Nisar Ali, New Interior Minister-A Case of Competence? Integrity? Or Wisdom?


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Choudhary Nisar Ali Khan(One Cant be a Choudhary & a Khan at the same time), the ten days old Interior Minister, on 18 June 2013 addressed the National Assembly on return from Quetta and Ziarat. He was angry, not on the terrorists, but it seemed on the security agencies, which incidently fall under his domain. He blamed them, the Police, FC, intelligence agencies, to be everywhere in Quetta, yet incapable of stopping the terror attacks. It seemed just by virtue of his having become the Interior minister, and saying that the terrorists should talk, the terrorists would start ‘talking’ peace and over night give up killings and destructions. 

In his angry discourse, addressing the Speaker, he betrayed no knowledge of RAW, CIA, Mossad being behind the insurgency in Balochistan, something dearly-departed Rehman Malik would not tire saying. He also did not betray the knowledge that a handful of ‘angry-Baloch’ under the protection of CIA, MI6 in USA and Europe  were regularly claiming their works of terrorism in Balochistan. And of course, he seems to not know that a number of Twitters accounts, Facebooks nonesense, all anti-Pakistan, were being operated from USA and Europe under the able guidance of MI6 and CIA. Poor Nisar Ali, unaware of most everything!

Before anyone could hold Choudary Nisar Ali, the Interior Minister, responsible for some 30 deaths, destruction of Quiad’s Residency in Ziarat, death and mayhem in Women’s University, Quetta, he was on the offensive against the forces under him, his subordinates. He almost blamed the security agencies of the crime, by wondering, how could it happen? That the Lj and BLA had claimed responsibility, did not draw a single comment from him. He DID NOT condemn BLA, Lj or TTP etc. He also did not suggest even an outline of the grand-strategy to control insurgency/militancy, which he should have evolved by now. After all, the elections’ result is now over a month old.
This raises several questions; is he competent to hold the office? His integrity? Wisdom?
Does he realise that insurgency/militancy/terrorism cannot be wished away by establishing ‘naka’, making guards stand here and there and making sweet noises about ‘willing-to-talk-to-angry-baloch’?  These Passive Defensive Measures simply just cannot stop insurgency/militancy or terrorism. Look at US, waging a Terror War all over the World! And yet the juggernaut of Terror is thriving. US is fighting Terror, aggressively, blatantly, throwing the UN Charter to winds and going  whole hog! Hah. Look at it Choudary Sahib! But Obama has not WONDERED at his forces and CIA, neither has he tried to blame them for doing the Terror themselves!!
Violence of this nature has never been stopped without the use of counter violence. And counter violence, not against the foot-soldiers, but murderous violence against their leaders, their fund providers, their center-of-gravity, their bases, their training areas, even their sympathisers, sometimes their families, eliminating foreign support, both material and moral through diplomacy, all with a view to dissuade insurgents/militants  by dominating their will. War is a very dirty game, insurgency, dirtier and counter-insurgency must be the dirtiest. Look at the cities of Syria as an example. 
He does not seem to know it. Perhaps these few lines would help him, should he happen to read them?
Or is it a case of integrity? He, like his master NS, wants to settle the score with Army for booting him out in 1999? He is letting no chance go by where he does not show his comtempt for Army as an Institution. During the recent PPP regime, as head of Public Accounts Committe, he had eyes only for military related audit objections. His tone, style and comments were derogatory for armed forces. He does not remember while abusing Army that his father was a Lt Col and his brother a Lt Gen; both very honouable persons. They must be turning in their graves.
He has now openly talked on tv about ‘asking Army Chief not to interfere’ in Balochistan, implying that all the target-killings in Balochistan by BLA, BRA, Lj, TTP etc are being done by Army. Or his favourit whipping boy, ISI. This is the same language which US, CIA and RAW speak. Has he been compromised?
Or does he lack wisdom? He has been called Mr. Beens. Does that name has a sound reason? Probably yes. He wears a feminine wig which makes him look very immature, conceited, self-important and egoist. Why cant he show his bald head? Mian Sahib would not think less of him because of it.
Even his brother used to say that ‘Nisar is very hot headed, emotional’. These are brothely polite words to describe an unwise person. Choudary Nisar was responsible in 1998-99 to advice NS to attack the SC, then sack CJ, then sack Gen Jahangir Karamat and finally sack, no, tried to sack Gen Mussharaf! There must be  many more such incidents where Mian Sahib listened to him to the detriment of his rule and Pakistan. However, only Mian Sahib would know the extent of damage.
It seems, Nisar Ali lacks competence, integrity as well as wisdom to hold the office of the Interior Minister. God help Pakistan. And of course, may God also help him. He may be able to get Mian Sahib’s government booted out in foreseeable future. 
He seems to be working hard for it! 

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