, military strategists and the national security experts and the like of them to discuss the problem in depth and suggest steps to be taken by Pakistan on this issue. The matter must also be discussed in the parliament – preferably by the joint session of both houses – to develop a national consensus on the course  of action to be adopted by Pakistan in resolving this unfortunate conflict between the two very important nations of the Muslim world.


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