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The Sharifs and Zardaris have ruled and looted Pakistan for decades, and plundered its treasury by Anjum Saher

The Sharifs and Zardaris have ruled and looted Pakistan for decades, and plundered its treasury


Anjum Saher





This article is an eye opener for the sleeping masses of Pakistan.

The Sharifs and Zardari’s who ruled this country for decades, plundered its treasury

and now have Pak army and the Judiciary are their next target.

The group headed by the convict Zardari and the absconder N Sharif consist of a bunch of traitors.

They attacked the supreme court of Pakistan in the past. The attack was organized

by Shehbaz Sharif, creating a  dark page in the History of Pakistan Judiciary authored by Sharif family.

They took out a procession against the supreme court , during which a child was killed.

 The protest was against the Supreme Court historical decision, disqualifying N Sharif for life.

 Recall,”  Mujhe Kiyun Nikaala.”

  • Following his father’s footstep, his daughter Maryam (Calibri Font queen) recently led an attackon NAB, damaging the building and trying to threaten the judges.
  • The  threatening  phone call to Justice Abdul Qayum by Shehbaz sharif, asking for severe punishment to shaheed Benazir Bhutto
  • The attack on Supreme court  judges ( by Talal Choudhry on the behest of his Paymasters), comparing the judges  to the Idols in the  
  • The THREAT  to Pakistan Army by Zardari, “Hum Aapki eent se eent baja daingay.”
  • Both Sharif and Zardari and their cohorts are leading a movement  to defame the Judiciary and the Pak army.
  • The masses of Pakistan should be reminded of the atrocities being committed by these two groups and their associates,
  • Achakzai, Fazlur Rehman and others. 
  • Backstabbing Pakistan—
  • Mir Jaffer uz Bengal , Mir Sadiq uz Deccan, 
  • Mir Ayyaz Sadiq uz Lahore
  • Nang-e-Millat Nang-e-Deen Nang-e-Watan.
  •  Indian – Israeli Agents and Traitors attacking our Armed Forces — – Traitors Onslaught









































Muslims of the Subcontinent have still not forgotten the treachery committed by MIR SADIQ OF DECCAN & MIR JAFFAR OF BENGAL which paved the way for the rule of East India Company over Indian Subcontinent and similar act of treachery committed by MIR SADIQ of DECCAN which led to the fall of ruler of Hyderabad Deccan.

Unfortunately, another shameless traitor MIR SADIQ alias MIR AYAZ SADIQ has surfaced from the land of Lahore on the behest of yet another certified convicted criminal NAWAZ SHARIF the most corrupt person who ruthlessly plundered Pakistan and fled to London , declared as Proclaimed Offender by High Court Islamabad . Now this known Indian Agent who operates under instructions of RAW along with his group of Crooks, Corrupts , Criminals are trying their best to pave the way to make Pakistan subservient to an Indian hegemony destabilizing Pakistan and its Armed Forces with their treacherous movesIt is earnestly requested to all that it is incumbent upon all loyal Pakistanis to raise their voice against all such enemy sympathizers.   operating under cover of being Pakistani got to be treated as Enemy Agents responsible for harming the national interest be brought to justice as soon as possible. 

The Narrative of National Dacoits Movement (PDM) comprising of those who ruthlessly plundered the country and Baqiat of those who openly opposed creation of Pakistan and generations old agents of Hindus is deliberately designed to harm the interest of Pakistan and its Armed Forces , facilitating, and strengthening the Indian, Israeli stance to isolate Pakistan in the world. Thus, our Armed Forces are the prime target of these anti-state elements to weaken Pakistan.


  • Ai Khuda In Haram Khors  Aur Indian Agents Ko Is Mulk Sa Naist o Nabood Kar Da. They Have Plundered Our country.
  • Haram Khors Have Brought Pakistan on its Knees
  • Ai Mera Allah – Un Haram Khoron Ko Tabah Kar Da Jis Na Hamara Mulk Ko Loota Ha.


Those who agree as detailed above, are requested to kindly circulate in their circle of Family & Friends to apprise them as well of nefarious designs of Plunderers & Anti State elements in Pakistan.

Editor’s Note-This article was filled with emotions and the pain Pakistanis are feeling. We are indebted to the author who freely expressed his emotion. Pakistanis are emotional by and large. We had to edit this article heavily, as it was written in a free form. 

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Image result for General Pervez Musharraf Kargil Hero




Nawaz Sharif and India have one trait in common, both lie to protect their failures. India lied about their Kargil defeat.

Nawaz Sharif and his PMLN members lie about Pakistan Army’s Kargil War Victory.

Every Jiyala of PMLN will tell you Kargil War was a Failure.

Indian Army Chief of Kargil War wants to Forget It!

Nawaz Sharif’s reason behind this chicanery is that he did not want to give credit to Pakistan Army under the leadership of Gen.(Retd) Pervez Musharraf for thrashing the Indian Army at the heights of Kargil, which resulted in killing 3,000 Indian Army soldiers and officers. Gen.(Retd) Musharraf may have a thousand flaws, but, Kargil War was his finest hour. Gen(Retd) Aziz and Gen(Retd) Musharraf played a stroke of genius in Kargil War Strategy. Pakistan’s Political Pundits demonise him and due to personal bias portray him as responsible for a Kargil “fiasco.”  

