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Moral decay and Pakistani politics by Tahir Kamran

Moral decay and Pakistani politics

Tahir Kamran

March 7, 2021


Personal interest is symptomatic of the moral depravity that plagues Pakistan with no remedy in sight






A Thoughtful Look back to the Rules of Two Pathalogical Crooks Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari








“How oft, in nations gone corrupt, And by their own devices brought down to servitude, That man chooses bondage before liberty. Bondage with ease before strenuous liberty.”

John Milton

In the words of Judge Devlin (1905–1992), a British lawyer and jurist, “an established morality is as necessary as good government to the welfare of society. Societies disintegrate from within more frequently than they are broken up by external pressures.” Gen Douglas MacArthur once stated almost the same idea in different words, “History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline.”

These statements have a great deal for us Pakistanis to learn from and introspect. But the bigger challenge confronting us is our thick-skinned political leaders and the people in various national institutions. How can political leaders like Zardari and the Sharifs and people like the current chief election commissioner be sensitised to the regressing moral values, evident to all sincere minds?


Sadly, corruption is being celebrated today as if it is a virtue. Several years ago, I had read somewhere that “So far, about morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.” But to have such noble feelings one must first have a conscience. Conscience is the moral compass cultivated among citizens and their leaders ought to lead by example. In our polity, the leaders need some strenuous instruction to develop a conscience that feels good when they do good and vice versa.

The other day, Qazi Faez Isa, a judge of the Supreme Court, likened Pakistan to a gutter. After reading about his pleading in the apex court, I was quite petrified. I was reminded of a famous reference by the historian Tacitus to the spirit of his own times: “to corrupt and to be corrupted”.

How apt is this description when we see bags full of money changing hands in the run up to the Senate elections. The way the Yousaf Raza Gillani-Hafeez Shaikh contest was orchestrated is a frightful example of corrupt practices in our politics. Mr Gillani has previously been accused notoriously of stealing a necklace donated by Turkish leader Tayyab Erdogan’s wife for the flood affected. His sons have been accused of openly offering mediation to officers aspiring for lucrative positions in the government. They apparently had no qualms about taking their cut in several business deals.

And all that is just the tip of the iceberg. Despite all that Gillani and his family were accused of, Aitezaz Ahsan was all praise for the former prime minister. If it requires a special talent to detect positives in characters like Gillani’s, Mr Ahsan, undoubtedly, has it. No questions have yet been asked of the newly notified Senator-elect and former prime minister about the video showing his son with some legislators, instructing them in how to ensure that their ballots do not count.

The Election Commission is impudently reticent about it.

Mr Raja’s disregard for fairness and impartiality has become evident following his ruling on the Daska by-election. The hasty pronouncement has exposed his partisanship in favour of the opposition candidate who had lost the election. The pronouncement also reflects his sheer incompetence as head of such an important institution. The stark defiance by the Election Commission of Pakistan to the Supreme Court’s nudge on the conduct of Senate elections has shown the character the chief election commissioner and his colleagues. When such individuals acquire prominence in any polity, something is amiss. This calls for a corrective action. The rot has reached the very core and morality has been reduced to a clichéd expression with no practical manifestation in the socio-political sphere.

Moral decline begins when transcendent moral values that have proven beneficial over time are discarded in favour of other ideas that men find more conducive to achieving their desires. According to Gibbon, the root cause of Roman societal collapse was their loss of civic virtue and individual morality.

Gibbon believed that the laws of morality were as unchanging as the laws of mathematics and physics. English statesman, Edmund Burke, a colleague of Gibbon’s, is often called the father of modern conservatism. He summarised his beliefs about morality in a letter to the sheriffs of Bristol in 1777, “All who have ever written on government are unanimous that among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.”

Famous historian, Arnold Toynbee, has a perceptive quote from the concluding volume of his magnum opus, The Study of History, “Civilisations die from suicide, not by murder.” Nations too die from suicide and not by murder. When there is no capacity among the political leaders to distinguish between the ‘personal’ and the ‘national’, it is a clear indication that the nation is on a course that leads to suicide. Similarly, when ‘personal’ is prioritised over ‘national,’ the suicide becomes an unavoidable destiny.

