Economic Hit Men- Weapon of Choice By Saeed Malik


Economic Hit Men- Weapon of Choice 

By Saeed Malik.

18 June 2016

For about fifty years now, the weapon of choice for the world’s primary power, to bring lesser states to heel, is through economic war. And within economic war, the chief weapon of use is that of economic Hit Men, and the overt use of the army to invade countries is the weapon of the last resort.
The chief ally of the hit men in the country to be subverted is the corrupt leadership of that country.
And the methodology used by the hit men is basically to encourage the leadership of the target country to over-spend on large projects, mostly infra-structure; and get this country under debt to the extent, where it no longer has the capacity to repay the same.
This is the time at which the principal power which has either advanced the major portion of the loans, or facilitated the same, has many options open to it to demand its pound of flesh.
Many countries in the world, at one time or another, have been subverted in this manner.
This is exactly where Pakistan will be standing in two years from today when the repayment of our loans becomes due, without us having the means to repay the same.
This is not a matter of speculation. It is purely a mathematical equation. We know how much we will have to pay back; we can also calculate from available figures, Pakistan’s capacity to pay back. According to most projections, the earnings of the country will fall short of the payments due.
 In other words Pakistan will be bankrupt.
We should be under no illusion that when Pakistan cannot repay its loans, it will not be treated kindly by the creditors.
It can quite easily be predicted, what Pakistan will then be forced to give in to the demands of the creditors, or face economic sanctions, which it will not be able to withstand for more than six months to a year.
What we will have to give up is:
a. Our nuclear assets. If the U.S and some of its allies could contemplate going to war against Iran, whose bomb lay some years in the future, it will be a fool who thinks that our nuclear assets and capacity will not be the first target of our creditors.
b. The second target will be our China corridor. The pivot to China is the most momentous shift in U.S defense policy since WW2, whereby priority has been shifted from the defense of Europe to the containment of China. The China corridor will serve to loosen the noose around China’s neck. If any one thinks that Pakistan will be allowed to do this, he must be stupid. And if any one else thinks that China will go to war with the U.S over CPEC, he should consider himself twice as stupid.
c. Baluchistan, will be severed from Pakistan. The reasons for this are many, but the primary reason is that India has to be built up as a credible counter weight to China. This cannot happen till such time Pakistan has the capacity to keep India distracted from the role crafted for it. So it will suit the powers that be, that Pakistan be left a rump state.
Our political leadership is not bothered about this scenario, because it is a willing tool of the economic hit men in partnership with whom Pakistan is being pushed to the edge.
The real tragedy however is that our Generals, the only ones with the capacity to save us from our fate, are adamantly refusing to see the end game.  
What makes this tragedy greater is that our Generals are failing to appreciate this not because they they do not have it in their heads to do so, but because their hearts seem to have given way when the heart was most needed.
For eight years now they have seen death gather at the gates of their country, and having the power to move on behalf of their country, they have preferred to take the veil. They have allowed their country to resemble a badly managed brothel, rather than move and cut short its agony and disgrace.
I am posting a talk by John Perkins in three parts. I urge you all to see it. But those of you who may be averse to seeing long video talks, should at the very least try and see the first link from minute 5.30 to minute 8.30—just three minutes.
And for God’s sake, instead of diffusing your energies in all directions, ask about our national debt and its  implications–ask every General in uniform that you know. Ask because it  is teetering at the edge, and for us there is no tomorrow.


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Preview YouTube video Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – Part 3/3

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – Part 3/3

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