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Sharif family has owned London flats since ’90s: BBC report BY HAMID KHAN WAZIR

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Sharif family has owned London flats since ’90s: BBC report


PTI Spokesman Naeemul Haq says PM will have to surrender before the law of the land The news report by BBC Urdu regarding Sharif family’s London flats has helped the claims of Pakistan.

The news report by BBC Urdu regarding Sharif family’s London flats has helped the claims of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) who now say that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been left with no option but to surrender before the law of the land.PTI Central Secretary Information Naeemul Haq, in reaction over the BBC Urdu report, has stated that the report has completely exposed the lies of the premier before the nation.He said that the PM could have avoided this humiliation had he not lied before the nation.The BBC Urdu report says that the properties owned by the Sharif family in London’s upscale Park Lane neighborhood were purchased in the 1990s and there has been no change of ownership since then.According to official documents available withBBC Urdu, the four flats were purchased in the name of the Nielsen and Nescoll companies.





Naeemul Haq said that Nawaz Sharif has wasted nine months to provide cover to his lies.

“The PM lied on the floor of the Parliament and before the nation; he changed his lawyers time and again to conceal his lies in the apex court,” he added.

Naeemul Haq said that despite efforts by the ruling party, they have failed to hide the truth from the public.

He said that Nawaz Sharif has no way to escape accountability, adding that the premier and his family did not take those who published Panama Leaks to the court. He said that PTI will see whether the family will sue BBC Urdu for its report.

According to the documents, an official record of companies doing business in the United Kingdom reveals that when Hassan Nawaz established Flagship Investment Ltd in 2001, the address he provided at the time of registration of the company was that of his Park Lane apartment.

According to the report, Neilson and Nescoll purchased the following flats:  Flat 17 on June 1, 1993; Flat 16 on July 31, 1995; Flat 16A on July 31, 1995; and Flat 17A on July 30, 1996. There has been no change in ownership since then.

After the Panama Papers were published, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s son, Hussain Nawaz, had accepted the family’s ownership of Nielsen and Nescoll.

Hussain had said: “The Park Lane apartments in London are ours, two offshore companies, Nielsen and Nescoll, own these flats and I am the beneficial owner of these companies, working under a trust held by my sister Maryam Nawaz Sharif.”

Flat 12A is owned by Flagship Investment Company since 2004. Hassan Nawaz is the director of Flagship which was created in 2001, the report added.


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by Zuha Saeed.

The modern world of today is dominated by GIANT corporations,also called MNCs,the Multi National Corporations..operating usually in 2 or more countries at a time,they are huge in financial terms,lot many of them are even larger than the economies of most Asian,African n South American countries. 
Under d façade or their deceptive stated objectives the single driving force behind ALL these MNCs is PROFITS..they are there to make money for themselves and their stakeholders..NO LESS NO MORE,PERIOD..
The characteristics or operating principles are of common roots,they are TRANS BORDERS,for them no geographical line on a map or on ground matters..for profits they can operate in ANY territory,they can collaborate with any individual or join hands with any similar concern with similar motives..for them religion,nationality,colour creed and at times national interest have no meaning..eg,during the tight days that passed between Russia and America/NATO their multinationals were doing booming business within Russia..churning huge PROFITS..
these MNCs opened up in china before most of the European nations opened their embassies in Beijing..at the face of it,on numerous occasions the situation was “touch and go” but the MNCs were fully entrenched and making money, caring two hoots for what others thought and said..
In Pakistan ,one of the most declared dangerous country for any white skinned man,on so many occasions the local public went anti american or anti west for one reason or another, precious lives were lost in hostile demonstrations too..companies like McDonald,KFC,METRO,pizza hut were threatened to be blown up,BUT NOT ONE OUTLET WAS SHUT DOWN any where within the territory..what ever was said,but deep down,THEY NEVER SHRUGGED TO ANY DANGER involving somebody else’s life on their property..thus multi national CORPORATIONS operate with their own minds and single point agenda..MAKE MONEY,nothing can shut them down until they STOP MAKING money,that’s the time,THEY JUST PACK AWAY.

