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PM Pakistan Nawaz Sharif and the cabinet Division, finally had decided and gave final approval to Close PIA prior June 2014. This decision was taken In the cabinet meeting held to night at late hours and was chaired by PM and in presence of MD PIAC and some other PIA officials. Three option were under discussions, one Totally close PIA, two, re-structuring of PIA, three Handing Over PIA to Private Sectors.










PIA-1 Head Quarter shall be established at Islamabad and PIA Head Office Karachi shall function as PIA-2 Head quarters till June-2014. MD PIA and other PIA officials are ordered and were yet given last opportunity till June 2014 to apart and establish initially Whole PIA in 02 Parts; PIA-1 and PIA-2. After complete privatization PIA-1 will be restored for private sector and initially selected business communities are being given 26% assets of PIA to Command and Control PIA-1 (The Operational area only) with help and support of Air blue, Air Indus, Shaheen and Royal Airport Services.


The competent and Aviation experts exists in PIA and from all the departments working only in operational areas and in shifts only will be merged in PIA-1 and the excess and free manpower working in Day Operations, shall be excluded from existing PIA strength and shall be merged in PIA-2.


Lists of that employees excess, useless are already maintained by 3rd Party team attached with PIA few months ago. Only 30 Pilots will be taken for PIA-1. The Ratio of Manpower of PIA-1 will be as under: 30% Daily wages and Contract services oriented employees from PG-I to PG-VIII, 30% Permanent and Service oriented employees from existing strength from PG-I to PG-VIII having aviation and field expertise, particularly at ramp side. 35% for Engineering, IT, communication, Flight Safety experts having Engineering and technical qualifications, Aviation Licenses, Approvals. 5% shall be from Corporate, Finance, Human Resources and for Management positions. Shall be normal Graduates of areas of particular fields with vast Experience and reputation related to aviation.


The Skilled Operation Officers and staff and Management selection of employees will be as under and shall be taken as per aircraft manufacturer approved specifications and for various 22 type aircraft in PIA, of which 18 are operational and rest 4 are under checks ABCD or routine repairs in Line-1 or Line-2.


Statistics provided in PM cabinet meeting conducted in PM House, shown that Including Daily wedges and contract employees today PIA is holding 22,000 Employees for 22 Aircraft.PIA one will be political and trade union free private Sector PIA and only Aviation trained and field experts will be merged who had good reputation and service record. In case of shorten such strength, retired or near retired reputed employees will be called on 3 to 5 years contract or those who are retiring but have recorded expertise shall be taken enhance their services up to age of 65 years.

To overcome the issues it is decided that all those staff and officers working in office strengths at airports or head office since years or even at out stations but politically and against merit were promoted or selected shall be merged in PIA-2 which later will be closed after June 2014. All trade unions and Officers, other associations representatives are those who are out of duty, exampled also shall be merged in PIA-2. It will be later decided if these free and excess employees shall be given Golden Shake hand or not.


The strength of manpower of PIA-1 will be as under: One CEO (Aviation Experts From Business community), Only One Director (Aviation and Marketing experts), 03 General Managers (From Operational areas and Marketing Areas (Having Field and trade experience, and had worked from roots to top), 01 corporate Managers for each Operational areas had only Ramp expertise and gone through all field areas in service carrier from root), and Marketing areas, gone through fields and has acquired recorded revenue. and 3rd General Manager shall be IT experts . All IT or communication or reservation related functionaries whether at Airports, in Head Offices, in Marketing offices or any where, he will be responsible, manage and control. Accordingly all IT strength whether in Operation, Marketing, Engineering, other area will be under his supervision and control for fruitful results.




The excess and free manpower against the 22 Aircraft’s in PIA, The all Officers and staff working in Day Pattern, All new inductions in PIA after year 1998 and inducted after resizing of PIA in 1998 on Suggestions of SABRE Consultants  and the all those Officers and staff, Daily wedges or Contractual or permanent employees,  and all those who were pre-designated or transferred from their parent departments to other with or without backdate seniority and who were rapidly promoted from year 2000 to 2013 without merit and any linguistic, religious creed, political, establishment or bureaucratic influences, any in-house / out house management, trade unions, officers associations support or influences, and those Officers/Staff facing disciplinary and misconduct charges will be filled in PIA-2.


The cases of all type of beneficiary of unmerited/out of turn, from 1998 to 2013, had already been investigated along with those all departmental or HR officials who had supported them are also enlisted by third party investigators confidentially and 3 months ago for real accountability, to get Govt. decide, whether after removal or termination of these all type of over-the-rule and merit beneficiaries shall be compensated, for Golden shake hand or other schemes in consideration or not and whether PIA losses shall be recovered from them for these foul activities, actions, decisions PIA reached to bankruptcy.