What if this nation needs a sacrifice from Mr Zardari or Mr Sharif? They would, of course, offer some sacrificial lambs to save their own skin. This prioritisation of personal interest is symptomatic of the moral depravity that plagues Pakistan with no remedy in sight. That is unfortunate.



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The Onslaught from Mafia —- Something dirty in offing.  SORRY STATE OF THE STATE

 The onslaught from Mafia —- Something dirty in offing. 



The Military is under pressure like never before. 
The once mighty lion is now beleaguered, brought to its knees, bled by a thousand little cuts ministered by the rapacious political wolves and their minions.
Confused, defensive, apologetic.
Zardari has cut a deal, he turned out to be too wily, too well linked up internationally to be taken to task.
That despite an Uzair Baloch in custody, and millions in unexplained properties worldwide.No NAB case nor JIT for him!
In closed-door meetings, he drops hints and names, impishly winks, gives knowing half smiles, leaves sentences hanging, loud conspirational whispers during telephone calls implying that a “certain person” or somebody from “The Institution” is on the other side. ‘They’ watch helplessly and silently as this sorry charade plays out in slow motion.

Image result for Nawaz Sharif Corrupt Choor Money Launderer Liar

He deliberately and consciously creates a sense of high confidentiality in small and large groups, swearing all to secrecy about what they overheard or what he told them, knowing fully well that it’ll travel far and wide, quicker than a hot knife through butter. 
And yet the Army, unable to adequately grapple and deal with a Sharif on the rampage, far from realizing the dangers, shies away from opening a second front.
The Supreme Court has erred and failed, not being strong enough and capable enough to do what is right under the law and the Constitution. And that is to mete out justice to all and sundry, especially the high and mighty. They have been slow, they have been divided, they have blundered.
Justice delayed is justice denied. They have collectively denied, betrayed, let down and abandoned the helpless masses.
Serious is the drafting of two key constitutional amendments impacting the Army and the Superior Judiciary in months to come.
These are planned to be presented and passed by the PML-N government, after getting a majority in the forthcoming Senate elections and prior to the dissolution of the assemblies before the next general elections.
The first is about the appointment of Judges and their retirement age.
The amendment proposes to reconstitute the Judicial commission and take away its power to appoint judges.
The new Judicial Commission will comprise the Chief Justice, Minister of Law, other law officers of the government plus parliamentarians, comprising government and opposition members, proportionally based on their assembly strength. 
Under the planned amendment, the incumbent Chief Justice will only have authority to recommend a roster of names and the Judicial Commission, by majority vote, will approve names before forwarding to the President for the appointment. 
The proposed amendment will also do away with the seniority rule, whereby currently the senior most judge is automatically elevated to become Chief Justice. In future the Judicial Commission, again by majority vote, will choose any person from amongst the Judges, they deem fit to become the Chief Justice.
In summary, the ruling party, in this case, the PMLN, will have total power to appoint judges.
But the second change is what will completely change the current makeup of the Supreme Court during the incumbency of the current government! 
This amendment to article 179 aims to reduce the retirement ages of the Judges and the Chief Justice from 65 to 60.  
