The Musharraf Drama

The Musharraf Drama

Musharraf-bashing is all a charade, a part of a bigger game, to distract the nation from the pathetic performance of the govt while the media is hand in glove with the govt in this charade. 


The PPP-Jiyala govt (with media support) squandered / wasted their five-year term observing barsies (death anniversaries). 


This PMLN-Mutwala govt (with media support) will spend their five your term pressing cases against Musharraf who is a dead horse. 


In the end, the nation will be ten years behind and the Ghareeb Awaam will be poorer than ever while we keep bickering about Mush while the issues like law & order, unemployment, galloping inflation, cost of living etc all remain conveniently buried and untouched by the media + the intelligentsia. 


For eff’s sake, Mush is dead and gone; bury him. There are other more burning issues. The average man on the street does not give a damn whether it is a democrat who rules the the country or a dictator. All the average man on the street wants is two square meals a day and a secure job. In fact I personally don’t give a damn. If you ask me I would vote for the entity that would stem the rot, root out corruption and nip the evil in the bud; I will vote for even the Taalibaan if they can bring this about.



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