The rest excess employees if on merit parameters, sequence and series shall be offered Golden hand shake schemes, also shall be facilitated and supported to adjust in other Private Airlines like Air Blue, air Indus etc, provided they have 15 years or more aviation and ramp or field experience, aviation trainings, on-job trainings, PTC or CAA certifications, Licenses, Approvals and good reputation as well with service record during PIA Services.


Finally in Month of June-2014 all PIA-2 with excess employees will be out of PIA strength and identity and PIA-1 will continue as NATIONAL FLAG CARRIER as PIA (Pvt).


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by Zuha Saeed.

The modern world of today is dominated by GIANT corporations,also called MNCs,the Multi National Corporations..operating usually in 2 or more countries at a time,they are huge in financial terms,lot many of them are even larger than the economies of most Asian,African n South American countries. 
Under d façade or their deceptive stated objectives the single driving force behind ALL these MNCs is PROFITS..they are there to make money for themselves and their stakeholders..NO LESS NO MORE,PERIOD..
The characteristics or operating principles are of common roots,they are TRANS BORDERS,for them no geographical line on a map or on ground matters..for profits they can operate in ANY territory,they can collaborate with any individual or join hands with any similar concern with similar motives..for them religion,nationality,colour creed and at times national interest have no meaning..eg,during the tight days that passed between Russia and America/NATO their multinationals were doing booming business within Russia..churning huge PROFITS..
these MNCs opened up in china before most of the European nations opened their embassies in Beijing..at the face of it,on numerous occasions the situation was “touch and go” but the MNCs were fully entrenched and making money, caring two hoots for what others thought and said..
In Pakistan ,one of the most declared dangerous country for any white skinned man,on so many occasions the local public went anti american or anti west for one reason or another, precious lives were lost in hostile demonstrations too..companies like McDonald,KFC,METRO,pizza hut were threatened to be blown up,BUT NOT ONE OUTLET WAS SHUT DOWN any where within the territory..what ever was said,but deep down,THEY NEVER SHRUGGED TO ANY DANGER involving somebody else’s life on their property..thus multi national CORPORATIONS operate with their own minds and single point agenda..MAKE MONEY,nothing can shut them down until they STOP MAKING money,that’s the time,THEY JUST PACK AWAY.

Of late,MUMLIKAT E KHUDAD e PAKISTAN has also seen a SIMILAR creation,,MIAN MUHAMMAD NAWAZ SHARIF..he may LOOK different BUT has a mind of an MNC for sure..

at the time of kargil war in 1999 when our country was burying her dead soldiers HIS sugar mills were exporting sugar to india,the same adversary who was BUTCHERING our soldiers on the mountains,,to add insult to the injury,at that time sugar was cheaper in india compared to pakistani export price,OUR MNC played a stroke of genius,OUR SUGAR WAS SUBSIDIZED BY THE GOVT TO BRING DOWN ITS PRICE TO THE LEVEL OF INDIAN DOMESTIC MARKET PRICE..ur and my tax money was spoofed up to sell cheaper sugar to india ,while HIS MILLS MADE PROFITS !!

then,when OUR country was passing such bad days that FOREIGN CURRENCY ACCOUNTS WERE CEASED,few BILLION dollars were invested by him and his kin in foreign countries to secure tem for times to come.he is on record owning properties in at least 6 foreign lands that include urban mansions,flats,high rise buildings,some like the infamous ill-ford plaza that singly costs over 500 million pound sterling,and a STEEL MILL in saudi arabia too,apart from all this a HUGE property management system in UK run by his son..HE SECURES HIS PROFITS WELL AND AWAY FROM THE DANGER ZONE WHERE HE CAN NOT LOOSE THEM.

HIS story does not end here..
Just for the historic records..we are fighting the Indians in siachin for the last 34 years, 
the Pakistan army is standing posts all along the Kashmir border right from d day of our creation,

We have KASHMIR dispute with the Indians,a territory larger than MOST European countries of today,
We have other MASSIVE land and WATER disputes with our neighbour,
ch nisar the sitting interior minister is on record saying that INDIA is involved in supporting terrorism in Pakistan,the latest Karachi air port incident was ALL carried out by hard ware made in India..
India has played every possible trick in her hat to malign Pakistan on the international forums too,,they have blocked our entry into UN security council,they have stopped ANY major seminar,gaming event or even a conference of international repute to be held on our soil in last 66 years…
they have their hand within Pakistan in fanning sectarianism,shia-sunni issue,spinning the Baluchistan insurgency from as late as mid 70s till its present dimensions.RAW has been physically involved in exploding bombs on Pakistani soil killing our innocent citizen..
we already have fought 6 large to medium scale conflicts with the Indians and military experts forecast a conflict involving the 2 nuclear states in a bloody war in near future,owing to so many prevailing unresolved conflicts..
since 1947,in the exodus of population upon partition,numerous military bouts and terrorism related incidents involving india ,PAKISTAN has lost hundreds of thousands of its sons..NOW,our beloved prime minister wants to give THIS ROWDY NEIGHBOUR OF OURS the status of MFN (most favoured nation)? He also wants to give INDIA access on pakistani roads/motor ways  to reach into Afghanistan and CARs (the Central Asian Countries).

