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6th September 2018



Though the Defence & Shuhada Day celebrations at various stations of Pakistan were really praiseworthy yet, our media at places overreacted in projecting the events of the 65 war.  For example; while praising the bravery of the Pak soldiers they were reported to have laid themselves in front of the Indian tanks with mines on the chests in the battle of  Chawinda !!  Well, nothing of the sorts happened or can ever happen.  The Commanding Officer of the men doing so would be Court Martialled. If someone can get that close to an advancing tank then why can’t he just jump on it to lob a hand grenade inside it which will not only kill everyone in it but also explode the tank main gun ammunition which would destroy the tank instantly?   Then, I don’t know why our media men are shy of using words and expressions not easily digestible to our clergy while reporting facts. The Indian General Chaudhry attacking Lahore had boasted of having a “Chota Peg” (small whisky) in Lahore Gymkhana club on the evening of 6th September, but our media for the fear of mentioning word Sharab distorted it to his having boasted of having a Nashta there next morning!!  What bl— nashta and for what? The illiterate media men should know that one celebrates one’s victory with a toast by clinking glasses and not with some  Nashta!  And again for the information of media, the toast is not that of bread but of a drink and that too a hard drink!  And of course, there were no angles in the skies over Sargodha or Lahore in white robes and green turbans fighting alongside the Pakistani soldiers killing Hindoo kafirs. I didn’t see any and I personally checked it up from late  Sq Ldr M.M. Alam who also didn’t see any angel up there.   

It is good to motivate the nation religiously to fight the enemies of Pakistan but let such motivation be realistic rather than fictional and fairy taled.


Col. Syed Riaz Jafri (Retd)

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)
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