Why should a nation love its Army? by Ali Raza Mudassar

Why should a nation love its Army? by Ali Raza Mudassar Unknown-21 An army consists of disciplined unique individuals overwhelmed with devotions and ultimate sense of patriotism. The army is the most important living organ of the state that should not only be strong but also active, brave and vigilant. Armies are pride of nations because of their savior role in testing times of nations. They are uniquely motivated people and rich with spirit of utter sense of sacrifice for their fellow citizens and motherland. Madam Noor Jahan (late) has sung a melodious Punjabi song to narrate an unique character of soldiering (Ay putar hattaan tay nahi wikday, ki lab-ni aey wich bazaar kuray? – these great sons are not saleable commodity, what are you looking for in the market?). Nations that do not respect and honour their armies are perished by their enemies because the men can fight only with the strong support of their nations. The famous quote of George Patton – “The wars may be fought with weapons but they are won by men”. There are five fundamental logics that Army must be respected and honoured by nations for their own survival. Firstly, Political Reason. Army is a tangible living organ of the state which provides defense against the internal and external physical threat to the nation. Without strong and motivated soldiers this physical threat cannot be averted and this physical threat has potentials to devastate the existence of the state. A nation state needs a strong and potent force for its survival in this realist world, otherwise continued existence as a nation state is in danger. In 1991, Iraq ruined the Kuwait in matter of few hours because Kuwait was not maintaining strong Army for response. Secondly, Psychological Reason. Motivation is critical factor in psychological mechanism of fighting. It is only motivation which arouses the individual’s feelings and convinces him to fight against the enemies of the country and fellows. Un-motivated individuals are destined to loose or prepared to die dejectedly. Armies only win when they fight with spirit and motivation which comes with love of their countries men. Loves and affection inspire the soldiers to take ultimate step (scarification of life) for the honour and wellbeing of their nation fellows. This motivation is evaporated, if their countrymen are not standing behind them. Motivation is the sole reason of taking bullets on chest with smiling face. If nations don’t love their fellow soldiers then the strongest Army can’t guarantee the survival of state. Soldiers of Islamic state fights because they believe that it is legitimate cause and thousands mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers are praying for them – that gives him inner satisfaction. Thirdly, Islamic Reason.  Soldiering is sacred and Islamic profession. Loving and  respecting own Army is an Islamic tradition. In the state of Medina, when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) along with his companions left for Badr to fight with the enemies of state and Allah, they were seen off by men, women and children with love, affection and lots of prayers to fight well and demonstrate perseverance against the enemy. That exuberance of the people gave unflinching loyalties and strength to remain steadfast against their superior enemy. Finally victory kissed their feet at Badr and again they were received back with love and affection at the gate of Medina. There can’t be any better reason for honouring and respecting the Army of Islamic country. Fourthly, Social Reason. Soldiers are above the controversaries of religion, sectarian, linguistic and ethnicity. Army should be kept aloof from the divisive tendencies which can adversely affect the social fiber of the Army. They have to be kept mentally and physically united to take on the enemy of the nation. Army must not be dragged into internal politics or any other petty conflicts which can cause polarization and fragmentation on any pretext because polarization can generate conflict. Army is symbol of unity for nation and it is only possible if united nation stands behind them after shunning their differences for unity of army. Fifthly, material reason.  Contrarily, Soldiers experience rough life – away from families and loved ones for months and years. They breathe in inhospitable environment, drink dirty water and eat unhygienic food for one reason only – live for nation. Soldiers often sitting alone in their bunkers and are dreaming about the love, affections and honour of their companions and fellow countrymen. They know that the army is responsible for his fellow countrymen, so they sleep peacefully at nights while he stands guard of the country’s frontiers. Solider also knows, if he loses his heart, he will loose honour of his countrymen. And if he loses his life, it will add life to his motherland. In war, there is no substitute for victory and the army strives with all its might to sacrifice their lives for the country. Every citizen of the country should proudly and with gratitude salute each and every man of the army because the patriotism is at peak with army men. The nation ought to reciprocate with lots of love, affection and honour in their larger interest. Let me conclude with outstanding words of Sir Winston Churchill which emphasized on the maintaining robust and live army, ” Armed forces are not like a limited liability company, to be reconstructed from time to time as the money fluctuates. They are not inanimate things, like a house to be pulled down or enlarged or structurally altered at the caprices of the tenant or owner. They are living things, if they are bullied, they sulk, if they are happy, they pine, it they are harried, sufficiently they get feverish, if they are sufficiently disturbed, they will wither and dwindle and almost die, and when it comes to this last serious condition, it is only revived with lots of time, effort and money.” (The writer is a Ph.D Scholar on Peace and Conflict Studies at the National Defence University, Islamabad).

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