China-A Threat to Indian Hegemonic Designs

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It is a day-light fact that at present China is the only force which can guarantee the balance of power as well as peace and prosperity in the South-Asian region. With the increasing influence and interference of USA in the South-Asian region and after the rapidly growing US-India closeness, world is looking towards China for a more vibrant and lively role to play. Even in Pakistan people are expecting the role of a saviour from China. Such expectations are no doubt generating an air of depression and despair in the countries like India which consider China the most severe threat to their hegemonic designs in the region. To minimize Chinese importance in the region and to create misunderstandings between China and Pakistan as well as to defame Pak-China relations, Indian propaganda machine is trying to do all the best possible. The recent propaganda regarding the presence of Chinese troops in Azad Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit Biltistan province is also a part of this fruitless and futile effort. Indian media is describing the so-called presence of Chinese troops in AJK and Gilgit Biltistan province as a grave threat to Indian security. The matter of the fact is that these so-called Chinese troops are not a part of the Chinese army; they are simply the Chinese engineers and survey technicians who have joined hands with the Pakistan Frontier Works Organization FWO to rebuild and repair portions of Karakoram Highway, damaged due to recent floods and earthquakes. It is something unintelligible how these engineers and survey technicians could be a threat to the Indian security. It is something very ironical that on the basis of this baseless allegation, India has planned to recruit 100,000 soldiers over the next five years to deploy them on Indo-China border and Indian Occupied Kashmir. It is also in the air that Indian army is planning to deploy two independent armoured brigades in Uttarkhand and Ladakh areas along with raising a mountain strike corps and four divisions.
Daily Bhasker of India has recently published an analysis which says,

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