Geo TV Exposed-TROJAN HORSE OF INDIA & BIG POWERS:An Analysis by a Comsat Student

This article was written as a presentation by a Comsat Student.

His English may not be up to par,but, the message and sentiments are clear. this is how interference

and meddling of foreign powers in Pakistani Media is perceived by Youth of Pakistan. India and US are perceived as working hand in glove to destroy Pakistan. Afghanistan is perceived as a clear and present danger and a base of Anti-Pakistan forces, including Intelligence Agencies of India and the West. If US & West want to win the hearts and minds of next generation of Pakistani elite, they need to uncouple from the ill-conceived Indo-Centric South Asia Policy.Pakistan is a major Islamic Nation and a Nuclear & Ballistic Missile Power. West is perceived as meddler in Pakistan politics and elections,imposing incompetent but Pro-Western Leaders like the highly unpopular leader Nawaz Sharif.This article is being published as an advice to Western Intelligence & Think Tanks,who lurk or Troll this site to give this message to their bosses.  Western Think Tanks & Talking Heads Are least bit competent to talk and make judgements about a complex nation like Pakistan.  Most of their judgements are hovering around naivete or near boundaries of stupidity.  Their agents in Pakistani Intelligentsia will give them what they would like to hear.

It is on their facebook page.


Geo TV Exposed — Presentation Transcript

1. (Reality and fact based Research Report)
“When someone bring a news to you – you should investigate its credibility first” first Quran
Article on Geo, my personal visit to the office of Mr. Sarmad, the second man in power after the owner, exposed him. Mr. Bush was seen in informal clothing having his picture taken with this short, half balding and totally Pro-Western Attitude guy named Sarmad, so what it says? Why would the then President Bush be talking to a guy from Pakistan, unless until he is a very personal friend.
5. GEO ORIGIN DAVID HAZINSKI, The controversial David Hazinski an ex US Navy Petty Officer with contacts with the State Department and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) laid the foundation of Geo TV network on CIA advice. He owns Intelligent Media Consultants (IMC), LLC, a company responsible for training the staffs and helping to launch eight television networks around the world, mostly on the sub-continent. These include Aaj Tak and CNN-IBN in India and GEO TV in Pakistan. In addition to designing a systems approach for GEO- TV, Hazinski helped teach the station’s staff how to use the equipment and how to produce television news.
6. Geo links with David Hazinski a known Neocon Zionist with deep links to Neocon organizations that have spoken up against Pakistan Geo has strategic links with SkyTV of the UK, CNN, IBN-CNN in India and the Voice of America (VOA) David Hazinski Company, IMC itself claim that they founded geo. The basic idea is to promote frustration, and despondence in a nation so they start to demoralize the nation. And the future can be mapped
7. QUESTIONS…. GEO CAN’T ANSWERWhy on earth is USA is concern with only GEO, why CNN, BBC and Bush quote GEO? In India more than 2000 Muslims were killed in Gujarat for three months!!!! Any 36 hours live coverage of these killing have any one seen on ZEE or star or Sony, etc. any Indian channels???? Babri Masjid was destroyed by Hindus any live coverage???? Nuns in Tamil ado of India were burned alive in a church and for next 6 hours the church was burning did any Indian channel or CNN or BBC show that. In France 700 cars were burned in one day…
8. There are 89 separatist movements in India in 2007 …from Bihar to Kashmir Assam etc. Do you see on any Indian channel showing… 250 million people sleeping on footpath?

Zee India never showed killing of Kashmir’s and the attack on GOLDEN TEMPLE, killing of Sikhs in Indian soil. How many Israeli channel soil shows killing by Israeli soldiers? When they kill Palestinians? ? Have you ever seen Indian president or politician been given GALEE on TV channel during live coverage?

9. 30,000 rape cases in USA do you see on TV? But you see Mukhtaran Mai on GEO, CNN, BBC Do you know Kamran Khan was getting RS 25 lakh per month, Do you know Dr Shahid Masood, was a member of NSF student party (a political left wing student party against Pakistan and Islamic forces)…. forces) with Rs 22 lakh per month and home in Dubai and Karachi with multiple visa.
Same amount been paid to Hamid Mir editor Ausaf…even Nadia Khan with Rs 6 lakh per month…. Such huge amount just for free? When they were not able to broadcast the 8 hour cricket match they said they lost 1 billion rupee and just imagine without any money just for free they were broadcasting judge activity for free, Nawaz Sharif for free and Benazir for free. All… all 36 hour coverage just for free? By a private channel!
50 percent Indian dramas on g and 25 p p geo percent with mix cast (Indian and Pakistani) and Indian films (which are ban in Pakistani cinema are been broadcasted by Geo). Geo did not share any good news like Islamabad, Peshawar and Lahore Motorway etc but instead it showed dead people in Karachi…. they never discuss 5.1 billion dollar of oil refinery in Pakistan. Why USA only emphasizing on reopening GEO where Aaj and ARY also banned? How come Hamid Meer came on BBC and said openly Musharraf killed GEO?
A COUNTRY WHERE 60 percent of population cannot read and never been to school media must not be free… because they can just tamper with the minds of the people. And shape the nations people view the way they want. Why does Geo generally show the Indian version of events and why does its news sound like a translation of CNN news? Geo’s dangerous Geo s general policies are the main reason that the Pakistan was not allowing Geo to resume its transmission. Amazingly Geo is now starting a new “English News” channel to continue its activities against the country. Where is the funding for this entire coming from?
GEO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CRASH OF THE STOCK MARKET: Geo repeatedly telecasted false news about the Pakistani economy, the political situation and hence the y p stock market crashed in Pakistan In a pre- orchestrated campaign. Geo focuses on the negative news and instead of focusing on solutions it shows bodies of dead people in contradiction of PEMRA and all decency requirements. In a planned manner Geo suppresses and ignores good news like 5.1 billion dollar of oil refinery in Pakistan and $28 Billion Emar international island development.
14. Geo does not focus foreign interference in Pakistani g affairs. Geo focuses on showing beheading of people and other depressing news. Geo plays into the hands of the opposition parties. It does not discuss opportunities for development. Geo completely ignored the Indian terrorism in Kashmir. Discussion of Kashmir, Manavadar, Junagarh are non-existent on Geo. Most Geo maps show Kashmir as part of Pakistan. Azad Kashmir is never shown. Some Geo maps sill show the Northern Areas as part of India or part of Kashmir.
15. GEO TEAM OBJECTIVES IN PAKISTAN To take full power of Pakistan by power full media in hands.  To implement and defends JEWS and Indian policies in Pak. To destroy economy of Pakistan. To bring awareness and soft image about Anti-Christ (Dajjal) GEO logo’s, the arrival of Dajjal.

