An Open Communication to Chief Election Commission of Pakistan














Justice (Retd) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim,
The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of Pakistan.
Election Commission of Pakistan. 

Saheb Jee, 

As a student of Economics & Political Science ,I have drawn a list of some of the most outstanding advocates and Judges of Pakistan. 

This list contains the names of our first Chief Justice (Late) Mr. Rasheed, Justice Mohammad Rustam Kayani, Justice A.R. Cornelius, Justice Dorab Patel, Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid, Justice Majeda Rizvi and many many more and also, I kept your name in this distinguished list of eminent Lawyers in which our Quaid Mohammad Ali Jinnah name will remain on Top till Qayamat.

I wish to give you, the bad news that your name was dropped by me after your failure to hold a free and fair Elections in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, you lost my respect & regards on this important matter.

Despite my repeated appeals, to the concerned authorities begging them to deploy at least one Armed Vehicle on every polling station in Karachi which would have enabled to keep the goons and gangsters,away from the polling booths and voters could have gone with absolute peace in their mind for voting freely.

Here are few suggestions for you & your learnered colleagues, to review their performance and feel ashamed of themselves for compromising the legitimacy of the Election.

1)  The Teachers and other Government servants were too afraid against the mafia / gangsters of certainPolitical Parties, instead all the retired Army, Navy, Air Force officers of the rank of Lieutenant toLieutenant General should have been asked to oversee the Election as our Armed Forces, even who have retired are even today ready to sacrifice their life for protection of sovereignty of Pakistan. 

2) All of the Armed Forces retired officers have licensed Revolvers and also have ability and guts, to put the invaders run for their lives by shooting on their legs.

3) It was a naked, rape, murder that you and your colleagues did not bother that all the Police and Civil Servants working in entire Pakistan have been loyal to the parties who are maintaining a status-Que for the 40 years.

4) How you expect a Constable, Naib Tahsil Dar or another low grade Civil servant to stand up and take a firm position against the filthy rich and influential feudal lords and businessman may not carry their orders, in order to safe themselves and their families from Post Election Fall back. 

5) Last not the least why on Earth the judiciary (Judges) became the returning Officers. 

Fahkru Bhai, keep your right hand on your heart, close your eyes and listen to the voice of your inner self, is their any Judge today who can claim to be absolutely clean and UN-corruptible? and if there are few, how they could matter in such a large political landscape. Alas the Judges became the Jury Judge and executioner.

As I am already going to be 70 this year. We both one day will meet before our MAKER on the Day ofJudgement and I promise you, I will hold you from your neck for showing inefficiency, incompetence andlethargic attitude for this most important and crucial moments of our countries life. 

Alas, you missed the Bus of the eminent Pakistanis, who will be sitting in the company of our Quaid Mohammad Ali Jinnah and our Prophet Rasul Allah (SAW) will bless them with his audience.

With No Regards & Respect because you lost my vote.


Ghulam Rabbani Khan. 

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