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Note by Commodore Tariq Majeed PN (Retd):

This Awareness Brief was sent in printed form to concerned Civil, Military, and Police
Authorities 2 years ago, on 14 February 2015. Please give it serious attention. The
step It emphasizes has to be taken now to uproot the ongoing entrenched terrorism.



Commodore Tariq Majeed PN (Retd)

Why the Anti-Terror Measures have Failed
1.      After the savage attack by the terrorist brutes on the Army Public School in Peshawar on 16 December 2014, the nation as a whole cried out for protection against Terrorism. The civil and military authorities rushed to proclaim that they would take the most stringent measures to wipe out terrorism and that security would be tightened and made foolproof. Their repeated assertions to wipe out Terrorism seemed solemn. But would they succeed?
2.      People are very worried and fearful. They have been victims of dreadful terrorism for fourteen years now, and have seen all the measures taken by the civil and military authorities fail in wiping out Terrorism. The new measures designated as the National Action Plan (NAP) cannot succeed either. The reason is of a fundamental nature and is central to the ongoing Terrorism.
Terror Network of Foreign Agencies
3.      There exists in Pakistan an extensive network of foreign spy agencies which is creating, sustaining and directing all Terrorism. This Network has to be uprooted in order to root out Terrorism. There is no other way. But, this measure is missing from the NAP, as it was missing from the previous set of measures.
The Purpose of this Submission
4.     To identify this Network and to emphasize why it is absolutely essential to rid our Country of this rogue Network is the purpose of this submission, which is addressed mainly to the Country’s top defenders and policymakers.
The 9/11 Attacks and the Ongoing Terrorism
5.      Pakistan did experience incidents of terrorism in the 1980s during the Soviet-Afghan War.  But the current wave of Terrorism
originated with the 9/11 Air Attacks in the US. Those Attacks, now confirmed that they originated from within the US, were planned and executed with military precision and had political aims. The same features can be seen in the acts of Terrorism since 9/11.
Terrorists’ Obvious Capabilities
6.      The authorities evidently know much more than the public does about the characteristics and capabilities of the Terrorists. What thoughtful Pakistanis know from the news and the actual terror attacks reveals many of their characteristics.
7.      The terrorists are highly organized and trained in their destructive skills. For their ceaseless acts of terrorism and sabotage, they have vast supplies of resources: bombs, arms and ammunition, grenades, IEDs, rockets, electronic gadgets, satellite communication access, transportation facility, abundant money and manpower including female suicide bombers, intelligence and inside information on selected targets, help from local sources, safe houses to hide, and supporting publicity in Media.
False Image given to Terrorists
8.      These features are proof enough that there is a command organization behind the Terrorists. Yet the official quarters and the Media have created a false impression that the Terrorists are operating independently. This has misled and confused many people including politicians and officials, and analysts, dealing with Terrorism. On the other hand, this false impression has benefited the Terrorists and boosted their deceitful jihadist guise.
Top Authorities know about the Network
9.      The top civil and military authorities know about the rogue Network and the powers behind it. It is kept concealed from the public, except that ‘once in a blue moon’ it is said, “India is behind unrest in Pakistan,” (first headline in the Nation, 24 August 2013).
10.    In a rare case of disclosure of classified material, the Nation, 12 February 2010, carried a report about the threat to Pakistan by a joint axis of United States, India, and Israel. The lengthy report, “Secret Document Reveals Indian Subversion in Pakistan,” spoke more about the Indian “spy network and subversive operations” but also specifically identified the trio of spy agencies. Leaving aside some details, the essential message of the report, which quotes “well-placed sources”— most likely the ISI— is as follows: 
“Indian RAW’s Team CIT-X had been assigned to conduct subversive operations targeting Pakistan. The CIT-X was working relentlessly to destabilize Pakistan while New Delhi stepped up interaction with Islamabad on the diplomatic channels.
          “These plans came to light once a copy of the classified document detailing these activities was accidentally lost and became available for public scrutiny. The document lays out the extensive espionage network dovetailed into the diplomatic missions in Central Asia, Afghanistan, and the Middle East, which the Indian undercover intelligence operatives utilize to rake trouble not only in FATA but in Pakistani hinterland as well.
“Mossad’s tactics of infiltrating Palestinian resistance acted as a model
and provided the modus operandi for CIT-X to stir insurgency on Pakistan’s Western border. Targeting interior regions of Sindh province, Seraiki-belt and the Northern Areas of Pakistan forms pivots of the Indian plan.

The document of  RAW  revealed CIT-X operations which spells out the Mossad/RAW/CIA plot against Pakistan.