If Kargil War was a “fiasco” for Pak Army, then, the question arises, why did India Court Martial several GOCs and Corp Commander of Indian Army, XV Corp ?:


Indian Heavy Losses in Kargil War Are Remembered

in Huge Monument Build to Honour Over 3,000 War Dead

“But the General has not shared the lapses and neglect of responsibilities of the Army leadership, particularly of the sector commanders, and to an extent, his own. Some of these are by now, well known, including the mindset of the 15 Corps Commander, Lt Gen Krishan Pal, who insisted that there were only a handful of infiltrators 60 to 80 and that none of them was a Pakistani soldier. He committed troops without allowing them adequate weapons and strength, and if facts given by Lt Gen Y M Bammi in a book are taken into account, he punished an officer, Brig Devinder Singh, who wanted better preparations insisting that there were a large number of Pakistani soldiers inside the Indian territory.
The officer had eight battalions under his charge, and by all accounts, he fought very well, leading the troops from the front. Gen Malik himself has been seen and heard praising this officer at various fora. Yet, Brig Devinder Singh’s career was cut short to save those who were wrong.
To recall, the biggest players of the Kargil War were:
The Government at the highest echelon of the Political Leadership;

The top rung of the Indian military leadership

Lt Gen Kishen Pal, an Honest Soldier


The Army Chief, GOC-in-C Northern Command, 15 Corps Cdr, and the 3 Div Cdr. The intelligence agencies, primarily the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). The Indian Air Force (IAF) and its exercise of Air Power.
The dedicated and committed soldiers and the middle and junior level officers.

(Reference: http://defence.pk/threads/the-kargil-conflict.50085/”)


Nawaz Sharif’s Paranoia

 Nawaz Sharif was paranoid that after such a great victory. He was afraid that Gen (Retd) Musharraf would achieve same status as FM Ayub Khan and thereby kick out the absolutely corrupt and incompetent illegitimate Nawaz Sharif PMLN “Dandhelee”) Govt. Nawaz Sharif propaganda against Kargil is unrelenting. He did not want Pakistan public to believe that Pakistan Army was capable of achieving this victory. Nawaz Sharif is very astute about his business interests.

Nawaz Sharif’s Two-Pronged Approach to Stop Kargil War

Nawaz Sharif’s objectives were to promote his business interest in India, a larger market for his Ittefaq Industries products. He wanted to save India and Indian Army from humiliation from this ignominious defeat. He used a two-pronged approach, 1) Stop the War and Prevent Pakistan Army to Make Gains in Kargil sector, which may make Indian Army’s Movements under Pakistan Army Observation Posts. Thus allowing Pakistan Artillery to cause serious damage to India convoys providing supplies to units in Kashmir. 2) To make Pakistan Army look weak, humiliated bungling, and a “rogue” organisation. This would give Nawaz and his party to keep Pak Army on the defensive and not interfere in national affairs, no matter how much corruption Nawaz and his friends do. 

Nawaz Sharif, A CIA Asset

Nawaz Sharif is a CIA’s major asset in Pakistan’s political scene. He is weak, easily intimidated, cowardly, incompetent, and in times of crisis gets a “mind freeze.” He cannot handle crisis well and that can be seen in his vacillation and foot dragging against TTP. He is co-dependent on CIA and gets his direction through their position papers and relies heavily on their analyst. Even today, Sartaj Aziz, the Octogenarian is in Washington to get direction from Secretary John Kerry.


Nawaz Sharif’s Mortal Fear of Losing Business & Life


During Kargil War, Nawaz Sharif was morbidly afraid of Indian intrusion across the international boundary in Lahore. His fears most likely included the capture of Lahore and his own arrest by the Indian Army. All of the above factors resulted in his mad dash to President Clinton to stop, “Pakistan Army,” which he could not do, from further escalation and consolidation in Kargil.

Nawaz Sharif does not car an iota about Pakistan or its people. His interests lie in survival and accumulation of wealth and power. Nawaz Sharif is a Pakistani “Banya,” who has a Banya Mentality. His upbringing by a corrupt father, who accumulated enormous wealth and went from a small brick Kiln foundry to acquisition of Pak Army’s major asset. The Ittefaq Foundry.

Nawaz Sharif is the causative agent for withdrawal of Pakistan Army from Kargil, which resulted in the only causalities due to their exposure to forward observers of Indian Artillery. Thus Nawaz snatched, a defeat from victory. He is responsible for all the Shahadats of the extremely brave NLI and Sindh Regiment soldiers  when they were asked to pull back. Nawaz Sharif has PAK ARMY BLOOD on his hand. He has also demonised Pak Army through a whispering campaign by PMLN Jiayalas, that Kargil War was a defeat for Pak Army. He knows the truth. One day, that truth will catch-up to Nawaz, when he and his whole family may have to pay for it with their own blood. India is having a hard time swallowing Kargil defeat, in spite of heavy losses and post-defeat embarrassment, Indian Army continues to console itself, by reading false and concocted reports by Indian Media.

As usual, Pak Media was asleep at the wheel and due to its hatred of Pakistan Army for its meddling in politics, Pak media could not digest Pakistan Army’s finest hour and went along with lies and snake oil which India and Nawaz Sharif were selling.