What is seriously questionable, are the very evil and nefarious designs, behind such moves and attempts to amend these clauses, and even more importantly, why now!
Hypothetically were this amendment to pass, by saying early March, the Supreme Court would be immediately wiped clean of the following Judges who will automatically retire being over 60 years of age.
1. Chief Justice Saqib Nisar.
2. Justice Asif Saeed Khosa.
3. Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan.
4. Justice Gulzar Ahmed.
5. Justice Sh. Azmat Saeed.  
Then the new Judicial Commission will appoint a Chief Justice of its choice and fill the vacancies with Nawaz toadies. 
What a really neat Constitutional Coup! And we are headed that way!
Imagine the horrors and the terrible consequences of such a nightmarish scenario, for Pakistan, for our already shaky rule of Law and for our indecisive Superior Judiciary!
Over the last 10 years judiciary has at least somewhat attempted to become an independent institution, working to wipe the scars on its honour and mete out even-handed justice. Granted they’re certainly not perfect.Pakistan cannot allow this wholesale destruction of our Superior Judiciary into becoming Patwaris once again.
The second “Shubkhoon” is planned on the office of the Army Chief and other two Chiefs of the Air Force and the Navy by taking away their authority to promote officers to two and three-star ranks, make key command and staff appointments and limit their authority of command over their respective institutions.
Here’s the plan being cooked in The Devil’s Workshop”
1. The three Armed forces Chiefs will no longer be members of the National Security Committee. They will be represented by the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. Currently Gen. Zubair Hayat.
2. Promotions to all two star and three-star ranks, Maj. Gen, Lt. Gen, Air Vice Marshal, Air Marshal, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, will be vested in the National Security Committee of which CJSC will be but one member! And by majority vote, which will rest with civilians!
3. All Principal Staff Officer and Corps Commander and similar Air Force and Naval appointments will be made by the National Security Committee.
4. DG ISI will be appointed by the National Security Committee. 
5. ISI and ISPR will report directly to CJSC.
6. The Corps Commander Conferences and similar conferences in the Air Force and Navy will be presided over by the CJSC and Minister of Defence.
A complete destruction of the only two institutions that have survived the savagery of our peculiar brand of democracy,  And the only two that stand between total loot, plunder, pillage anarchy and ultimate disintegration.
Politicians are hell bent to destroy any institution in Pakistan, perhaps even the country,  and go to any lengths to accumulate wealth and retain power. 
No one today remembers how the hungry Zardari raped and crippled the Steel Mills with a brute vengeance soon after becoming President. Or how grievously the nation has been weakened and wounded by that horror, the 18th amendment.
In his attempt to destroy the Judiciary and the Army, they stand united and increasingly brazen attempts such as Memogate attempt via Haqqani and the infamous Dawn Leak by Tariq Fatemi- both lamentably remained unpunished by a hesitant army.
Lest we forget our estranged ally certainly has major “assets” within our government at key places.
Many a Quisling such as the sly pygmy Aizaz Chaudry in DC will do the needful. In fact, he continues to play a singular role in whispering poison into key American ears against our Military at the behest of his mentor, promoter and benefactor Tariq Fatemi.
 Justice Saqib Nisar and Gen. Bajwa! 
Gentlemen, you both have been duly forewarned! 
Weakness begets but more attack.


