U.S. to Redefine Drone Attack Policy

Public sentiments against CIA drone attacks ever since have been reached on its climax in Pakistan. According to the responsible sources since 2004, CIA has launched 236 drone attacks in which more than 1500 people including kids and women have been killed. Out of these stated 236 attacks, 118 were in 2010 and 22 carried out in just last four months. The issue of drone attacks remained controversial since immense of War on Terror because of its lethality against the people.  The matter of drone attacks further become problematic between Washington and Islamabad when CIA drone hit Ditta kheil just after the release Raymond Davis. In fact, military leadership expressed their severe concerns over the US spy network in FATA. The relations between two allies of war on terror started deploring and still under turmoil despite exchange of Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, chief of Pakistan

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