In 77 day Kargil Conflict of 1999, more Indian soldiers lost their lives than combined loss of 1947 – 1949, 14-month-old Kashmir War, 23 days 1965 Indo – Pak war & 14 days 1971 War for Bangladesh formation. Many divisions were eliminated, it is learnt. Though the real figure is never disclosed to the public have a rough idea from media reports. During Kargil conflict, Indian TVs were showing only one Bofors gun firing all the time & Pakistan TVs were showing captured Indian soldiers alive. Many Indian people were saying that it is was pre-planned drama for forthcoming General Elections in India with full understanding with Pakistan’s establishment to make BJP win which actually happened too. Later on , figures were disclosed by either side within 300 no of lives lost at either sides. A few years later, Nawaz Sharif, a pathological liar falsely said that Pakistani side lost 2,700 men when actually 270 men were lost by Pakistan Army. Later, it was disclosed in the news that the loss of life in India was so many that the stock of caskets was exhausted & fresh caskets were imported very quickly in which allegations of a large amount of kickbacks were disclosed on defence & other top Indian ministries. Now some recently retired army men who were posted in Kashmir state during the war told so many individual & general stories. I too heard many stories. All are unanimous on the point that most of Indian soldiers were not acclimated to very cold places having any experience & ability to withstand on snow heights & suffered so much that ratio of loss of life was 100 : 1 against the enemy. If that is correct, it means that India lost 2,70,000 soldiers at least in that conflict & then casket scandal is understandable. In Kashmir, recently most of the soldiers who want to leave the valley at any cost said that entire Gulmarg & many such places were evacuated of the troops & all were sent to kargil . Only few came back. Is BJP hiding that fact & not talking anything on Kargil even during election campaign. Is the information of that high figure correct ? All Kashmiris happily say so. What is the truth ?




If Kargil victory is so great, why is India , the Victor trying to forget it.

Victors Do Not Forget Victory, Only losers Do

New Delhi: Thirteen years ago, the Indian Army found itself drawn into a messy low-intensity conflict with Pakistan in the icy heights of Kargil in Jammu and Kashmir that cost it 527 soldiers. Today, Gen VP Malik, the then Army chief, laments that the major victory scored has all been forgotten. Kargil was India’s first television war and could have promoted a “strategic culture” in the country, but the gains were lost because of political compulsions, Malik says. 

“We must celebrate the Kargil victory. Unfortunately, the Kargil war has become a political football,” 74-year-old Malik, who lives in the Chandigarh suburb of Panchkula, told a news agency in an interview. 

“Politics got into the Kargil victory and the celebrations became a political football. That’s what we saw with political rivals celebrating and criticising the war for reasons that suited them,” Malik said. 

“The armed forces had tremendous support from the people and the media,” he said, adding: “But politics got into all this and that’s why there were good celebrations initially and there are hardly any celebrations. Slowly people are beginning to forget because it is not providing much political mileage.” 

From 2000 to 2003, July 26, the day the war ended, was commemorated in a variety of ways. This, however, stopped when the United Progressive Alliance government came to power. 

Calling for grander celebrations, Malik said, “We have to tell the people about these battles and if we want to build a strategic culture, we need to celebrate these victories and inform people how these battles were won.” 

The Kargil war in May-July 1999 saw India throwing back Pakistani regulars who had occupied key heights in the sector that had been vacated by the Indian troops during the harsh winter. 

At the same time, Malik readily agreed that the victory in the 1971 war with Pakistan that saw the creation of the independent nation of Bangladesh was “much bigger” and “greater” than Kargil. 

“The 1971 war was certainly a much bigger, greater victory for India, as we had fought on both (eastern and western) fronts. But that was 1971. In 1999, we were reacting to a situation, as in 1965, and were playing on the back foot. 

“In 1971, we had taken the initiative in view of the refugees pouring in from the East and there was time for us to prepare for the war,” Malik said. 

But the situation in 1999 was different, he said, noting that the whole world was watching India with suspicion following its 1998 nuclear tests. 

“We did exceeding well with the Army, Navy and the Air Force jointly working out a strategy in a limited war scenario,” he added. 


First Published: Sunday, July 29, 2012, 16:04

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Geo TV Exposed-TROJAN HORSE OF INDIA & BIG POWERS:An Analysis by a Comsat Student

This article was written as a presentation by a Comsat Student.

His English may not be up to par,but, the message and sentiments are clear. this is how interference

and meddling of foreign powers in Pakistani Media is perceived by Youth of Pakistan. India and US are perceived as working hand in glove to destroy Pakistan. Afghanistan is perceived as a clear and present danger and a base of Anti-Pakistan forces, including Intelligence Agencies of India and the West. If US & West want to win the hearts and minds of next generation of Pakistani elite, they need to uncouple from the ill-conceived Indo-Centric South Asia Policy.Pakistan is a major Islamic Nation and a Nuclear & Ballistic Missile Power. West is perceived as meddler in Pakistan politics and elections,imposing incompetent but Pro-Western Leaders like the highly unpopular leader Nawaz Sharif.This article is being published as an advice to Western Intelligence & Think Tanks,who lurk or Troll this site to give this message to their bosses.  Western Think Tanks & Talking Heads Are least bit competent to talk and make judgements about a complex nation like Pakistan.  Most of their judgements are hovering around naivete or near boundaries of stupidity.  Their agents in Pakistani Intelligentsia will give them what they would like to hear.

It is on their facebook page.