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Disastrous Decade of Democracy & the Sorry State of Pakistan By Simon Templar

Submission to Pakistan Think Tank
This is how Pakistan is ruled.
Best ever written by a foreign journalist…  dare a Pakistani writes in this manner the real shameful facts of the nation …  Eye opener 


Disastrous Decade of Democracy & the Sorry State of Pakistan

By Simon Templar

Thug life is a term used by gangsters to glorify their lawbreaking, heady crime sprees.
Nothing describes the misrule of two successive, so-called democratically elected governments in the unstable, underdeveloped 200 million strong south Asian state of Pakistan.
How thieves, plunderers and freebooters came to rule this nuclear-armed state is a sad tale in itself.
Ruled by military General Parvez Musharaf who took over in a military coup in 1999, the country became a close US ally after 9/11 and witnessed an era of growth and stability under military rule.
However, when Musharaf reached his limits of flexibility, it was decided by the US and British to force him to bring back the two tainted, condemned political leaders in exile and to wash away all their sins under a dubious order in the name of national reconciliation.
As in the Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, there was also a hungry, eager, more flexible General waiting in the Wings to replace him,  and Deputy Chief Kayani used Military intelligence and a judges restoration movement to cripple the erstwhile strongman, now out of favour with the US.
A final thumbs down from the US Ambassador compelled Musharaf to resign and after the mysterious, unsolved murder of Benazir Bhutto, her thuggish husband, the upstart, criminal uneducated, corrupt and much reviled Asif Zardari came to power.
The deal with the West was that we bring you back, wash away your past sins and you squeeze the Army. 
The game began and new Chief Kiyani turned a blind eye, as he had brought the devil to sup at the table and was also busy improving his impoverished families financial condition.
So well did this teamwork that General Kiyani got an unprecedented 3-year second term, Zardari became a billionaire, Kayani from rags to millionaire and the country went to the dogs.
The US with its two boys in place, in charge of the Presidency and military, violated Pakistani sovereignty and physical boundaries at will, using drones, choppers, covert assassin’s and whatever they chose.
As per the unholy charter of kleptocracy, Sharif kept silent during Zardari’s plunder and he returned the favour after Sharif took over in 2013
Simple math, over invoice $ 50 billion of Chinese funded projects-whether needed or not- by ten percent, sign sovereign guarantees, leave future generations to pay off horrifying debts and pocket 5% off the top!
Walk away with a cool $ 2.5 billion dollars.Astonishingly simple as it is audacious.
 Where Zardari was a street thug, looting millions, for ing neighbours to sell their properties on the cheap, the plunderers from Punjab, whose father made pots and cooking utensils with his bare hands are now certified dollar billionaires thanks to massive bank defaults, and international cuts commissions and kickbacks.
Wow! Wonderful, just one mistake…Sharif egged on by vicious anti-military Advisers like Junior Minister for Foreign Affairs Sayed Tarik Fatemi, kept on targeting the by now restive and powerful Pakistan military.
The leakage of information pertaining to thousands of offshore companies incorporated in Panama signalled the end for the strangely absent Sharif regime.
 Perhaps the most corrupt and worse administered government in the history of Pakistan..certainly the most hypocritical.
Destroying the civil service structure, promoting nepotism, turning state servants especially in Punjab into glorified pimps and facilitators.
One poor married lady was famously peddled by her husband out to Sharif, then his younger brother and in turn was rewarded with top administrative positions for his immoral shamelessness.
Functioning without statutory, mandated positions such as State Ombudsman, National Tax Collector, Head of the Audit Service and even without the Governor of the State Bank.
Burgeoning debt, increasingly hostile borders, declining exports, a dysfunctional government, falling stock market and collapsing currency could not shake Sharif out of his stupor.
On the ropes, with his family corruption the main story in every paper,  every channel and on social media, he chose to plod on shamelessly, trying one corrupt lawyer after another in a futile attempt to cover his tracks.
Described as a Sicilian Mafiosi by the worthy judges of the top constitutional court, Sharif scraped the bottom of the barrel, hiring the immoral Raja Salman Akram, known to have defended Zardari’s drug dealing Prime Minister, all to no avail.
Functioning without a Foreign minister for four years, and appointing idiots as top envoys, the joke is on Sharif as he is now left with no friends to bail him out as before.
His Saudi patrons distanced themselves from their pet poodle after Sharif was unable to prevail upon his military who very sensibly refused to go and fight alongside Saudi troops in Yemen.
Indians and Americans have realized he cannot dominate his military and the Turks and Chinese know him and his tribe as crooked, slimy money grabbers.
Despite holding office for years, Sharif has paid no attention to healthcare, education, rule of law or job creation, focusing purely on shady, unnecessary projects providing easy kickbacks.
Now decades of money laundering,  defaulted bank loans and millions in offshore accounts and overseas properties stand to be exposed for what they are, the loot and plunder from 190 million poor uneducated helpless souls who are forced to sell or kill their children due to lack of justice, poverty and a gloomy future.
The question is how will things unfold? Will the shameless, immoral, hypocritical kleptocrats escape yet again to lick their wounds and enjoy their boots abroad or shall they deservedly meet the fate of another erstwhile billionaire, the late lamented Colonel Qaddafi who died bloodied and screaming in the street as his engeful subjects beat him to death?
The author is a geostrategist based in Brussels.

