The Corrupt Anti Corrupts



September 23rd, 2015





Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

The Corrupt Anti Corrupts

















A plethora of graft, corruption at all tiers of the government in almost all departments, various kinds of scams, land grabs, land mafias, China cuttings, ghost schools, teachers and employees in various departments, water board scandals, bhatta khori and extortion by public servants as well as private set ups, money laundering, tax evasion  etc. etc. – you name it – are surfacing with each passing day. Some of the cases are years old even a decade or more.  Those who know such a state of affair call it all just a tip of the iceberg as according to them the actual mountain of corruption is no smaller than the Nanga Parbat !!  One wonders where were all the anti-corruption and other vigilant agencies – some within the departments itself and many others independent as fully fledged departments by themselves for all these years to allow the corruption grow to this monumental scale?!  Had they been vigilant and performing their duties du! tifully and responsibly the things couldn’t have gone that bad. The mere fact that we do have such a huge number of corruption cases shows that either these agencies were in cahoots with the perpetrators of such crimes or were highly derelict in the performance of their duties.  In both the cases they must be made accountable before a court of law and punished severely, if found guilty, to serve as a deterrent to others in future.  


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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