Geo TV Exposed — Presentation Transcript

1. (Reality and fact based Research Report)
“When someone bring a news to you – you should investigate its credibility first” first Quran
Article on Geo, my personal visit to the office of Mr. Sarmad, the second man in power after the owner, exposed him. Mr. Bush was seen in informal clothing having his picture taken with this short, half balding and totally Pro-Western Attitude guy named Sarmad, so what it says? Why would the then President Bush be talking to a guy from Pakistan, unless until he is a very personal friend.
5. GEO ORIGIN DAVID HAZINSKI, The controversial David Hazinski an ex US Navy Petty Officer with contacts with the State Department and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) laid the foundation of Geo TV network on CIA advice. He owns Intelligent Media Consultants (IMC), LLC, a company responsible for training the staffs and helping to launch eight television networks around the world, mostly on the sub-continent. These include Aaj Tak and CNN-IBN in India and GEO TV in Pakistan. In addition to designing a systems approach for GEO- TV, Hazinski helped teach the station’s staff how to use the equipment and how to produce television news.
6. Geo links with David Hazinski a known Neocon Zionist with deep links to Neocon organizations that have spoken up against Pakistan Geo has strategic links with SkyTV of the UK, CNN, IBN-CNN in India and the Voice of America (VOA) David Hazinski Company, IMC itself claim that they founded geo. http://intelligentmc.com/webhtml/Clients.html The basic idea is to promote frustration, and despondence in a nation so they start to demoralize the nation. And the future can be mapped
7. QUESTIONS…. GEO CAN’T ANSWERWhy on earth is USA is concern with only GEO, why CNN, BBC and Bush quote GEO? In India more than 2000 Muslims were killed in Gujarat for three months!!!! Any 36 hours live coverage of these killing have any one seen on ZEE or star or Sony, etc. any Indian channels???? Babri Masjid was destroyed by Hindus any live coverage???? Nuns in Tamil ado of India were burned alive in a church and for next 6 hours the church was burning did any Indian channel or CNN or BBC show that. In France 700 cars were burned in one day…
8. There are 89 separatist movements in India in 2007 …from Bihar to Kashmir Assam etc. Do you see on any Indian channel showing… 250 million people sleeping on footpath?

Zee India never showed killing of Kashmir’s and the attack on GOLDEN TEMPLE, killing of Sikhs in Indian soil. How many Israeli channel soil shows killing by Israeli soldiers? When they kill Palestinians? ? Have you ever seen Indian president or politician been given GALEE on TV channel during live coverage?

9. 30,000 rape cases in USA do you see on TV? But you see Mukhtaran Mai on GEO, CNN, BBC Do you know Kamran Khan was getting RS 25 lakh per month, Do you know Dr Shahid Masood, was a member of NSF student party (a political left wing student party against Pakistan and Islamic forces)…. forces) with Rs 22 lakh per month and home in Dubai and Karachi with multiple visa.
Same amount been paid to Hamid Mir editor Ausaf…even Nadia Khan with Rs 6 lakh per month…. Such huge amount just for free? When they were not able to broadcast the 8 hour cricket match they said they lost 1 billion rupee and just imagine without any money just for free they were broadcasting judge activity for free, Nawaz Sharif for free and Benazir for free. All… all 36 hour coverage just for free? By a private channel!
50 percent Indian dramas on g and 25 p p geo percent with mix cast (Indian and Pakistani) and Indian films (which are ban in Pakistani cinema are been broadcasted by Geo). Geo did not share any good news like Islamabad, Peshawar and Lahore Motorway etc but instead it showed dead people in Karachi…. they never discuss 5.1 billion dollar of oil refinery in Pakistan. Why USA only emphasizing on reopening GEO where Aaj and ARY also banned? How come Hamid Meer came on BBC and said openly Musharraf killed GEO?
A COUNTRY WHERE 60 percent of population cannot read and never been to school media must not be free… because they can just tamper with the minds of the people. And shape the nations people view the way they want. Why does Geo generally show the Indian version of events and why does its news sound like a translation of CNN news? Geo’s dangerous Geo s general policies are the main reason that the Pakistan was not allowing Geo to resume its transmission. Amazingly Geo is now starting a new “English News” channel to continue its activities against the country. Where is the funding for this entire coming from?
GEO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CRASH OF THE STOCK MARKET: Geo repeatedly telecasted false news about the Pakistani economy, the political situation and hence the y p stock market crashed in Pakistan In a pre- orchestrated campaign. Geo focuses on the negative news and instead of focusing on solutions it shows bodies of dead people in contradiction of PEMRA and all decency requirements. In a planned manner Geo suppresses and ignores good news like 5.1 billion dollar of oil refinery in Pakistan and $28 Billion Emar international island development.
14. Geo does not focus foreign interference in Pakistani g affairs. Geo focuses on showing beheading of people and other depressing news. Geo plays into the hands of the opposition parties. It does not discuss opportunities for development. Geo completely ignored the Indian terrorism in Kashmir. Discussion of Kashmir, Manavadar, Junagarh are non-existent on Geo. Most Geo maps show Kashmir as part of Pakistan. Azad Kashmir is never shown. Some Geo maps sill show the Northern Areas as part of India or part of Kashmir.
15. GEO TEAM OBJECTIVES IN PAKISTAN To take full power of Pakistan by power full media in hands.  To implement and defends JEWS and Indian policies in Pak. To destroy economy of Pakistan. To bring awareness and soft image about Anti-Christ (Dajjal) GEO logo’s, the arrival of Dajjal.

To Strengthen MQM (Terrorist Organization) in Pak on behalf of their Jewish Patrons. To blame intelligence agencies  (ISI, IB) of Pak.