“Sources believed that UAE is being used as a launching pad for terrorist activities in Pakistan. Agents are getting hold of young, disgruntled elements and after carrying out their proper brainwashing, they are dispatched to Dubai. Indian Consulate in Dubai is issuing temporary passports to these activists for getting training. After completion of their formal training, they are launched into Pakistan to carry out terrorist activities. RAW and MOSSAD had conceived the ‘offensive’ a year ago. Modus operandi has been successful.
“CIT-X is effectively training agents for covert operations in Pakistan. Under the Vajpayee government, the CIT-X and other sensitive organizations were authorized to strengthen contacts with sleeping agents and recruit new front men to carry out covert operations in Pakistan.

 “This intelligence model is an improvement on the practices of Mossad which has infiltrated several Jewish agents into the occupied territory of Palestine as Muslims. These agents practice Islam like any normal Muslim. They mingle into local Muslim population just to wait for the appropriate time to strike.

      “The hostile intelligence operatives are making concerted attempts to achieve their aim of destabilizing Pakistan through a well-conceived plan. It needs to be countered utilizing all means available at our disposal. “Analysts say that Pakistan should think twice before initiating dialogue with India due to New Delhi‘s dangerous track record.”
Trilateral Terror Network and its Aim
11.    Does this report not throw ample light on the Organized  Terrorism, that is devastating our Country?  It does. It directly points to the Terrorism’s Organizers—the Trilateral Network of CIA, Mossad, and RAW. It asserts that their Aim is “destabilizing Pakistan through a well-conceived plan.”
12.    ‘Destabilisation’ means: weakening, disruption, subversion, undermining, dislocation.”  It is carried out by many methods, machinations, and instruments. Among the multitude of methods being used against Pakistan, ruthless Terrorism of multifarious forms stands out as the most destabilizing method.   Planned, persistent, unchecked destabilization of a country is bound to result in its collapse. There should be no doubt in the minds of Pakistan’s patriotic defenders and policymakers that this is the goal of the rogue Trilateral Axis of powers regarding Pakistan.
Root Cause of Terrorism—Not Addressed in NAP
13.    Yet, there is no mention in the NAP of eradicating or checking this Root Cause of Terrorism! How could the architects of the National Action Plan, who advised the Parliament Committees and the Government, have missed it?
CIA’s Terror Network
14.    The other authoritative source that points to the terror network in Pakistan is the Abbottabad Commission, which was set up to investigate the US commando raid in Abbottabad on 2 May 2011. Its composition indicates its high status.
   Justice Javed Iqbal, Senior Most Judge of the Supreme Court  
   1. Abbas Mohammad Khan, Retired Inspector General Police
   2. Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, Retired Ambassador, Director
       General, Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad
   3. Lieutenant General (Retd) Nadeem Ahmad
15.The Commission’s report was published by the Aljazeera Channel at www.aljazeera.com/indepth/spotlight/binladenfiles on 8 July 2013. Its important points appeared in Dawn 10 July 2013.    The report’s flaws aside, it contains many facts and comments which are of vital importance to Pakistan’s security. However, what is reproduced here is about CIA’s Network in Pakistan:
a.  Dismantling the Terror Networks.    “The dismantling of CIA, other foreign intelligence, and militant  networks must be treated as an urgent national priority if the country is to regain sovereignty over its own territory.”
                                                                                      (page  332,  paragraph 786)
b.  CIA’s Undercover Presence in Pakistan. “The Defence Secretary told the Commission that the CIA’s undercover officials had been operating in Pakistan since a long time…The CIA operated in diverse ways including cultivation of human resources, using Contractors, NGOs, Multinational Companies, USAID programs, intelligence personnel in the guise of Diplomats, etc. CIA’s Human  Resources were supplemented by Technical Intelligence.”                                                      (page 221, paragraph 531)
c.  Safe Houses.   “The Commission noted that the Americans had reportedly rented 389 houses in Islamabad and asked if there was any policy in place with regard to such matters including the entry and exit of aliens. The Interior Secretary said the visa policy was liberalized for trade and investment in 2000 and was again reviewed and updated in 2006 with the approval of the Prime Minister.”                       (page 237, paragraph 572)
      “With regard to the US Embassy hiring hundreds of houses in Islamabad and the suspicious activities of their US residents, the Foreign Minister said this was a matter of serious concern and that a comprehensive approach was required involving all relevant agencies and departments to address it and other such like issues. The problem was that the previous administration had been flexible with the sovereignty of the country vis-à-vis the US and once such flexibility was displayed, the ability of succeeding governments to reverse the situation is compromised.”                     (page 234, paragraph 564)
d.    Unchecked Grant of Visas by Ambassador Haqqani. “It was widely reported that Ambassador Haqqani had abused his authority in order to issue a large number of visas to US officials without proper security clearance.This enabled the CIA to develop a major spy network inside Pakistan  comprising US personnel, US personnel of Pakistani origin and Pakistani nationals.”                                          (page 214, paragraph 516)
   [Unbridled grant of visas]…“ resulted in an alarming increase in the presence of CIA agents in Pakistan, who established foreign spy networks… (page 217, paragraph 520)
“Mr. Haqqani is answerable for his role, but the primary responsibility for aiding and abetting the establishment of a nationwide CIA network in Pakistan whose purpose was to subvert the sovereign independence of the country…lay with Mr. Haqqani’s principals.  Mr. Haqqani directly reported to them, bypassing his proper reporting channel which was Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The political leadership was grossly irresponsible to deliberately sideline its own Foreign Office and Foreign Minister on such a delicate security issue. (page 217, paragraph 522) 
Alarming Situation
16.    The evidence of CIA’s nationwide subversive Network in Pakistan brings us face to face with a very alarming situation. The Commission rightly warned that it be dismantled urgently. There is no evidence of any efforts toward this end. Terrorists continue to operate with impunity. The rogue Network remains strong and is advancing toward its political goal.
People Suffering under Intensely Traumatic Conditions
17.    Pakistani People, although endowed by nature with courage and toughness, have been forced to live, for many years now, in a state of fear and acute anxiety. Thousands have lost their near and dear ones. Many are suffering from severe mental and physical stress, and a sense of helplessness.
18.    Terrorism’s dreadful effects and fears and Government’s ill-advised and thoughtless measures in the name of “security” have drastically disrupted the daily life of the people. This situation is crippling the performance of the people and the work of the government at every level. The Civil and Military Authorities ought to be well aware of the dangerous consequences of this crippling state of affairs. It has to be halted as a matter of urgency.
Dismantling the Terror Network—Essential for Country’s Survival
19.    Dismantling the CIA/Mossad/Raw Network, that is using devastating Terrorism with the aim of breaking up this Country, will be a difficult task, with a heavy cost. But it has to be undertaken and accomplished, no matter what the cost. Strong Will and Wisdom in the Country’s top Defenders and Policymakers shall, Insha-Allah, ensure success.

