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The Apathy in Pakistan to Support Reform

The Apathy in Pakistan to Support Reform


I am appalled.

 I am appalled at the apathy of Pakistani society in not supporting for once what is clearly ( in my lifetime at least ) the most serious and deep rooted attempt at reform.

 I am appalled at the pretentiousness of many otherwise perfectly logical and sane people, for not supporting this serious attempt to get rid of this terrible putrid sewerage system of so called democracy, so cunningly labeled by these sick self-serving so called politicians to safeguard their golden geese.

 These politicians who have destroyed all semblance of good order and governance, simply because of this label of so called democracy. Look at these names who have been in political power in one form or shape or the other, be it a civilian or military administration.

 Look at this horrible horrible roll call of political deviants. Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar, Saad Rafique, Asif Zardari, Khurshid Shah, Fazlur Rehman, Asfandyar Wali. An endless list of self serving, corrupt to the core, people.

 While some may criticize IK and TUQ for resorting to “undemocratic” methods. Here’s something to ponder. What choice do IK and TUQ and and people like us have.  

 We can’t boot the Nawaz Sharifs and Asif Zardaris out through the electoral process because they have “bought” the entire process.

 We can’t take them to court, because they have “bought” the entire judicial system.

 We can’t hold them for any form of major administrative impropriety, terrible misgovernance, gross and blatant use of authority in public sector leadership appointments, misuse of public funds, open corruption, brazen conflict of interest, just because they have “bought” the entire administrative structure.

 So IK and TUQ and people who want reform had and have no option but to resort to what they have done. Because, while theoretically we have a parliament and an elected government and there is due process for acquiring power, the system has been hijacked and held hostage by these “professional crooks” masquerading as political leaders.

 Look at Khurshid Shah thundering in parliament, earlier today and look at the sickening amount of ill gotten wealth he has acquired through corruption since 1991 when he was first elected as am MNA. Can anyone justify this terrible and blatant hypocrisy and criminality.

 While some may not like IK’s arrogance ( I do) or TUQ’s Canadian citizen ship ( irrelevant) or their perceived lack of political acumen. BUT If these two can set in motion the wheels of change for a better, prosperous Pakistan with strong institutions, especially the Police and the Judiciary, an electoral process which does not hand over power to a bunch of professional crooks with just 10 to 15 % of the registered vote, a system of political accountability which does not allow people in power to blatantly and brazenly misuse authority and public trust and public funds, and a country where no one Faith is imposed on another, I am all for it.

 And for those professional politicians with IK ( not many with TUQ) who think that they will benefit once again from the ‘IK” bandwagon, as they have done on other bandwagons in the past…I think they are in for a surprise!

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While Pakistan’s young Lions are dying fighting the fanatical demons called Taliban, Pakistani politicians are having a field day against Pakistan Army. Pakistan’s politicians are treading on shards of glass, as Pakistani public is not going to take kindly to their gratuitous smear campaign. In the forefront is Nawaz Sharif and ANP, followed by more subdued PPP. No one speaks-up in defence of the Army.  Pakistani public is being tortured by load shedding, water shortages, food shortages, roaring prices, declining economy. Now, since Musharraf is in the cross-hairs of cowardly politician like Nawaz Sharif, who ran away from Kargil War to meet his handlers in Washington. Nawaz Sharif is a bloodhound, whose polluted mind still thinks of a woman as a target for his carnal desires. He tried to hit on Kim Barker, but failed, but had greater success with other Kashmiri “Jiyalis,” including TV anchors like Sana Bucha. We do not challenge the opportunity images-14to bring a usurper like Gen. (Retd) Musharraf to justice. But, there is a down side to such a media circus; it has a blowback effect on the image of Pakistan Army itself. Another negative effect of this vengeful vendetta by Nawaz Shariff and his cohort would be on the rank and file of Pakistan Army. But, the greater danger would lie, if the Pakistan Army reacts, like it has done in the past. It would lead to jettisoning of the nascent democracy and perhaps another stint in exile for the US Sponsored candidate for PM, Nawaz Sharif, who already has a chequered history of corruption and cowardice. Nawaz Sharif, PPP, MQM, and ANP have been involved in bear baiting the Pakistan Army. In this effort, a blatantly rash media supports them and makes their voices heard on a global scale-up. But, if Allah forbid, there is an attack from our vicious enemy across the border, these same politicians will be chanting eulogies to “our brave soldiers.” This is what hypocrites do and our Prophet (PBUH) warned us about such munafiqeen. There is a group of people, described in Qur’an as Hypocrites and AllahSWA persistently draws our attention to them. Hypocrites are two-faced people, who act as if they were pious believers, though they do not have faith. They associate themselves with believers, appearing to be faithful, so as to deceive them in whatever way they can. Such hypocrites are referred to in the Qur’an as “those who incite nifaq and fitnah. The reason they seek to be accepted among the believers is to gain some personal advantage. Allah (SWA) said;

         “ The hypocrites think they deceive Allah, but He shall requite their deceit to them. When they get up to pray, they get up lazily, showing off to people, and only remembering Allah a very little.” [QURAN  4:142] 

It would be wrong to say that such people existed only in the time of the Prophet(PBUH), in Makkah or in Madina, for—in every other period—as today, such characters are present, under modern times. Hypocrites are a kind of people to whom Allah (SWA) calls attention in many verses of the Qur’an, and against whom He repeatedly warns believers to be cautious. Pakistanis should be alert to “munafiqeen,” amongst them. People should be extremely cautious of “ Chaudhry” Nisar Ali “Khan,” whose name itself is an enigma, a new breed of Pashtuns called “Chaudhry,” and notable Kashmiri “hathoos toola,” of Nawaz Biradari, Khwaja Asif, Ishaq Dar, Pervez Rashid, Khwaja Saad Rafiq.


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