The New Debacle: Offering Land route to India for Trade into Afghanistan

 The current Pakistani Government has made a mockery of all the challenges and situations it find itself in.  It is almost becoming unbearable to see what is happening and in the manner they approach issues, matters related to governance, prioritisation of our interests and most importantly lack of sincerity and courage. 
The list grows on with all these blunders and now the recent debacle of our present government and the so called leaders is yet another example to show how dear Pakistan is to them and our interests- People of Pakistan and their aspirations. With what is going on, it is not hard to realise that these people will lead us to a disaster by playing into interests of India and America. We already have enough on our plates by fighting this war on terror, crumbling infrastructure, terrorism, and the failing education, health and agriculture sectors and the list grows.
 Never a day goes past where we do not hear stories of poor decision making, absent engagement with all,  no  consultation, no consideration the way things are done and its impact. There is not a single person within the government keen to assess what is happening around them.  Parliament has no idea what is being discussed, things are leaked, and media finds out at the last stages and people are kept entangled in side issues and futile debates. These are not the ways to run a country.
Hillary Clinton

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