“Then, when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah,

 for Allah loves those who put  their trust  (in Him).”         (3:159)

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Maryam Safdar is exaggerating the seriousness of the procedure.”just to gain sympathetic element from masses to divert attention from #PanamaLeaks

  1. AThe procedure takes less than 45 minutes, preparation takes about an hour and it requires a couple of days in hospital for observation ‏@AsadKharal  Maryam Safdar is exaggerating the seriousness of the procedure.”just to gain sumpathetic element from masses to divert from #PanamaLeaks

    The procedure takes less than 45 minutes, preparation takes about an hour and it requires a couple of days in hospital for observation

  3. Following procedurennn according to a friend UK doctor working in same hospital. “Atrial Fibrillation Ablation is NOT an open heart surgery


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    The figures showing the increase in our National debt are frightening. They show that not only are our leaders incompetent, but the reckless manner in which they have run the country to take the debt from 1500 billion at the end of Musharrafs era to 14000 billion after Zardari’ last spell, and then Nawaz has not ended his spell, but has borrowed ,18,800 billion! In just 18 months, and his term is not over yet.
A friend of mine who has been with the World bank for twenty years had the following comments on these figures.
Interesting figures.  The following points come to mind.
1. Performance under military govts  – two and half to three times better than under politicos.  Per capita income which measures people’s welfare showed consistent improvement under military govts. Stagnant under political govts. and particularly abysmal under the Bhuttos, who played with peoples expectations.  No delivery.

2. Scandalous level of debt financing under zardari.   He almost de-constructed the economy and the country.  You don’t see such rapid debt build up in peace time. Oil price increases may have contributed to no more that 25-50 pc of this increase. but nearly 900 pc increase in 4 to 5 years only shows that  our finances were in a free fall.  This can only sustain in a culture of corruption and cronyism or war.