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Chandu Lakhani (UK) 
10 Feb, 2013 06:44 PM
Zardari is preparing for all eventuality. He has constructed his residence like a fortress, so nobody can successfully attack. Still, if worse comes to worst, he has also provided an air-strip so that he can sneak away no sooner army may want to move against him ! Well Done, Zardari ‘Shahab’. Pakistan seems to have bright future -it can be nothing else when you are at the helm. India is blessed with Nehru Gandhi family to rule us for ever. We do not want Pakistan to be deprived -and it is now blessed with Zardari Bhutto dynasty ! Do propagate advantages of such dynastic rules, so that more and more countries can benefit through India/Pakistan’s joint dynasty-run regimes ! Hail Pakistan, Hail India


PTI Feb 8, 2013,
Lahore: A sprawling high-security private residence for Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, complete with bomb-proof structures and a landing strip for small jets and helicopters, is nearing completion here. The compound in Bahria town, spread over some 200 kanals (25 acres), is named Bilawal House after Zardari’s son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. According to a Pakistan Peoples Party official from Punjab the residence has been gifted by property tycoon Malik Riaz Hussain.
The bomb-proof home is surrounded by lawns that can accommodate up to 10,000 people and has a runway for private jets and helicopters. The compound is surrounded by 30-feet high walls fitted with security gadgets. Once completed, the residence will have a three-tier security system. Zardari, who is due to arrive in Lahore on Sunday, is expected to visit Bilawal House with his son, the sources said. The residence in Lahore will serve as the main base in Punjab province for Bilawal during campaigning for the upcoming general election. Malik Riaz Hussain, believed to be close to Zardari, was at the centre of a controversy last year after he alleged that he funded three foreign trips by Arsalan Iftikhar, the son of supreme court chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry.
Meanwhile, on the president’s arrival, the private security guards of Bahria Town hosed water through high-pressure vehicles to disperse the journalists who tried to enter the housing society to cover the event. Some of the journalists received injuries. The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, Lahore Press Club leaders and the journalist community have strongly condemned the guards’ misbehaviour with the journalists and demanded legal action against them.



SDPI report: 58.7m Pakistanis living below poverty line

By Anwer Sumra

Published: February 25, 2014

Highest incidence of poverty prevails in Balochistan with 52% of the households living under poverty threshold.

imgresPakistani President Asif Ali Zardari's palatial private villa nears completion in Lahore552887_3088666469472_1559762673_n-1

As many as 58.7 million people in Pakistan are living in multidimensional poverty with 46 per cent of rural population and 18 per cent of urban households falling below the poverty line, says a survey report.
The report titled ‘Clustered Deprivation’ is prepared by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) with the financial and technical assistance of United Nation Development Program (UNDP).
The SDPI measures poverty on the basis of five dimensions – education, health, water supply and sanitation, household assets/amenities and satisfaction to service delivery. Further, a person taking less than 2,350 calories per day and earning less than $1.25 per day according to the United Nations standard has also been regarded as living below the poverty threshold.
The highest incidence of poverty prevails in Balochistan with 52 per cent of the households living under the poverty line, followed by 32 per cent, 33 per cent and 19 per cent respectively in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P), Sindh and Punjab, said the report presented to all provincial governments during the last month of 2013
In Punjab, higher incidence of poverty was observed in southern districts. Rajanpur is on top of the list with 44 per cent households falling below the poverty line.
The people living below the line in other southern districts respectively comprise 40 per cent households in Muzaffargarh, 36 per cent in DG Khan, 33 per cent in Bahawalpur, 31 per cent in Layyah and Lodhran, 31 per cent in Pakpattan, and 28 per cent in Multan, Khanewal and Bhakkar districts.
The SDPI report on Balochistan says the restive province faces the highest incidence of poverty as compared to others. However, except for Muskhel, the majority of the districts in the north have relatively low incidence of poverty. It is high in the central and southwest part of the province with the exception of Panjgur and Gawadar districts.
In K-P, the incidence of poverty is extremely high in the northern mountainous regions, very high in the southern regions, average in the central parts while the districts adjacent to Islamabad show low levels of poverty.
According to the document, the southeast part of Sindh is the poorest region, while central Sindh is relatively less poor and southwest Sindh the least poor region of the province. Out of 27 districts, the inhabitants of 18 districts are facing severe poverty conditions.
Tharparkar has the highest incidence of poverty in Sindh with 47 per cent households living below the poverty line. The report says 42 per cent households in Badin, 41 per cent in Tando Muhammad Khan, 40 in Thatta, 39 per cent in Nawabshah and Jamshoro, 38 per cent in Larkana and Shahdadkot, 36 per cent in Jacobabad, 32 per cent in Tando Allah Yar, 29 per cent in Matiari and Dadu, 28 per cent in Shikarpur and Sanghar, 27 per cent in Khairpur, and 25 in Hyderabad and Sukkar districts live below the poverty threshold.
The report reveals that one-third of Pakistani households are facing poverty, with uneven distribution mong provinces and rural and urban populations. With more than half of the population below the poverty line, Balochistan is the poorest province.
Acknowledging the SDPI report, Punjab Planning and Development Board chief Khalid Sultan said it had used the report had used data from Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement Survey (PSLM) that is specifically designed for the analysis of poverty.
Published in The Express Tribune, February 25th, 2014.