He has met ALL big n influential INDIAN business men in recent years exploring his own and to an extent SARKARI business too,,he has met mr mittal in india during his last,but WELL PUBLICIZED visit,exploring the possibility of setting up a steel mill on Indian or a NEW neutral territory.

His personal friends includes a list of WORLD leaders like ex PM of Lebanon mr harreiri,previous n present PMs of turkey,crown princes/princes of SAUDI ARABIA,UAE n few gulf countries with whom his BIZ LINKS HAVE been established and verified over a period of time,,presidents of china and south Korea,heads of giants like DAEWOO,Hitachi and Mitsubishi r the type of his biz partners..few mention BAJAJ,TATA nad MITTALS of india in this august list too.

Being the PM of one of the poorest countries on this planet,a war trodden state still looking for some light and direction.we are the 6th largest population on this planet with 60% of us living under a dollar a day,and he is ALL OVER THE GLOBE.,and THESE ARE HIS PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS !!..WITH NO FRONTIERS OF GEOGRAPHY,NO SHACKLES OF RELIGION AND HONOUR TO BIND HIM..

he is a declared BILLIONAIRE worth 1.4 billion US dollars by Forbes USA.
35 years on top political positions in Pakistan,3 time OUR PM,twice CM of Punjab,that by itself is a world record and he is part of the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS..this is where he stands AS OF TODAY.

What else can one dream off…HAS HE GONE IN SANE?

for him the only thing that matters is PROFITS.his personal gains take priority over ALL other worthless issues that come in his way.and historically he has proven it on numerous occasions.For him our ideology,the 2 nation theory,our struggle to make Pakistan,the blood of our shaheeds,the religious indifference,the KASHMIR DISPUTE and our CHOKING water courses can be resolved by running Indian trucks on Pakistani motorways while paying TRANSIT FEE to his govt for increasing his SPENDING ABILITY..all these issues THAT CAN BOTHER A THINKING PAKISTANI MIND can be changed into NON ISSUES if the man on the street starts eating cheaper indian onion,potato or eats INDIAN live stock.

For MNS every thing REVOLVES AROUND PROFIT AND MONEY,EVERY THING IS SELL-ABLE IF MNS CAN MAKE SOME CASH,the basic principle that drive a corporation.
He truly has his eyes focused on the right spot,,PROFITS,to him nothing else matters..time we give him his true stature,he is A TRUE MULTINATIONAL FROM PAKISTAN..

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​Nawaz Sharif’s problem is himself – NOT the Army.


Islamabad diary


Power Drunk Control Freak Nawaz Sharif is a Kughoo.He never learns from his past mistakes and continues to repeat them.He is not too bright in the hard drive in his head. Or he does not know how to use it, because,he lacks critical thinking skills and Emotional Intelligence which goes with it

Nawaz Sharif at loggerheads with the army again, the old pattern of 1999 repeating itself. Cruel destiny…is Pakistan doomed to walk the paths it has trodden before? What is at work here… the army’s overweening ambition or PM Sharif incurable?


Nawaz Sharif’s problem is not the army. His problem is himself, and his inability to be at ease with any but loyal yes-men. More than most mortals he is also given to that oldest of human vices: flattery. Since his rise to political prominence in the 1980s – when Governor Lt Gen Jilani chose him as Punjab finance minister – he has surrounded himself with the trained butler-type of civil servant. As prime minister for the third time this tendency remains unchanged.

The trouble with the army is that no chief, no matter how obliging and self-effacing, can be his master’s voice. He cannot, in open durbar, sing praises of Mian Sahib’s sterling leadership qualities. Politicians are good at this; bureaucrats, especially the breed we see nowadays, are past masters at this game; but it is unreasonable expecting the same from a chief of the army, commanding its divisions and holding the key to the country’s nuclear arsenal.

It’s not that he is a Caesar or someone in that mould. It’s the nature of the position. The present Punjab Inspector General of Police, Khan Baig, can be considered obliging beyond the call of duty. Make him army chief and see the transformation. Even he will start behaving differently…and Mian Sahib will smell a conspiracy.