The last line is particularly important ‘ in a culture of corruption cronyism or war. ‘
The point being that this level of debt increase can only be visited upon a State in a time of war. Gen Raheel Shareef understands well the word war. All army officers have lived with this word. And know well the cost. In lives, their lives are at the forefront. He should apply this yardstick to his decisions. In Wana his soldiers are at war. Not of their choosing, but when pushed to the wall the Pakistan Army under Gen. Raheel had to fight. This has been appreciated worldwide, and has earned him the respect of the world leadership. Gen Raheel should also realize that the actions of the politicians is as dangerous and as damaging as the Taliban. And must be tackled with the same ferocity.
     It shows how the recklessly the Zardari Government treated the State of Pakistan. Zardari has set a record of corruption and of singlehandedly destroying the economy of the country. Along with Gen Kayani, who certainly was a part of this crooked setup, for, without Kayanis tacit approval, this could not have continued.
     During this period no development of any kind, no roads, no airports no Gas/ Oil pipelines were laid. No infrastructure of any kind, the money vanished into the deep pockets of the PPP, via the Sindh Government network. The huge amounts of money– the 200 billion Rs a year that were skimmed off were added into the National Debt. None of the politicians in the opposition or the bureaucracy had the intelligence to realize the enormity of the crime. It is only the people who will continue to suffer their poverty, for their hope has been stolen from them by these rapacious politicians. The entire assembly should be branded as crooks. Even Imran Khan should be taken to task for allowing himself to become a part of this scam, just by attending this bogus assembly.
     It is now apparent that the politicians can not be allowed to govern any longer. They have continually raped the country, while making empty promises, that they had no intention of keeping. They have violated the constitution, and caused immense economic damage to the country. While giving no development of any kind.
     Nawaz Sharif is not visible in the country, neither is Shabaz Sharif. The scams are mounting, the latest is the Ship for the transport of LPG from Qatar. It has been exposed on TV that our port does not have the depth to accommodate such a large vessel, and smaller parcels of gas will have to be brought in. Strangely a company like Engro with sensible management in place could be caught in being party to such blunders. On the same level as Raja Rental. With huge amounts being paid on the contracted LPG if the delivery of the contracted amounts are not taken. These are actions that are part of the systematic rape of the country. Why is this being allowed to continue.?
    Gen Raheel should understand that we the people are powerless to stop this attack on the country, for we are told to wait for the next election. Gen Raheel should understand that there may not be a Pakistan left in 24 months time. He has to act now, for with each year another 1000 billion will be added to our burden. For him there will be no fig leaf of the constitution to hide behind. That fig leaf has been worn threadbare by the politicians, till it is now transparent and everyone can see through it. Anyone in support of the status quo is guilty of treason. This country has contract killers on the loose, unlicensed weapons are freely available– and were on hire till the recent past, but now there is such a huge number available that it is cheaper to buy. Crime does pay, and the politicians are the success story for crime.
     Gen Raheel will have to put a stop to this rot. Otherwise the country will pay a horrific price. Even Imran Khan will realise that being a part of this system will involve him in the resultant mess. How will Imran say he was not involved.?
     Gen Sahib, you must act now, in defence of the country. It is the only one we have.


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Nawaz Sharif : A Family of Pathological Liars & Documents That Prove it

 All Dictators Lie, Nawaz Sharif lies More than other Dictators

Claims he has no properties except the house he lives in Raiwind Palace.

Nawaz Sharif : A Family of Pathological Liars

 Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is among a few lawmakers who are billionaires, according to statements of assets and liabilities of parliamentarians released by the Election Commission of the country.

The net value of assets of the President of ruling Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) party is over US Dollars 8-22 Billion 


Tweets About Documentary Proofs of Lies

  1.  Asad Kharal Retweeted

    Blatant Lies Exposed When Hassan Nawaz Sharif bought #FlagshipInvestment Ltd in 2001, his res was 17 Park Lane flats


  2.  Asad Kharal Retweeted

    #Sharifs Blatant Lies Exposed Nawaz Sharif bought anthr flat on 3rd flr 17, Avenfield Hse, Park Lane on 1 June 93


  3.  Asad Kharal Retweeted

    #Sharifs Blatant Lies Exposed Nawaz Sharif bought flat on 3rd floor 16, Avenfield House, Park Lane on 31 July 95



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Nawaz Sharif & Mian Mansha Predators After Roosevelt Hotel:Pretext to Launder Money Stolen From Pakistan




























The Roosevelt Hotel NYC OFFICIAL Video Tour

This historic art-deco hotel is less than a block from Grand Central Station and a mile from Central Park, New York.