To Strengthen MQM (Terrorist Organization) in Pak on behalf of their Jewish Patrons. To blame intelligence agencies  (ISI, IB) of Pak.

 To promote only Indian Culture.
16. “The real voice of Pakistani people never comes out in public through the so call free media in Pakistan. In reality, the media in Pakistan is an organized mafia who is serving agendas to grab more power, more power and greater power”
17. Geo TV has become the richest group of Pakistan in 6-7 years of least time. This became possible by working for JEWISH and Indian lobby. It has earned million dollars. They telecast such type of programs to build hatred for Pakistan in hearts of Pakistani, such programs like “Aalia  Pakistan kyun chora,” Pakistan kion hai ”
18. Swat flogging fake video was made by Geo team in Peshawar by 5 lac and get million of dollars from Jews. They always make a small issue to hide a big and serious issue that time like Sania and Shoaib Malik marriage to make hide Issue of Affia Siddiqi. The make big issues, out of small ones, if that brings shame to Pakistan.
19. One eye is always a symbol in every age of time to represent DAJJAL. US Dollar and Free Masons have the Same One Eye in a Triangle Symbol of Dajjal. Geo TV uses this as a current news update “Geo Aankh.”  Geo always discussing sensitive Islamic Issues in objectionable way to confuse minds of people like GHAMDI program promo. Listen to the starting promo of GHAMDI…
20. Geo TV telecast Indian movie and shows live in Pakistan to make a soft corner and love for Indian and destroying the culture of Pakistan by bringing Indian culture. INDIA cannot become our friend, they divide Pakistan into two parts, currently involves terrorism in Pakistan by training in Indian embassies Afghanistan.
21. “AMAN KI ASHA” a new episode and fake story to hide Indian terrorism in Pakistan. How can Indian become our friend!
Indian media regularly crisis and make jokes of AMAN KI ASHA, video available at YouTube. Geo is earning million of dollar from Indian lobby for making this special program.
22. Did destroyed economy of Pakistan by making propaganda against in international media, telecasting Pakistan in worst light.
23. To defend American policies in Pakistan p AMERICAN GOVT has taken responsibility to GEO group. Why America selected only Geo TV? Because no other TV channel can complete this responsibility in better way other then Geo. Vice of America to close eyes of the Pakistan from American war in Pakistan.
24. Geo TV all logo are freemasonic, Allah knows better what’s mean by “Geo aur jiny do” ,”jeet ki geo” and “jeetay raho”.
25. All anchors of Geo are not only anchors but real agents of Jews.
Hamid Mir is an CIA agentand responsible of death Khalid Khawaja (ISI) Shahid Masood, a Mole of Stimson Center, American Think Tank, used to destabilize Pak govt….

Kamran Khan, a Jiayalas of MQM and member of Altaf Hussain party (RAW sponsored & funded party).
27. Geo not against Pakistan Govt because of their corruption but not stabilizing. They will do the same with all Pakistani Parties and governments for their special interests.
28. Geo TV gives more programme time in favour of MQM and Altaf Hussain, who are terrorists and making target killing in Karachi. You Y can watch geo programs and news, showing t h d h i that Altaf Hussain is our national hero! Altaf Hussain statements are published on the statement s main front heading page of Jang newspaper. During the Karachi Ashura blast the coverage and camouflage of Geo based upon protecting one political party (MQM) in Karachi was of significant importance.
30. This all done on Jewish order, because Altaf Hussain can do more for them after Musharraf. Check the similarity between MQM and Indian flag. MQM is mainly focusing those sensitive and important part of Pakistan, which are important for India too, like Azad Kashmir, Gilgit and Karachi.
31. NEGATIVE MEDIA! On the negative popularity of geo, other TV channel, start the same negative technique.
32. Geo can make a channel/programs related education to enhance educational activities in Pakistan and organize project competitions and increase research work in Pakistan. Pakistan Our education environment and research will shoot up. Unfortunately there is no educational TV network in Pakistan.
33. Tourism is big industry of Pakistan and is paradise for the tourist; there is tourism points in Chitral, Swat, Upper Dir, Naran and Kaghan, Gilgit and Buner. Geo can make a separate channel for our tourism industry to create a good image of Pakistan in international but not! Because it represents Anti
Pak lobby will not pay for it.
34. GEO TACTICS: Most of the suicide attacks are claimed by the name of TALIBANS by geo TV f by TV. When peoples feel that Geo is promoting frustration, and despondence in a nation, they start favoring Pakistan to make again their image better, time-to-time.


36. BE CARE CAREFUL…!!! !!! Don’t get impressed by Geo TV anchors,, talk shows,, g p g articles, report and columns. Govt can’t ever ban geo, because power of media in there hand, they are the true ruler !!! hand ruler….!!! Forward this information.

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