Army chiefs are no angels. Let us not fall into this trap. There are other things they can do: start unwanted wars and then lose them. An entire army can surrender, as in East Pakistan. Generals can have as keen an eye for wealth and property as any laird of Nawabshah or baron of Raiwind. But bowing and scraping and singing songs of unadulterated flattery army officers usually will not do…unless of course it is a Ziaul Haq performing a role, but then other phantoms will be dancing in his mind.

Mian Sahib has a problem understanding this. Remembering the demons of the past, he thought long and hard about who to appoint army chief and then settled on Gen Raheel Sharif, and everyone said what a brilliant choice, what a thorough gentleman and from what a martial background. And within just a few months Mian Sahib’s telltale smile, which tells all being a bellwether of his feelings, has vanished from his face as he finds himself virtually at war with his own appointee.

No issue of war and peace is involved here, no policy disagreement, just plain human psychology and the inadequacies of a man not comfortable with the mental give-and-take of a genuine discussion.

Forget Gen Raheel Sharif for a moment. Nawaz Sharif has had problems with every army chief he has had to deal with. True, Gen Aslam Beg was flying so high at the time that anyone would have had problems with him. So let’s forget him too. But then Nawaz Sharif couldn’t get along with Gen Asif Nawaz Janjua, nor Gen Kakar, nor – and this beats everything – Gen Karamat. And when Karamat, a civilised man to his fingertips, gave in his papers, no one thrust Gen Musharraf upon Nawaz Sharif. As army chief he chose him himself, and what became of that we know too well.

We may well say Musharraf was an adventurer and a buccaneer and there was bound to be trouble with him. What about Raheel Sharif? Has he too begun looking like a buccaneer, the wolf emerging from the sheepskin?

Army officers generally say nice things about Gen Raheel. But he could have been a saint, a warrior of the steppes, conqueror of Samarkand and Bokhara, and Nawaz Sharif still would have run into problems with him…simply because Gen Raheel would not have clicked his heels enough nor dipped his tongue into jam and sugar when speaking to the prime minister. Nothing more complicated than this.

With a chief who is your appointee and who by all accounts is a reasonable man, what was there that could not be discussed…India, the Taliban, the Musharraf trial? But this would have required some mental interaction, some intellectual engagement with the military brass. Trouble is that even to hint at such an exercise in relation to the lords of the present dispensation may be to ask for too much.

Persons close to Nawaz Sharif, with his interests at heart, told him not to get embroiled in the Musharraf trial. I have it from well-placed sources that the PM would listen but say nothing. The urge to settle scores with his old nemesis was simply too compelling to resist. Even when a way out of the imbroglio had been found – by allowing Musharraf to go abroad – the revenge urge proved more powerful than any words of wisdom and the PM, according to more than one account, went back on his word. And the army saw red and postures stiffened.

Wiser counsels seemed to prevail once more when the PM went to the passing out parade at PMA Kakul and, in what must have been a first in the history of the Academy, went out of his way to hold up the virtues of the army chief for young army officers to emulate.

When all this bonhomie was on display in Kakul, the same evening the attack on Hamid Mir took place. This was a golden opportunity to further mend matters between the government and GHQ. When the ISI was accused of being behind this attack and a media civil war was flaring up over this allegation, all that was required was a four-five line statement saying that the issue should not be pre-judged and no institution should be attacked without the burden of proof.

But the government just could not bring itself to say this, feeding the perception that it was taking sides not only in the media civil war but standing against the army and ISI. The PM visited Hamid Mir in Karachi but said not a word about the accusations against the ISI. The army’s riposte came in the form of the army chief’s visit to ISI HQs in Islamabad a day later, confirming, if any confirmation was needed, that the breach between the two sides was now wide open.

In 1999 it took the Kargil conflict and much more to push Pakistan to the brink of the October coup. This time round, even before Nawaz Sharif has completed his first year in office, it has taken much less to bring the country to a similar pass. Musharraf, down and out, forlorn and lost, can be forgiven for chuckling to himself.

Some consequences we can already note: (1) without the army’s backing the Taliban talks are as good as dead; (2) India must be looking very carefully at the prospects of doing business with a beleaguered government; and (3) channels of communication between the civil and military spheres have gone dead. Call this the brilliance of Pakistani statesmanship.

And the outlines of a new line-up are visible on the national horizon. When in times past the army stood against democracy, rightwing forces and Islamist parties stood with the army. When the army is supportive of democracy and searching for a national consensus against the threat from the Taliban, all its erstwhile allies have deserted it, to join forces with the new rightwing, and pro-Taliban coalition, on the other side.

The old ideological alignments have thus been made to stand on their head. Call this the new paradigm, a first for Pakistan and something entirely new for the army.

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