Kamal’s Allegations by Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

Mustafa Kamal’s Miracle in Karachi,Pakistan














March 6th, 2016


Kamal’s Allegations


Mustafa Kamal’s press conference of March 3rd was no less than a bomb shell dropped by him to decimate the MQM Chief Altaf Bhai and the party itself too in the process. The most damaging allegation was that of the MQM receiving funds from the Indian RAW for the last twenty years!  According to him the PPP government Interior minister Mr. Rehman Malik was also in know of such funding by the RAW of the MQM. If it is true then would it not be presumable that the other higher ups in the then PPP hierarchy would have been also privy to such information?! And … and … If yes, then why did they not take any action on such a subversive activity?!   The mere thought of such a horrendous  possibility is enough to send a chill down the spine of an ordinary Pakistani whose confidence is shaken beyond repairs in the politicians and the political parties who can for their own interests risk the very survival and the integrity of the country itself!!  


The allegations have evoked mixed reaction from various political parties, PTI asking for a probe by a judicial commission while the ruling party advocating to disregard it for lack of any documentary evidence.  One also wonders why is the MQM contented with the thought that the Kamal Press Conference balloon would be deflated soon and they are not suing him for libel and defamation in a court of law?  Or, does the MQM fear that more beans shall be spilled, which is bound to happen, when the respondents would try to prove the allegations made by them?!


Oh God Almighty please save Pakistan.










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