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How can Britain expect Pakistanis to fight terrorism, when it patronizes terrorists, like Brahmdagh Bugti and Altaf Hussain.

Britons who live in glass houses should not throw stones at Pakistani neighbours.



“May Allah’s wrath fall on Altaf Hussain and his progeny”, the Indo-British, Terrorist and  Pakistani’s Enemy No.1 

Karachi, our beautiful, our gorgeous Karachi is spilling rivers of blood. Cursed is the day, when Altaf Husssain and his family stepped on the soil of Pakistan. His ancestors must have blood of killers like Taimur Lame, Hitler, or Pol-Pot’s genes in their make-up. This satanic progeny has let loose a reign of terror in Pakistan and decimated its most loved city into a den of murderers and extortionists. 

How can British fight terrorism, when they deliberately ignore the terrorism exported their agent and citizen Altaf Hussain. This Satan’s disciple through the safety and sanctuary of Britain is exporting terrorism by proxy to Karachi, Pakistan.  

MQM killers targeted the Awami Tehreek, a small but dynamic organization, which was trying to bring peace to Karachi. But, the RAW handlers of Altaf Hussain wanted to maintain the status quo of cataclysmic violence.



May 12 Karachi carnage National Conference calls for lodging FIR against Musharraf

Posted on May 13, 2012

 The national conference of different political parties on Saturday declared May12 Karachi Carnage of 2007 as the national tragedy and demanded of the judiciary to take to the task the culprits who massacred the innocent people. It also demanded the government for compensating the loss of human lives that took place on that day.Demanding immediate removal of Dr. Ishratul Ibad from the office of Governor of Sindh, the conference described him main character of May 12 massacre, and said the Governor House has become a safe haven for the terrorists due to him.Organized by Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan at a local hotel in Karachi, the national conference further demanded lodging of FIR against former President Gen ‘ Pervez Musharraf and other government and political persons responsible for that bloodshed.A resolution unanimously passed by the conference urged for probing the May 12 massacre by a tribunal headed by the judge of Supreme Court and also that the nation should be apprised of the results of investigations made so far. Like the May 12 carnage, the judicial probe should also be conducted into the tragic incidents of 12 Rabi-ul-Awal, May 12, 2006, October 18, 2007, April 09, 2008, Aashura bomb blast and Boltan Market incident so that the assailants could be brought to justice, it demanded. The national conference, through the resolution, urged for an end to appointments in Sindh police on political grounds and reorganizing the police force on professional basis for taking effective action against killers, extortionists and other law-breakers. The conference called for immediate action against the terrorists and other criminals nominated in FIRs of all the cases of target killings and extortion. The national conference on ‘May 12 carnage, results of reconciliation policy, target killings, extortion and restoration of peace in Karachi’, noted with concern that a coalition partner of the government has made hostage all the departments of Sindh government and the local government. It also called for reorganizing the home department of Sindh government purging the black sheep and fixing the 3-month period for bringing an end to the target killing and extortion in Karachi. A large number of political and religious leaders from across the country attended and addressed the conference presided over by JI Ameer Syed Munawar Hassan. Prominent among them were former foreign minister and Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, provincial chief of PTI Nadir AkmalLeghari, PML-N leaders Raja ZafarulHaque, Senator Mushahdullah Khan, Syed Gaus Ali Shah, Salim Zia, Syed Jalal Mahmood Shah of Sindh United Party, Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo of National Party of Balochistan, Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, Syed Alam Shah of HariTehreek, KunwarQuttubuddin of PML-F, Mahmood-ul-Hassan, president Karachi Bar Association,  Senator Shahi Syed of ANP, OwaisNoorani of JUP, Muhammad HussainMahnati and MaulanaAsadullah Bhutto of JI, QamarBhatti and some other nationalist leaders, representatives of Sunni Tehreek, Tehreek-e-Islami, Awami Muslim League, small traders’ organization, Rickshaw Owners’ Association and a large number of others. The political and religious leaders criticized the government and said the killers of innocent people on May 12 were not arrested because they are sharing power under the reconciliation policy. Some of them urged the UK government to expel MQM chief AltafHussain being a murderer. The leaders were of the view that present situation was the continuity of May 12 carnage. They said the extortion money being collected in Karachi runs in tens of millions that was earlier in thousands of rupees. Almost all of the leaders were of the view that the intelligence agencies were well aware of the elements involved in target killings and extortion. The leaders showed their surprise why the Chief Justice of Pakistan did not take Suo Moto notice of May 12 carnage that took place when the political parties and civil society organizations had gathered to welcome him on his arrival in Karachi.

Abbas Haider· writes 38 weeks ago

I have one solution for this. i request you newspaper that collect all public comments and send to MI5 and MI6. Then they will understand the truth about MQM terrorism. 
And I know that mr zardari will make a great deal with MQM on imran farooq murderer. But we all need to inform MI5 and MI6 that MQM is not a political party. MQM is directly involve in Karachi target kililng because MQM want to show that pushtoon, sindhi, punjabi and balochi’s are involve in karachi target kiling. but truth is that MQM worker is doing this all thing in Karachi and they change their dresses like pushtoon, sindhi, punjabi and balochi’s style. and then they killed innocent peoples in Karachi. 
MQM k loog apna dress aur hulya change kar kay aur zuban ka style pathan, sindhi, balochi aur punjabi wala kar kay target killing kar rahay hian. ta kay loog samjhain k MQM to kuch nahi kar rahi. aur yehi waja ha k karachi main operation ho raha ha magar mqm k areas main nahi ho raha. q k mqm walo nay yeh show kia ha k mqm k areas main FULL AMAN ha. koye tensin nahi ha wahan. is liye rangers bhi bewaqoof ban gayi ha.

