Nawaz Sharif is a little bit slow in his intellectual capacities. Even, at the UN, he kept Sartaj Aziz next to explain to him the proceeding of the General Assembly. This dim witted but corrupt to the core industrial wadera is back in the spotlight.

His main addiction is sex.

Shahbaz Sharif shares this trait of Sexual addiction with Nawaz Sharif.








Shehbaz Sharif porn business – The fruits of his government, keep it up
Hamza Shahbaz is habitual sexual animal. He, his Father Shahbaz Sharif and His uncle Nawaz Sharif are famous for short marriages with innocent girls and then leaving them after full filling their desires : Victim Ayesha Malik 


What do you say about this latest scandal of PML-N Leadership?

Family Profession of PMLN Leaders – Sexual Animals

Hamza Shahbaz is habitual sexual animal. He his Father Shahbaz Sharif and His uncle Nawaz 


A Pakistani Readers Comments

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M Ahmed· 25 weeks ago

Brothers, I will tell you the truth about the Nawaz shreef and his family. 
I live in London and I know in and out about shreefs. I know this family from 1965, they are the one who Introduced Money laundering (which is the process of concealing the source of money obtained by illegal means). Shreef are the one Taught Zardari how to looting Pakistani people’s money. Please note I personally not against with them I am telling you the truth. They are the most corrupt and dishonest family. Shreefs are the ones responsible the people dying with hunger in Pakistan furthermore they don’t know how to respect the relations as Shabaz forcefully got the wife one of his highly designation police officer and keeping her in London. Please please people of Pakistan awake up and get rid from these fake, fraud leaders like Nawaz, shabaz and Zardari



Shahbaz’s public liason’s have produced 5 known marriages, but very well hidden are the sexual forays in the underground high class sex prostitutes of Lahore and Islamabad.

He “hits” on any good looking woman, who comes within range. He crudely and directly offers to bed them down. 

Along with shopping for watches done in a stealth mode, this google eyed puppet of United State will “take his Matha at the White House. He will ask his god, Obama to keep all his blessings flowing his way. After that he will meet his half-brother Man Mohan Singh to hand over keys to Pakistan’s Nuclear secrets. Unfortunately for him, that will be tainted information, because, even though Gen.Kayani walks around in a nicotine induced stupor; he would never feed Nawaz a.k.a Waja, the truth about the program.

From his school days in Aitchison College  & Government College Lahore, where he got admitted, not on merit but, Abbajee’s Sifarish, he has been known for slow thinking, lack of intelligence, but masterful cunning to cover his weakneses.


He is a stealth attacker. His prey (usually who oppose him within his perceived enemies within his PML(N) or in Pakistan’s establishment will never his his fingerprint in his conspiratorial attack.

He is cunning and his Cheshire Cat smile hides his chicanery 

He is a Master of Deception and will let an opponent sell his own mother.


He is what in Management Sciences is called a Control Freak or a Boss from Hell.

Nawaz Sharif has not named an Army Chief, because he is searching for a weak willed sycophant among the ranks of Pakistan Army Generals

He will bargain with the Devil and Sell his soul, if it Serves his Lust for Power.


Gen. Musharraf;s biggest mistake in life is NOT to hang this whole tubbur of Kashmiri ghadaars.  He was too soft on them, while they plotted his overthrow for years, along with their half brother Man Mohan Singh.

along with his platoon of Kashmiri biradari “naurattans or sycophants. with Kashmiri names like Dar, Butt,Sultan etc.

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