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The Apathy in Pakistan to Support Reform

The Apathy in Pakistan to Support Reform


I am appalled.

 I am appalled at the apathy of Pakistani society in not supporting for once what is clearly ( in my lifetime at least ) the most serious and deep rooted attempt at reform.

 I am appalled at the pretentiousness of many otherwise perfectly logical and sane people, for not supporting this serious attempt to get rid of this terrible putrid sewerage system of so called democracy, so cunningly labeled by these sick self-serving so called politicians to safeguard their golden geese.

 These politicians who have destroyed all semblance of good order and governance, simply because of this label of so called democracy. Look at these names who have been in political power in one form or shape or the other, be it a civilian or military administration.

 Look at this horrible horrible roll call of political deviants. Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar, Saad Rafique, Asif Zardari, Khurshid Shah, Fazlur Rehman, Asfandyar Wali. An endless list of self serving, corrupt to the core, people.

 While some may criticize IK and TUQ for resorting to “undemocratic” methods. Here’s something to ponder. What choice do IK and TUQ and and people like us have.  

 We can’t boot the Nawaz Sharifs and Asif Zardaris out through the electoral process because they have “bought” the entire process.

 We can’t take them to court, because they have “bought” the entire judicial system.

 We can’t hold them for any form of major administrative impropriety, terrible misgovernance, gross and blatant use of authority in public sector leadership appointments, misuse of public funds, open corruption, brazen conflict of interest, just because they have “bought” the entire administrative structure.

 So IK and TUQ and people who want reform had and have no option but to resort to what they have done. Because, while theoretically we have a parliament and an elected government and there is due process for acquiring power, the system has been hijacked and held hostage by these “professional crooks” masquerading as political leaders.

 Look at Khurshid Shah thundering in parliament, earlier today and look at the sickening amount of ill gotten wealth he has acquired through corruption since 1991 when he was first elected as am MNA. Can anyone justify this terrible and blatant hypocrisy and criminality.

 While some may not like IK’s arrogance ( I do) or TUQ’s Canadian citizen ship ( irrelevant) or their perceived lack of political acumen. BUT If these two can set in motion the wheels of change for a better, prosperous Pakistan with strong institutions, especially the Police and the Judiciary, an electoral process which does not hand over power to a bunch of professional crooks with just 10 to 15 % of the registered vote, a system of political accountability which does not allow people in power to blatantly and brazenly misuse authority and public trust and public funds, and a country where no one Faith is imposed on another, I am all for it.

 And for those professional politicians with IK ( not many with TUQ) who think that they will benefit once again from the ‘IK” bandwagon, as they have done on other bandwagons in the past…I think they are in for a surprise!

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