Of late,MUMLIKAT E KHUDAD e PAKISTAN has also seen a SIMILAR creation,,MIAN MUHAMMAD NAWAZ SHARIF..he may LOOK different BUT has a mind of an MNC for sure..

at the time of kargil war in 1999 when our country was burying her dead soldiers HIS sugar mills were exporting sugar to india,the same adversary who was BUTCHERING our soldiers on the mountains,,to add insult to the injury,at that time sugar was cheaper in india compared to pakistani export price,OUR MNC played a stroke of genius,OUR SUGAR WAS SUBSIDIZED BY THE GOVT TO BRING DOWN ITS PRICE TO THE LEVEL OF INDIAN DOMESTIC MARKET PRICE..ur and my tax money was spoofed up to sell cheaper sugar to india ,while HIS MILLS MADE PROFITS !!

then,when OUR country was passing such bad days that FOREIGN CURRENCY ACCOUNTS WERE CEASED,few BILLION dollars were invested by him and his kin in foreign countries to secure tem for times to come.he is on record owning properties in at least 6 foreign lands that include urban mansions,flats,high rise buildings,some like the infamous ill-ford plaza that singly costs over 500 million pound sterling,and a STEEL MILL in saudi arabia too,apart from all this a HUGE property management system in UK run by his son..HE SECURES HIS PROFITS WELL AND AWAY FROM THE DANGER ZONE WHERE HE CAN NOT LOOSE THEM.

HIS story does not end here..
Just for the historic records..we are fighting the Indians in siachin for the last 34 years, 
the Pakistan army is standing posts all along the Kashmir border right from d day of our creation,

We have KASHMIR dispute with the Indians,a territory larger than MOST European countries of today,
We have other MASSIVE land and WATER disputes with our neighbour,
ch nisar the sitting interior minister is on record saying that INDIA is involved in supporting terrorism in Pakistan,the latest Karachi air port incident was ALL carried out by hard ware made in India..
India has played every possible trick in her hat to malign Pakistan on the international forums too,,they have blocked our entry into UN security council,they have stopped ANY major seminar,gaming event or even a conference of international repute to be held on our soil in last 66 years…
they have their hand within Pakistan in fanning sectarianism,shia-sunni issue,spinning the Baluchistan insurgency from as late as mid 70s till its present dimensions.RAW has been physically involved in exploding bombs on Pakistani soil killing our innocent citizen..
we already have fought 6 large to medium scale conflicts with the Indians and military experts forecast a conflict involving the 2 nuclear states in a bloody war in near future,owing to so many prevailing unresolved conflicts..
since 1947,in the exodus of population upon partition,numerous military bouts and terrorism related incidents involving india ,PAKISTAN has lost hundreds of thousands of its sons..NOW,our beloved prime minister wants to give THIS ROWDY NEIGHBOUR OF OURS the status of MFN (most favoured nation)? He also wants to give INDIA access on pakistani roads/motor ways  to reach into Afghanistan and CARs (the Central Asian Countries).

He has met ALL big n influential INDIAN business men in recent years exploring his own and to an extent SARKARI business too,,he has met mr mittal in india during his last,but WELL PUBLICIZED visit,exploring the possibility of setting up a steel mill on Indian or a NEW neutral territory.

His personal friends includes a list of WORLD leaders like ex PM of Lebanon mr harreiri,previous n present PMs of turkey,crown princes/princes of SAUDI ARABIA,UAE n few gulf countries with whom his BIZ LINKS HAVE been established and verified over a period of time,,presidents of china and south Korea,heads of giants like DAEWOO,Hitachi and Mitsubishi r the type of his biz partners..few mention BAJAJ,TATA nad MITTALS of india in this august list too.

Being the PM of one of the poorest countries on this planet,a war trodden state still looking for some light and direction.we are the 6th largest population on this planet with 60% of us living under a dollar a day,and he is ALL OVER THE GLOBE.,and THESE ARE HIS PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS !!..WITH NO FRONTIERS OF GEOGRAPHY,NO SHACKLES OF RELIGION AND HONOUR TO BIND HIM..

he is a declared BILLIONAIRE worth 1.4 billion US dollars by Forbes USA.
35 years on top political positions in Pakistan,3 time OUR PM,twice CM of Punjab,that by itself is a world record and he is part of the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS..this is where he stands AS OF TODAY.