Click here to watch this video




روزولٹ ہوٹل کا شمار امریکہ کے تاریخی ہوٹلوں میں ہوتا ھے جس کی اوپننگ 1924 میں ہوئی اور یہ دنیا کے مہنگے ترین علاقے مین ہیٹن نیویارک میں واقع ھے۔ اس میں 1015 کمرے ہیں اور 52 لگژری سوئیٹس ہیں۔ یہ اچھے وقتوں کی بات ھے، جب ہم زرا کم کرپٹ ہوا کرتے تھے اور ہمارے ادارے انسان چلایا کرتے تھے۔ 1979 میں پی آئی اے نے اس ہوٹل کو اس وقت لیز پر لیا جب اس کا بزنس کچھ مندا چل رہا تھا۔ پی آئی اے کے انوسٹمنٹ آرم نے ایک سعودی پرنس کے زریعے یہ شاندار ڈیل کی جس کے مطابق 20 سال بعد پی آئی اے اس ہوٹل کو خرید سکتا تھا۔ 90 کی دہائی میں ہوٹل کے مالک نے کورٹ میں مقدمہ کردیا کہ جس معایدے کے تحت پی آئی اے یہ ہوٹل خریدنے جارہا ھے، اس سے ملنے والی رقم مارکیٹ ویلیو سے بہت کم ھے۔ پی آئی اے کی انتظامیہ اپنے سفارتخانے کے ہمراہ امریکی کورٹ میں گئی اور مقدمہ جیت لائی۔ جس کے نیتجے میں 1999 میں پی آئی اے کو صرف ساڑھے 36 ملین ڈالر میں یہ ہوٹل مل گیا۔ 2005 میں مشرف دور میں پی آئی اے نے سعودی پرنس کو 40 ملین ڈالر دے کر اس کے روزویلٹ ہوٹل میں موجود چند پرسنٹ شئیرز بھی خرید لئے۔ مشرف دور میں 2006 اور 2007 میں پی آئی اے نے اس ہوٹل کی تزئین و آرائش پر 65 ملین ڈالر خرچ کردیئے۔ 2009 میں پی آئی اے نے اس ہوٹل کی مارکیٹ ویلیو کروائی اور اسے 1 بلین ڈالر، یعنی 1000 ملین ڈالر کے عوض بیچنے پر لگادیا۔ بدقسمتی سے اس وقت امریکہ کی اکانومی اور ہاؤسنگ مارکیٹ کریش ہوچکی تھی جس کی وجہ سے یہ ہوٹل بک نہ سکا۔ پھر پی آئی اے نے اسے سیل کرنے کا پلان واپس لے لیا۔ اس ہوٹل کے اردگرد واقع کچھ ہوٹل پچھلے چند ماہ میں فروخت ہوئے ہیں جس سے اندازہ ہورہا ھے کہ ہوٹل سیکٹر میں انویسٹمنٹ آجکل پھر گرم ہوچکی ھے۔ روزویلٹ کے سٹینڈرڈ کے جتنے بھی ہوٹل مین ہیٹن کے علاقے میں پچھلے ڈیڑھ سال میں بکے ہیں، ان کی اوسط قیمت 10 سے 14 لاکھ ڈالر فی کمرہ رہی ھے۔ روزویلٹ میں 1015 کمرے ہیں اور 52 انتہائی لگژری سویٹس۔ اس حساب سے اس ہوٹل کی قیمت کم سے کم بھی 1200 ملین ڈالر یعنی 1 اعشاریہ 2 بلین ڈالر تک آنی چاہیئے۔ کہا جارہا ھے کہ حکومت کا پی آئی اے کو پرائیویٹائز کرنے کا اصل مقصد یہ ہوٹل بیچنا ھے۔ اور آپ کی اطلاع کیلئے عرض ھے کہ حکومت نے اس ہوٹل کا سودا اپنے قریبی فرنٹ مین میاں منشا کے ساتھ کردیا ھے۔ جاننا چاہیں گے کہ یہ ہوٹل جس کی مارکیٹ ویلیو 1 اعشاریہ 2 بلین ڈالر ھے، وہ حکومت نے کتنے میں بیچا ھے؟ چلیں، باباکوڈا کے پیج پر میں پورے اعتماد سے آپ کو بتا دیتا ہوں۔ یہ ہوٹل نوازشریف نے تقریباً 9 ملین ڈالر میں بیچا ھے، یعنی اصل قیمت کا ایک پرسنٹ سے بھی کم۔ جب نیب پنجاب میں کاروائیاں شروع کرنے کا اعلان کرتی ھے تو ایسے ہی میاں برادران کی چیخیں نہیں نکلتی۔ جب کتے کی دم پر ہاتھی کا پاؤں آتا ھے تو وہ بہت تڑپتا ھے۔ روزویلٹ کے نام پر ایک بلین ڈالر سے زائد کا چونا لگانے والا اگر اپنے خلاف ہونے والی تحقیقات پر چیاؤں چیاؤں نہ کرے تو کیا میاؤں میاؤں کرے؟؟؟

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