The Onslaught from Mafia —- Something dirty in offing.  SORRY STATE OF THE STATE

 The onslaught from Mafia —- Something dirty in offing. 



The Military is under pressure like never before. 
The once mighty lion is now beleaguered, brought to its knees, bled by a thousand little cuts ministered by the rapacious political wolves and their minions.
Confused, defensive, apologetic.
Zardari has cut a deal, he turned out to be too wily, too well linked up internationally to be taken to task.
That despite an Uzair Baloch in custody, and millions in unexplained properties worldwide.No NAB case nor JIT for him!
In closed-door meetings, he drops hints and names, impishly winks, gives knowing half smiles, leaves sentences hanging, loud conspirational whispers during telephone calls implying that a “certain person” or somebody from “The Institution” is on the other side. ‘They’ watch helplessly and silently as this sorry charade plays out in slow motion.

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He deliberately and consciously creates a sense of high confidentiality in small and large groups, swearing all to secrecy about what they overheard or what he told them, knowing fully well that it’ll travel far and wide, quicker than a hot knife through butter. 
And yet the Army, unable to adequately grapple and deal with a Sharif on the rampage, far from realizing the dangers, shies away from opening a second front.
The Supreme Court has erred and failed, not being strong enough and capable enough to do what is right under the law and the Constitution. And that is to mete out justice to all and sundry, especially the high and mighty. They have been slow, they have been divided, they have blundered.
Justice delayed is justice denied. They have collectively denied, betrayed, let down and abandoned the helpless masses.
Serious is the drafting of two key constitutional amendments impacting the Army and the Superior Judiciary in months to come.
These are planned to be presented and passed by the PML-N government, after getting a majority in the forthcoming Senate elections and prior to the dissolution of the assemblies before the next general elections.
The first is about the appointment of Judges and their retirement age.
The amendment proposes to reconstitute the Judicial commission and take away its power to appoint judges.
The new Judicial Commission will comprise the Chief Justice, Minister of Law, other law officers of the government plus parliamentarians, comprising government and opposition members, proportionally based on their assembly strength. 
Under the planned amendment, the incumbent Chief Justice will only have authority to recommend a roster of names and the Judicial Commission, by majority vote, will approve names before forwarding to the President for the appointment. 
The proposed amendment will also do away with the seniority rule, whereby currently the senior most judge is automatically elevated to become Chief Justice. In future the Judicial Commission, again by majority vote, will choose any person from amongst the Judges, they deem fit to become the Chief Justice.
In summary, the ruling party, in this case, the PMLN, will have total power to appoint judges.
But the second change is what will completely change the current makeup of the Supreme Court during the incumbency of the current government! 
This amendment to article 179 aims to reduce the retirement ages of the Judges and the Chief Justice from 65 to 60.  
What is seriously questionable, are the very evil and nefarious designs, behind such moves and attempts to amend these clauses, and even more importantly, why now!
Hypothetically were this amendment to pass, by saying early March, the Supreme Court would be immediately wiped clean of the following Judges who will automatically retire being over 60 years of age.
1. Chief Justice Saqib Nisar.
2. Justice Asif Saeed Khosa.
3. Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan.
4. Justice Gulzar Ahmed.
5. Justice Sh. Azmat Saeed.  
Then the new Judicial Commission will appoint a Chief Justice of its choice and fill the vacancies with Nawaz toadies. 
What a really neat Constitutional Coup! And we are headed that way!
Imagine the horrors and the terrible consequences of such a nightmarish scenario, for Pakistan, for our already shaky rule of Law and for our indecisive Superior Judiciary!
Over the last 10 years judiciary has at least somewhat attempted to become an independent institution, working to wipe the scars on its honour and mete out even-handed justice. Granted they’re certainly not perfect.Pakistan cannot allow this wholesale destruction of our Superior Judiciary into becoming Patwaris once again.
The second “Shubkhoon” is planned on the office of the Army Chief and other two Chiefs of the Air Force and the Navy by taking away their authority to promote officers to two and three-star ranks, make key command and staff appointments and limit their authority of command over their respective institutions.
Here’s the plan being cooked in The Devil’s Workshop”
1. The three Armed forces Chiefs will no longer be members of the National Security Committee. They will be represented by the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. Currently Gen. Zubair Hayat.
2. Promotions to all two star and three-star ranks, Maj. Gen, Lt. Gen, Air Vice Marshal, Air Marshal, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, will be vested in the National Security Committee of which CJSC will be but one member! And by majority vote, which will rest with civilians!
3. All Principal Staff Officer and Corps Commander and similar Air Force and Naval appointments will be made by the National Security Committee.
4. DG ISI will be appointed by the National Security Committee. 
5. ISI and ISPR will report directly to CJSC.
6. The Corps Commander Conferences and similar conferences in the Air Force and Navy will be presided over by the CJSC and Minister of Defence.
A complete destruction of the only two institutions that have survived the savagery of our peculiar brand of democracy,  And the only two that stand between total loot, plunder, pillage anarchy and ultimate disintegration.
Politicians are hell bent to destroy any institution in Pakistan, perhaps even the country,  and go to any lengths to accumulate wealth and retain power. 
No one today remembers how the hungry Zardari raped and crippled the Steel Mills with a brute vengeance soon after becoming President. Or how grievously the nation has been weakened and wounded by that horror, the 18th amendment.
In his attempt to destroy the Judiciary and the Army, they stand united and increasingly brazen attempts such as Memogate attempt via Haqqani and the infamous Dawn Leak by Tariq Fatemi- both lamentably remained unpunished by a hesitant army.
Lest we forget our estranged ally certainly has major “assets” within our government at key places.
Many a Quisling such as the sly pygmy Aizaz Chaudry in DC will do the needful. In fact, he continues to play a singular role in whispering poison into key American ears against our Military at the behest of his mentor, promoter and benefactor Tariq Fatemi.
 Justice Saqib Nisar and Gen. Bajwa! 
Gentlemen, you both have been duly forewarned! 
Weakness begets but more attack.


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