 To promote only Indian Culture.
16. “The real voice of Pakistani people never comes out in public through the so call free media in Pakistan. In reality, the media in Pakistan is an organized mafia who is serving agendas to grab more power, more power and greater power”
17. Geo TV has become the richest group of Pakistan in 6-7 years of least time. This became possible by working for JEWISH and Indian lobby. It has earned million dollars. They telecast such type of programs to build hatred for Pakistan in hearts of Pakistani, such programs like “Aalia  Pakistan kyun chora,” Pakistan kion hai ”
18. Swat flogging fake video was made by Geo team in Peshawar by 5 lac and get million of dollars from Jews. They always make a small issue to hide a big and serious issue that time like Sania and Shoaib Malik marriage to make hide Issue of Affia Siddiqi. The make big issues, out of small ones, if that brings shame to Pakistan.
19. One eye is always a symbol in every age of time to represent DAJJAL. US Dollar and Free Masons have the Same One Eye in a Triangle Symbol of Dajjal. Geo TV uses this as a current news update “Geo Aankh.”  Geo always discussing sensitive Islamic Issues in objectionable way to confuse minds of people like GHAMDI program promo. Listen to the starting promo of GHAMDI…
20. Geo TV telecast Indian movie and shows live in Pakistan to make a soft corner and love for Indian and destroying the culture of Pakistan by bringing Indian culture. INDIA cannot become our friend, they divide Pakistan into two parts, currently involves terrorism in Pakistan by training in Indian embassies Afghanistan.
21. “AMAN KI ASHA” a new episode and fake story to hide Indian terrorism in Pakistan. How can Indian become our friend!
Indian media regularly crisis and make jokes of AMAN KI ASHA, video available at YouTube. Geo is earning million of dollar from Indian lobby for making this special program.
22. Did destroyed economy of Pakistan by making propaganda against in international media, telecasting Pakistan in worst light.
23. To defend American policies in Pakistan p AMERICAN GOVT has taken responsibility to GEO group. Why America selected only Geo TV? Because no other TV channel can complete this responsibility in better way other then Geo. Vice of America to close eyes of the Pakistan from American war in Pakistan.
24. Geo TV all logo are freemasonic, Allah knows better what’s mean by “Geo aur jiny do” ,”jeet ki geo” and “jeetay raho”.
25. All anchors of Geo are not only anchors but real agents of Jews.
Hamid Mir is an CIA agentand responsible of death Khalid Khawaja (ISI) Shahid Masood, a Mole of Stimson Center, American Think Tank, used to destabilize Pak govt….

Kamran Khan, a Jiayalas of MQM and member of Altaf Hussain party (RAW sponsored & funded party).
27. Geo not against Pakistan Govt because of their corruption but not stabilizing. They will do the same with all Pakistani Parties and governments for their special interests.
28. Geo TV gives more programme time in favour of MQM and Altaf Hussain, who are terrorists and making target killing in Karachi. You Y can watch geo programs and news, showing t h d h i that Altaf Hussain is our national hero! Altaf Hussain statements are published on the statement s main front heading page of Jang newspaper. During the Karachi Ashura blast the coverage and camouflage of Geo based upon protecting one political party (MQM) in Karachi was of significant importance.
30. This all done on Jewish order, because Altaf Hussain can do more for them after Musharraf. Check the similarity between MQM and Indian flag. MQM is mainly focusing those sensitive and important part of Pakistan, which are important for India too, like Azad Kashmir, Gilgit and Karachi.
31. NEGATIVE MEDIA! On the negative popularity of geo, other TV channel, start the same negative technique.
32. Geo can make a channel/programs related education to enhance educational activities in Pakistan and organize project competitions and increase research work in Pakistan. Pakistan Our education environment and research will shoot up. Unfortunately there is no educational TV network in Pakistan.
33. Tourism is big industry of Pakistan and is paradise for the tourist; there is tourism points in Chitral, Swat, Upper Dir, Naran and Kaghan, Gilgit and Buner. Geo can make a separate channel for our tourism industry to create a good image of Pakistan in international but not! Because it represents Anti
Pak lobby will not pay for it.
34. GEO TACTICS: Most of the suicide attacks are claimed by the name of TALIBANS by geo TV f by TV. When peoples feel that Geo is promoting frustration, and despondence in a nation, they start favoring Pakistan to make again their image better, time-to-time.


RECOMMENDED VIDEO    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2b7C0jIWuY&feature=player_embedded
36. BE CARE CAREFUL…!!! !!! Don’t get impressed by Geo TV anchors,, talk shows,, g p g articles, report and columns. Govt can’t ever ban geo, because power of media in there hand, they are the true ruler !!! hand ruler….!!! Forward this information.

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DEBUNKING HAMID MIR: All set to leave Pakistan To Bolster US & lead International campaign against ISI

Hamid Mir all set to leave Pakistan To Bolster US & International campaign against ISI


In his latest exclusive interview to BBC, Senior Geo Anchorperson Hamid Mir has substantiated PKKH’s findings about his plans to leave Pakistan in an arrangement being made by Asif Zardari on Washington orders. Defiant Mir has yet again blamed an ‘ISI’ within an ‘ISI’, yet again confirming our report which claimed the growing US demands to curb the activities of the Inter Services Intelligence.

PKKH was informed yesterday that Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, former Pakistani president, approached Mr. Mir on the pretense of health inquiry. Through Mr. Zardari, Hamid Mir has been promised extensive foreign media support for campaigning against a particular section of ISI, which the source requested not to make public on the condition of anonymity. In return Mr. Mir along with his family will be whisked out of Pakistan and re settled in West.

Talking to BBC correspondent today , Mr. Mir said that ‘an ISI within an ISI’ is mobilising a mass protest of proscribed outfits to protest in the favour of intelligence agency and raise their voice against him.


Before publishing this report, PKKH reconfirmed whether Mr. Hamid Mir was alluding to the same section within the ISI which PKKH mentioned in its initial report yesterday. The source linked with establishment affirmed PKKH inquiry and asserted that this section is playing a vital role in warding off severe external security threats faced by Pakistan.


