DEBUNKING HAMID MIR: All set to leave Pakistan To Bolster US & lead International campaign against ISI

Hamid Mir all set to leave Pakistan To Bolster US & International campaign against ISI


In his latest exclusive interview to BBC, Senior Geo Anchorperson Hamid Mir has substantiated PKKH’s findings about his plans to leave Pakistan in an arrangement being made by Asif Zardari on Washington orders. Defiant Mir has yet again blamed an ‘ISI’ within an ‘ISI’, yet again confirming our report which claimed the growing US demands to curb the activities of the Inter Services Intelligence.

PKKH was informed yesterday that Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, former Pakistani president, approached Mr. Mir on the pretense of health inquiry. Through Mr. Zardari, Hamid Mir has been promised extensive foreign media support for campaigning against a particular section of ISI, which the source requested not to make public on the condition of anonymity. In return Mr. Mir along with his family will be whisked out of Pakistan and re settled in West.

Talking to BBC correspondent today , Mr. Mir said that ‘an ISI within an ISI’ is mobilising a mass protest of proscribed outfits to protest in the favour of intelligence agency and raise their voice against him.


Before publishing this report, PKKH reconfirmed whether Mr. Hamid Mir was alluding to the same section within the ISI which PKKH mentioned in its initial report yesterday. The source linked with establishment affirmed PKKH inquiry and asserted that this section is playing a vital role in warding off severe external security threats faced by Pakistan.


History resounds with the harrowing narratives in which mighty empires were brought down by traitors. An embattled Pakistan confronting the menace of terrorism due to the internal fault lines cannot afford to coddle one at this crucial juncture.


Pakistan is teetering in the eye of the storm, squirming and bleeding, while a terror deluge is ominously heading its way with tremendous velocity. But the ostriches are blinded by head in the sand and blurred vision. Since Nawaz or Zardari and their uncouth bank buster reprobates and Floozies have no truck or concern with existential multiple threats from all directions a Balkanization of Yugoslavia model is in replay. US strategy after Gen. TITO was played through the CIA:

1. They bought the loyalties of poorly paid parliamentarians and had draconian laws passed.

2. Devolution of power to provinces of all institutions
 wrapped in labyrinth of confusion, weak security structure, penniless institutions like law, health, education and economy, were burdened with devolution as on CIA instructions sparse funding was provided to handle enormous responsibilities and no infrastructure or competent manpower to run the enhanced provincial machinery was provided. The persons in power at provinces were lackeys also in control of CIA. Thus the pack was decked against the sovereignty and integrity of Yugoslavia as a country.

Mayhem ensued as planned from anarchy in the streets of cities, towns and villages with the accompanying blood shed which became ethnic and vicious. The darkest and bloodiest chapter of contemporary history was being played as Yugoslavia broke up with the infamous Balkanization of the country.

Any true and loyal Pakistani can see the replication of the narrative above. The head ostriches are deeply ensconced in sullied sands of greed, more greed, deep rooted incompetence, ego-maniacs, taking orders from external forces and making bloody fools of a nation which ZAB to AM Asghar Khan had said” it’s a stupid nation, Khan Sahib; when you have power of state and Danda (Whip) in your hands you can herd them in any direction ” albeit to their final destruction.

This is democracy as defined by the father of constitution; a document by a bunch who had lost elections and currently so perverted through elite and criminals protection amendments by reprobates. –   Sajad HAIDER



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