Col. (Retd) Riaz Jafri : Hamid Mir Shooting



 Hamid Mir Shooting


 There are no two opinions about the attempt on the life of  Hamid Mir under the fly over bridge near Karachi airport on Saturday 19th April being one of the most heinous crimes and must be condemned by all to the utmost.  However, it is surprising to note the haste with which the ISI and its Chief have been blamed by the family and the media.  

If it was done by them then I demand that the supposedly most prestigious intelligence agency of the country ISI be disbanded immediately and its Chief given the marching orders for planning and executing the ‘mission’ so unprofessionally and amateurishly. 

Why did they have to wait for him to go to Karachi and try to kill him there while he was in his car and the killers had only a limited time to take on a moving target?  Why couldn’t they do it in Islamabad at leisure with all the facilities and time at their

disposal to pick up the place and timings of their own choosing and most suitable to guarantee accomplishment of the mission?  Just stupid of the ISI to do such an important task in such an amateurish way !!

 By the way, is the ISI, the agencies – as they call it, and the armed forces the only establishments antagonized by the gentleman with his utterings and writings? How about the others – the Police, the administration, the political parties, some of the autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies, corporate authorities, a few NGOs, banks and bankers, industrialists  and the business corporations – to name a few who have not escaped the scathe of his pen and tongue . Could it not be planned by anyone of them and if not why not? 

Lastly, what is that game called black mailing, at which some of our journalists are so deft?  Isn’t there a one in a million chance for such a possibility?!     

Col. (Retd) Riaz Jafri

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