Does Britain back MQM’s violence? By Shiraz Paracha

The British government shares some responsibility for violence in Karachi as wanted criminals use their UK bases to incite hate and violence in Pakistan.

Altaf Hussain, a British citizen and a mafia style leader of a linguistic group, everyday violates the British ‘Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994’ and the ‘Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006’ by inciting hatred and encouraging bloodshed in Pakistan.

Under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 the following are arrestable offences in Britain:
a) Deliberately provoking hatred of a racial group.
b) Distributing racist material to the public.
c) Making inflammatory public speeches.
d) Creating racist websites on the Internet.

From his London headquarters, Hussain gives hours long hate speeches over the phone to supporters of his party, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), in Pakistan. The MQM applies latest telecommunication technology to instantly spread Hussain’s hate speeches to thousands of people in different Pakistani cities.

In British law a hate speech is defined as:
“A gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group. The law may identify a protected individual or a protected group by race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or other characteristic”.

The British law forbids “communication which is hateful, threatening, abusive, or insulting and which targets a person on account of skin colour, race, nationality (including citizenship), ethnic or national origin, religion, or sexual orientation. The penalties for hate speech include fines, imprisonment, or both.”

A fugitive, Altaf Hussain, is wanted in many criminal cases including murder and abduction in Pakistan. He absconded to the United Kingdom in the early 1990s. Surprisingly, he was given British citizenship. Ever since he has been involved in crimes against people of Pakistan and his mercenaries have turned Karachi into a city of death and destruction.

Several of Hussain’s lieutenants in London are criminal gangsters who have been accused of murdering innocent people in Pakistan.

MQM foot soldiers in Karachi often use force to collect ‘donations’ from ordinary citizens. They intimidate traders and businessmen of urban Sindh by demanding either give money to MQM, or risk losing businesses and even lives.

Every month hundreds and thousands of British Pounds are sent to Altaf Hussain and his gang in London. It is robbed money often collected at gunpoint. The MQM is also involved in murders, abduction and torture of its opponents. Most crimes are probably committed with the knowledge and approval of the MQM bosses in London.

The question is why the British government has been facilitating a criminal gang which is running death squads in Karachi? Why the British government has allowed Altaf Hussain to spread havoc on the streets of Karachi? Why the MQM is allowed to bring robbed money to Britain from Pakistan? Why a hate group that is involved in mass scale violence is allowed to operate in Britain?

Indeed Britain is indirectly sponsoring a criminal mafia that has paralyzed the main hub of the Pakistani economy. Is there a hidden British agenda?

Shiraz Paracha is a journalist and analyst. His email address is:

MQM’s activists behind Farooq’s murder (ref)


Dr Imran Farooq. File photo

KARACHI – The people involved in the murder of senior Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader Dr Imran Farooq were graduates of Karachi University and affiliated with the party’s student wing, Pakistan Today learnt on Friday.
The arrests were made after joint efforts by Scotland Yard and Pakistani security agencies. Sources told Pakistan Today that two men arrested in connection with the murder were graduated in 2009 from Karachi University, where they were part of the government’s allied party. A key leader of the political party, Hammad, played an important role in making contacts with the two youngsters and sending them out of the country, the sources said.
“He was also an old student of Karachi University and been a leader of the student organization,” the sources claimed. Hamad is an Entomologist and got his MSc degree from Karachi University. He is a resident of Block-8 area of Azizabad. Hamad provided services as the in-charge of Anti Malaria Programme of the City District Government under Karachi Nazim Mustafa Kamal. He selected the two youngsters by using his contacts in the student organisation of the university. He made arrangements for their student visas and provided necessary facilities in leaving the city. 
“He fulfilled the documentary requirements of the youngsters for visa and arranged their tickets for London,” the sources said, adding that the “two consultants who provide help for obtaining visas have also been arrested and being interrogated by the law enforcement agencies.” Both youngsters went to the UK in August 2010 and left England in September after the murder Dr Imran Farooq on September 16. Both reached Sri Lanka and stayed there for about 11 months. 
Sources claimed that Scotland Yard made investigation and informed Pakistani agencies about the two men and their possible arrival at Karachi airport. Scotland Yard also provided the complete data of the two men. Ready for the arrests, agencies apprehended both men on August 22 as soon as they got off the plane. Sources claimed that security agencies has also arrested another man, Khalid Shamshad, from the airport who was present there to receive the suspects, but released him following “pressure” from the representatives of the federal government in Sindh.
Later, the agencies sent a report to high-ups, who ordered the re-arrest of Khalid Shamshad. “Khalid is the mastermind of the murder of Dr Imran Farooq and the two arrested men came back from Sri Lanka on his instructions,” the sources said.
They said Khalid had planned to kill both men to remove the all clues about the murder of Dr Farooq. “The two arrested men have confessed to killing Dr Iman Farooq,” the sources said, adding that Pakistani agencies had informed the Scotland Yard about the confession statement of the suspects.

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