History resounds with the harrowing narratives in which mighty empires were brought down by traitors. An embattled Pakistan confronting the menace of terrorism due to the internal fault lines cannot afford to coddle one at this crucial juncture.


Pakistan is teetering in the eye of the storm, squirming and bleeding, while a terror deluge is ominously heading its way with tremendous velocity. But the ostriches are blinded by head in the sand and blurred vision. Since Nawaz or Zardari and their uncouth bank buster reprobates and Floozies have no truck or concern with existential multiple threats from all directions a Balkanization of Yugoslavia model is in replay. US strategy after Gen. TITO was played through the CIA:

1. They bought the loyalties of poorly paid parliamentarians and had draconian laws passed.

2. Devolution of power to provinces of all institutions
 wrapped in labyrinth of confusion, weak security structure, penniless institutions like law, health, education and economy, were burdened with devolution as on CIA instructions sparse funding was provided to handle enormous responsibilities and no infrastructure or competent manpower to run the enhanced provincial machinery was provided. The persons in power at provinces were lackeys also in control of CIA. Thus the pack was decked against the sovereignty and integrity of Yugoslavia as a country.

Mayhem ensued as planned from anarchy in the streets of cities, towns and villages with the accompanying blood shed which became ethnic and vicious. The darkest and bloodiest chapter of contemporary history was being played as Yugoslavia broke up with the infamous Balkanization of the country.

Any true and loyal Pakistani can see the replication of the narrative above. The head ostriches are deeply ensconced in sullied sands of greed, more greed, deep rooted incompetence, ego-maniacs, taking orders from external forces and making bloody fools of a nation which ZAB to AM Asghar Khan had said” it’s a stupid nation, Khan Sahib; when you have power of state and Danda (Whip) in your hands you can herd them in any direction ” albeit to their final destruction.

This is democracy as defined by the father of constitution; a document by a bunch who had lost elections and currently so perverted through elite and criminals protection amendments by reprobates. –   Sajad HAIDER



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Gen. Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif with troops raising slogans of Allah u Akbar in the forward areas during the Kargil conflict.

The Kargil conflict between Pakistan and India took place in Kashmir between May and July 1999, the objective of the whole conflict was to cut off the link between Kashmir and Ladakh by hitting National Highway No.1 (NH 1) and cause Indian forces to withdraw from the Siachen Glacier, forcing India to negotiate and resolve the decade old Kashmir dispute.

The Pakistani positions on the mountains across Drass river enjoy certain advantage. India captured these positions in 1965, but returned them as per agreement. It managed to recapture them in 1971, and has retained them since. According to Indian sources, while this has removed the threat of small arms fire on the town, posts, in the more distant mountains still overlook the town which exposes the area to Pakistani fire. India has never been happy about the situation and always desired to seize advantageous positions in the Kargil sector.


Because of the extreme winter weather conditions in Kashmir, it was a common practice of the Indians and Pakistan Army to vacate high altitude forward posts and reoccupy them in the spring. In the winter of early 1999, Pakistan Army along with the Mujahideen reoccupied the forward positions and strategic peaks of Kargil, Drass and Batalik before the Indians. This came as a shock to the Indian Army when they realized the gravity of the situation. “Operation Al-Badar” was the name given to Pakistan’s infiltration.

Indian Army reacted and deployed four divisions to take back the strategic peaks for securing its main supply line in Kashmir. India’s operation to recapture their territory was named “Operation Vijay”. The battle escalated with continuous Indian assaults on the peaks while Pakistan Army was able to bring down effective artillery fire on Indian positions through much of the conflict as they commanded all strategic heights. From the observation posts, Pakistan Army had a clear view to target the Indian main supply route National Highway No.1 (NH 1) inflicting heavy casualties.


Detailed map of Control Line showing the flash points Kargil and Drass sectors with NH 1 passing along them. 


Operation Al-Badar: Pak Army and Mujahideen advance across the LoC.


Controlling the strategic peaks during the conflict. 


Pakistan Army shelling Indian Army positions. 


A Mujahid takes position on a ridge in a battle with the Indian Army during the Kargil conflict.


The Indians initially launched counter attacks to dislodge Pakistani troops from the heights and watershed area where it meets the Tololing ridge. Their focus was on controlling the peaks overlooking NH 1 and its stretches near the town of Kargil were of high importance for them. When these attacks were repulsed, the Indians in reaction raised their level of military force and inducted Bofor guns. As a result of their panic, they started massing up offensive and defensive forces in the Kargil-Drass area. Their panic was not only reflected in their military mass-up but also in their haste to give military awards. This was visible when they gave their highest military award posthumously to a soldier whose wife claimed that he was still alive and admitted in hospital.

After suffering casualties in the early phase of conflict, Indian Army changed their technique of attack and started containing the front while attacking from the flanks. They attacked limited objectives in every sub-sector at any one time by using utmost concentration of infantry and artillery. In addition, the difficult terrain of the area was not giving much benefit to the Indian Army.

“We are facing an enemy which does not differentiate between civil and army”

“The Indian soldiers jumped over their dead soldiers while retreating hastily”

“Ammunition dump of the Indian Army was destroyed which suffered Rs 2 mn loss”


In the third week of May 1999, Indian Army launched a reinforced attack on Tiger Hill and Tololing in Drass sector and later inducted IAF into the conflict. “Operation Safed Sagar” was the code-name assigned to IAF. At the same time, India was extremely active on the diplomatic front and its Ministry of External Affairs tried the best to show Pakistan as an aggressor.