What else can one dream off…HAS HE GONE IN SANE?

for him the only thing that matters is PROFITS.his personal gains take priority over ALL other worthless issues that come in his way.and historically he has proven it on numerous occasions.For him our ideology,the 2 nation theory,our struggle to make Pakistan,the blood of our shaheeds,the religious indifference,the KASHMIR DISPUTE and our CHOKING water courses can be resolved by running Indian trucks on Pakistani motorways while paying TRANSIT FEE to his govt for increasing his SPENDING ABILITY..all these issues THAT CAN BOTHER A THINKING PAKISTANI MIND can be changed into NON ISSUES if the man on the street starts eating cheaper indian onion,potato or eats INDIAN live stock.

For MNS every thing REVOLVES AROUND PROFIT AND MONEY,EVERY THING IS SELL-ABLE IF MNS CAN MAKE SOME CASH,the basic principle that drive a corporation.
He truly has his eyes focused on the right spot,,PROFITS,to him nothing else matters..time we give him his true stature,he is A TRUE MULTINATIONAL FROM PAKISTAN..

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While Pakistan’s young Lions are dying fighting the fanatical demons called Taliban, Pakistani politicians are having a field day against Pakistan Army. Pakistan’s politicians are treading on shards of glass, as Pakistani public is not going to take kindly to their gratuitous smear campaign. In the forefront is Nawaz Sharif and ANP, followed by more subdued PPP. No one speaks-up in defence of the Army.  Pakistani public is being tortured by load shedding, water shortages, food shortages, roaring prices, declining economy. Now, since Musharraf is in the cross-hairs of cowardly politician like Nawaz Sharif, who ran away from Kargil War to meet his handlers in Washington. Nawaz Sharif is a bloodhound, whose polluted mind still thinks of a woman as a target for his carnal desires. He tried to hit on Kim Barker, but failed, but had greater success with other Kashmiri “Jiyalis,” including TV anchors like Sana Bucha. We do not challenge the opportunity images-14to bring a usurper like Gen. (Retd) Musharraf to justice. But, there is a down side to such a media circus; it has a blowback effect on the image of Pakistan Army itself. Another negative effect of this vengeful vendetta by Nawaz Shariff and his cohort would be on the rank and file of Pakistan Army. But, the greater danger would lie, if the Pakistan Army reacts, like it has done in the past. It would lead to jettisoning of the nascent democracy and perhaps another stint in exile for the US Sponsored candidate for PM, Nawaz Sharif, who already has a chequered history of corruption and cowardice. Nawaz Sharif, PPP, MQM, and ANP have been involved in bear baiting the Pakistan Army. In this effort, a blatantly rash media supports them and makes their voices heard on a global scale-up. But, if Allah forbid, there is an attack from our vicious enemy across the border, these same politicians will be chanting eulogies to “our brave soldiers.” This is what hypocrites do and our Prophet (PBUH) warned us about such munafiqeen. There is a group of people, described in Qur’an as Hypocrites and AllahSWA persistently draws our attention to them. Hypocrites are two-faced people, who act as if they were pious believers, though they do not have faith. They associate themselves with believers, appearing to be faithful, so as to deceive them in whatever way they can. Such hypocrites are referred to in the Qur’an as “those who incite nifaq and fitnah. The reason they seek to be accepted among the believers is to gain some personal advantage. Allah (SWA) said;

         “ The hypocrites think they deceive Allah, but He shall requite their deceit to them. When they get up to pray, they get up lazily, showing off to people, and only remembering Allah a very little.” [QURAN  4:142] 

It would be wrong to say that such people existed only in the time of the Prophet(PBUH), in Makkah or in Madina, for—in every other period—as today, such characters are present, under modern times. Hypocrites are a kind of people to whom Allah (SWA) calls attention in many verses of the Qur’an, and against whom He repeatedly warns believers to be cautious. Pakistanis should be alert to “munafiqeen,” amongst them. People should be extremely cautious of “ Chaudhry” Nisar Ali “Khan,” whose name itself is an enigma, a new breed of Pashtuns called “Chaudhry,” and notable Kashmiri “hathoos toola,” of Nawaz Biradari, Khwaja Asif, Ishaq Dar, Pervez Rashid, Khwaja Saad Rafiq.


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