FRAUD ALERT: Kureshi’s Extravagant Global Diploma Mill Scam




Kureshi’s Extravagant Global Diploma Mill Scam



Overview – Major Global Diploma Mill Scam Warning

Now with 44 University and High Schoool names (and probably more by the time you read this) and more than 100 self-serving promotional websites, This outfit from Pakistan (officially known as Organization for Global Learning Education) has evolved into a monopoly of the world’s largest issuer of illegal college degrees.

From Karachi, Pakistan, 30-year-old Salem Kureshi runs these
illegal high schools and universities out of his home.
–, Houston, Texas

On January 1, 2003, from his apartment in Karachi Pakistan, Salem Kureshi decided to sell illegal college and high school degrees to unsuspecting Americans. He created Belford University and Belford high school. He also created Rochville University and Rochville High School.  Only there were no schools — no experience needed — no books — no learning — no matriculation — no classroom attendance required. The only requirement was a credit card and $300. With an inkjet printer, a Microsoft Word template, and a few cheap websites,Kureshi became an overnight millionaire.

Kureshi’s labyrinth of fake high schools and universities now include the following:

  • Alford High School
  • Ashbery University
  • Ashwood University
  • Beacon Falls High School
  • Belford University, Belford High School (Closed by Legal Action)
  • Cambell State University
  • Corllins University
  • Fort Jones University
  • Greenlake University
  • Grendal University
  • Headway University
  • Hill University
  • Lorenz University
  • Lydon State university
  • Mary Grand High School
  • Mc Ford University, McFord High School
  • Midtown Univesity
  • Must University, Must High School
  • Nation High School
  • Nixon University
  • XXXXXXX XXXX University (removed)
  • Orlando University
  • Payne Springs University
  • Panworld University
  • PennFord High School
  • Ray University
  • Rise University
  • Rochville University, Rochville High School
  • South Bristol High School
  • State University of Sheffield
  • Walford University
  • Western Advanced Central University
  • Western Valley Central University
  • Wilson State University
  • Woodfield University, Woodfield High School

The massive Karachi-based Organization for Global Learning Education has perpetrated a scam on the American public that continues to contravene domestic and international laws. They have lied to and ignored our government investigators — and it appears they are going to get away with it. They get your money through a number of fake universities and launder the money through an organization known as Education Services Provider (in California) that in turn deposits your money to a bank in Pakistan.





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