“Hundreds of Indian Army dead bodies were lying inside Pak territory”

“Indians Army did not collect the bodies for days which started rotting”


Indian Air Force openly entered into the conflict on 26 May 1999 and launched air strikes 10 kms across LoC inside Pakistani territory. Pakistan warned that if India would continue to violate its airspace than it would target them in retaliation. On 27 May 1999, IAF MiG-27ML (Serial No. 1135) flown by Flt Lt K. Nachiketa of No. 9 Squadron intruded into Pakistan airspace at 11:15 a.m. (PST) near Hunzi Ghund. It intruded twice and first marked a Pakistani position on the LoC with smoke bombs and then came in for a rocketing and strafing attack on the same post. Gunner Shafaqat Ali commanded by Capt. Faheem Tipu of Air Defence using an ANZA-II SAM tracked and shot down the MiG as it exited. The pilot ejected and was taken POW. He resisted with his pistol after landing and was involved in a fire fight with Pakistani troops to evade capture. 

Shortly later, two more Indian MiG-21 jets intruded into Pakistan airspace at 11:35 a.m. (PST) and dived in for a rocketing attack on the same Pakistani position. Naik Talib Hussain Basharat again commanded by Capt. Faheem Tipu started tracking and one of the MiG-21 (Serial No. C1539) was shot down again with ANZA-II SAM at a height of 1,500 metres. The wreckage fell 10-12 kilometres inside Pakistan territory. The pilot, Sqn Ldr Ajay Ahuja of No. 17 Squadron was killed and the body was handed over to India on 29 May 1999.


Pak Army soldiers with the tail of Indian MiG-21 fighter jet in Hunzi Ghund in Pakistan territory.

After the Indian jets were shot down, Indian media started a propaganda that Pakistan Army could not shoot any Indian aircrafts and the IAF is continuing their activities. The Pakistani defence spokesman Brig. Rashid Qureshi refuted it and cleared that after the Indian planes had been shot down they did not violate the Pakistani airspace and continued to patrol inside Indian territory at a very high altitude.

“Both IAF jets were shot inside Pak territory which were involved in hostile attack”

“A living prisoner is more useful than a dead one, Pak Army did not kill Ahuja”


“No one, not even the Defence Attache turned up to receive their own pilot”


When FIt Lt. Nachiketa was released on 4 June 1999 as a unilateral gesture of goodwill by Pakistan, on the order of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, no one, not even the Defence Attache turned up to receive their own pilot. The reason they did not want to be publicly seen receiving their prisoner pilot back. The Foreign Office had taken precautions to associate the ICRC with the wellbeing of the Indian pilot. They examined him and found him medically fit in the condition they took his custody and transported him to the border. Squadron Leader Ahuja’s body was returned with full military honours by the Pakistan Army, that has always stuck by the traditions of the battlefield. As Ahuja’s body was handed over to India, even before any post-mortem examination it raised alarm that Ahuja may have shot dead after he had parachuted safely to the ground. India had maintained that the Ahuja had “ejected after his MiG-21 was hit by a surface to air missile fired upon from across the LoC.” Later India maintained that according to the post-mortem report Ahuja was shot twice-once through the ear and again in the chest. India launched strong protest with Pakistan over the ‘brutal shooting’ of Sqn Ldr. Ahuja by his Pakistani captors. This was another attempt to malign Pakistan in the eyes of the world. Knowing fully well that Ahuja fighter plane was shot down when it was engaged in rocketing, artillery firing and automatic firing. In such a combat situation some bullets hitting Ahuja can not be ruled out.

IAF changed their operational technique after their jets were shot down and used Jaguars and Mirage 2000 fighter jets. They also began using laser-guided bombs from high-altitude. As a result, their bombing was ineffective and they failed to clear the targets.


On 6 June 1999, Indian Army launched major offensive backed by air strikes in Kargil and Drass, reported by CNN. This attempt of India to move forward was successfully repulsed by Pak Army troops and Mujahideen. By 10 June 1999, when India was unable to take the peaks despite the expansion of conflict, they brought additional forces of infantry, artillery, Para/Commando battalions and PMF/BSF battalions into Kargil area.

After weeks of intense fighting and desperate Indian efforts to gain success, Indian Army made its first gain in Drass sector on 13 June 1999 by taking Tololing peak. This was the day when Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee also visited Kargil and along with his entourage merely escaped Pakistani shelling.

International pressure was also mounting on Pakistan and on 15 June 1999, US President President on telephone urged Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to pull back. On 29 June 1999, Indian Army managed to capture Point 5060 and 5100 near Tiger Hill.

A report released in Washington on 29 June 1999 said that India had suffered so badly in Kargil at the hands of Pakistani forces that the only way out for it is to attack Pakistan on a large scale. In an alarming letter to President Clinton as reported in the Washington Post, Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee wrote that New Delhi will be compelled to attack Pakistan if Islamabad failed to withdraw its forces from the Indian side of the Line of Control. The spectacle of hundreds of body bags of Indian soldiers coming down from the mountains in Kargil was creating an intense public pressure on the Indian Government to react.

Due to the difficult conditions in which the Indians were fighting, their victories were less glorious than their spokesman portrayed. By early July, Indian Army gained some ground in Mushkoh and Drass but was unable to make progress in Kaksar and Batalik despite putting constant pressure on the Pakistani troops and Mujahideen.


The Indian government banned Pakistan Television broadcasts in India and restricted foreign journalists from going to Kargil. Eleven former Indian generals and bureaucrats demanded ‘suspension’ of independent analyses of Kargil. They include, the hawk K Subrahmanyam, and two former foreign secretaries. They say Kargil ‘is a test of the national will’. Hence any ‘postmortem’ by analysts should be suspended’. We must not talk about ‘any inadequacies and failures that have led to the crisis’. At stake is our ‘credibility as a nation’.

“India has given us the certificate of truth by banning PTV, Mushahid Hussain”

“Indian Army faced shortage of coffins during the conflict”

The blanket ban on foreign media and Pakistani broadcasts only shows the weakness of the Indian position on the Kargil situation. Indian Minister for External Affairs refused to appear on the CNN, while Pakistani foreign minister briefed the foreign media. Pakistan had also welcomed foreign media to go to LoC and see the situation themselves.


Gen Musharraf with other service chiefs and PM Nawaz Sharif present at a meeting in HQ 10 Corps. 22 June 1999


A DCC (Defence Comittee of the Cabinet) meeting was held on 2 July 1999 in which the ongoing conflict was discussed. The military commanders including Gen Musharraf briefed the cabinet that Pakistan Army was militarily in a strong position. Prime Minister Sharif suggested for withdrawing from the strategic peaks, however it was cleared by Gen Musharraf that there was absolutely no need for withdrawal as Pak Army was in a dominating position. The Indian Army was practically gripped by their throat. The DCC meeting concluded without any decision for withdrawal and it was decided that another meeting would be held on 5 July 1999. 

On the same night of 2 July 1999, Sharif called Musharraf on phone and told him to come over at Chaklala Airport as he was going to US. Musharraf along with Lt Gen Zia ud Din Butt came from Murree to meet the PM where again he was asked about withdrawing the forces. Musharraf again cleared that withdrawal is a political decision whereas Pakistan is militarily in a strong and dominating position. Whether PM Nawaz Sharif was able to sustain international pressure but he unilaterally went on his own to the United States.

When Nawaz Sharif left for US, the battle at Tiger Hills was underway which was surrounded with controversy as the Mujahideen had abandoned shelling and US President had agreed to meet Nawaz Sharif only on the pre-condition of withdrawal from Kargil.

After the withdrawal agreement was signed in Washington on 4 July 1999, Pak Army started withdrawing from Indian territory on 11 July 1999 and India reclaimed key peaks in Batalik. 16 July was set as deadline for complete withdrawal and Indian territory was reportedly fully vacated. On 26 July 1999, the conflict finally came to an end.


We have fought a great war in the mountains of Kashmir, but unfortunately, our then coward prime minister betrayed the nation and we had to retreat, and then, India has used its full propaganda machine to try to come out victorious after such a humiliation at the hands of few hundred Mujahideen.

Some facts are: 
1.Total number of Mujahideen, at any stage did not exceed approx: 1000.
2. They captured one of the most difficult terrain and in intense cold environment. 
3. They completely evaded the Indian intelligence machine and the (made in India) satellites pictures.
4. It was a total surprise to Indians when shepherds brought the news of invasion to Indian military machine, which took some days to realize its importance. 
5. Indian chief of staff did not even cancelled his foreign visit. 
6. The first search party of 60 Indian soldiers was completely annihilated and none of them returned. 
7. The second search party of 259 Indian soldiers was either annihilated or injured. 
8. The first Canberra reconnaissance mission ended up in a damaged Canberra plane, which did land in Srinagar and brought to Indians the actual scale of invasion. 
9. Two Indian fighter jets – MiG-27 and MiG-21 were shot down. 
10. An Indian Air Force Mi-17 helicopter was shot down killing its crew of four.
11. Indian Air force totally stopped all its operations and so did the military helicopters. 
12. It took long time for the Indian Air Force to come back again, but only with Mirage 2000 planes dropping bombs from high altitude…and also using laser guided bombs.
13. A barrage of artillery pounding continued for the next 6 weeks, and in the end, even Bofor guns were employed, in order to score, as there did not seem to be any change in Mujahideen positions. 
14. There was a huge loss to Indian military. There was a shortage of coffins. About 1700 Indian soldiers died and more than the same number injured. 
15. About 50 Bofors bombs were used per Mujahideen amounting to US$50000 per person, apart from the various other ammunition used extensively including artillery shells, rockets from ground launchers and air and infantry attacks. 
16. After all this efforts for nearly 2 months, it took Clinton to come to India´s rescue, and Pakistan had to retreat with 370 losses in life.


Every conflict or war that starts eventually comes to an end and so did this conflict. Despite the forced withdrawal after PM Sharif rushed to US, Pakistan achieved success till the extent of meeting its strategic and tactical objectives while India’s weaknesses were also exposed.

* Kashmir dispute was brought into world focus. It was internationally realized that the dispute needs urgent settlement as it has the potential to spark a major conflict and war between the two countries.

* Pak Army proved that it can give mightier Indian Army a militarily tough time in a low-intensity conflict. This is evident because India was time and again asking US to put pressure on Pakistan to pull back across the LoC.

* Pak Army was able to successfully counter Indian Army’s assaults without any backup of PAF while IAF was fully deployed in assault role along LoC.

* At the time of Pakistan’s withdrawal, India had managed to retake only 10-11% of the area. This was stated by Pakistani military sources as well as Indian sources who make reference to Col. Brian Cloughley’s book called ‘A History Of The Pakistan Army’.

* At the time of withdrawal, Indian Army formations had begun to fatigue which was assumed from Indian military transmissions. This was revealed in a briefing by FCNA on 12 January 2003.

* Pakistan’s cost of war was very low as compared to India’s cost of war.

* Kargil conflict has been a cause of great anguish to India which led to a commission to investigate their failures.

 Read More at: http://pakistanarmy.biz.tc/home.html


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