US & EUROPE’S Ostrich-like attitude towards Indians takeover of strategic businesses-I: Democratic India can do no harm, a false assumption?


Hypocrasy, thy name is India. This nation starves its people, while its expatriates and businessmen suck the blood of Western economies. The downfall of Western economies have been brought about by expatrate Indian businessmen, scientists, IT  persons, and the secret mandir based strategies of Hindu communities in US, Britain, and Europe.  Poor Jews have gotten a bad rap. Hindus are the real money gouging leeches. US economy has been milked dry by Indian IT companies, and call centers. Western businesses have been taken over by Indian from cars to pharmaceuticals.  New Jersey boasts of Dr.Reddy and Ranbaxy, two Indian pharmaceutical  companies. Like the casteism in India, Indian companies are staffed by Indians with token sprinkling of a few European Americans. Dr.Reddy, Ranbaxy, and Lupin are staffed by a significant number of Indians.  Indians do not Anglos or European or African Americans.  African or Chinese Americans are almost non-existent in these companies. American economy is in the strangle-hold of Hindu, “”banya,” mentality. “One of the many crushing burdens for India‘s poor bear is debt; unable to make ends meet, they turn to traditional moneylenders. They are willing to extend credit, but at unconscionably high rates – sometimes exceeding 80%, and keeping borrowers in lifelong penury. Popular cinema and classic literature tells many pathos-filled narratives of India’s poor caught in that karmic cycle of poverty. Those stories inevitably end in tragedy.”

WHERE IS THE WEALTH OF USA AND EUROPE GOING ? Please see for your self…below: This wealth was not accummulated in India, rather, it was generated through a strangle-hold of US, British, and European economies. US, Great Britain, and Europe, along with the rest of the world are sufferring dire economic hardships, while India is shining, due to the efforts of its sons like…

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Mukesh Ambani (Forbes rich list rank 1)
Legend has it that Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man likes his dosas from only one place – the Mysore Cafe, a small little place in Matunga, Mumbai’s Tamil heartland. As for the owners of the cafe, they talk of him in tones priests reserve for patron saints. Understandable! After all, he is their most celebrated customer. Ambani has a soft corner for wildlife as well. So much so that a couple of years ago, he commissioned a huge two volume encyclopedia on Indian wildlife. It went out to academics, researchers, wildlife enthusiasts and people in the media. He is also building what is perhaps the world’s most expensive home at USD 1.2 billion complete with a movie theatre to watch the Bollywood flicks he loves so much.

Anil Ambani (Forbes rich list rank 3)
The younger Ambani is a fitness freak and his passion for running is well documented. He’s a regular on the marathon circuit and his running mates include a canteen boy who works at the State Bank of India in Nariman Point. He’s also seen at Mumbai’s Mahalakshmi Race Course with his children where they enjoy horse rides. Anil Ambani is up every day by 4:00 a.m. and reads every scrap of information published while he was sleeping before he hits the road.

Azim Premji (Forbes rich list rank 4)
A movie buff, he often turns to his business heads for advice on what titles to pick. He likes to trek as well. Very conscientious about the environment, he is now in the market for a hybrid car.

Shashi Ruia (Forbes rich list rank 5)
Extremely media shy, he is closest to younger brother Ravi Ruia. And when the media does get him for that rare interview, he insists the pictures used include both of them. Raconteur par excellence, he can hold an audience for as long as he wants to with his witty stories and knack for story-telling.  And yes, he loves his food.

Sunil Mittal (Forbes rich list rank 8)
He is superstitious about the number 23. He was born on a 23rd, got married on the 23rd, and almost always insists on any major announcements being announced on the 23rd. When he is in Delhi, Mittal insists on having lunch with his brothers and closest associates at Bharti’s headquarters where everything about the business is discussed. Over the years, he has also earned a reputation for his sharp sartorial sense.

Anil Agarwal (Forbes rich list rank 11)
He makes no bones about the fact that he’s starry eyed and loves to watch every Hindi film that comes his way. When in Mumbai, he is known to throw unending parties for his buddies at the Taj Mahal hotel, one of his favourite haunts. Also loves to go around on bicycles.

Dilip Shanghvi (Forbes rich list rank 14)
He is almost fanatical in his devotion to the treadmill and never misses a chance to get on it. Shanghvi doesn’t ike parties; in fact he is a rare sighting even at pharmaceutical industry meetings. Instead, he is a homebody and is rarely seen outside the suburb of Andheri in Mumbai where he has a home and the factory. When he likes to take a break, it is usually at Kodaikanal or on the backwaters of Kerala.

Cyrus Poonawalla (Forbes rich list rank 24)
You could say the man hoards horses, but his real collection is a fleet of more than 25 cars kept in Pune. Poonawalla even built a prototype for a sports car during his college days. He’s carefully collected cars that range from custom-built limousines to Rolls Royces to six-door Mercedes. And the craze for cars runs in the blood. Nephew Yohan Poonawalla was the first owner of the Phantom Rolls Royce in India (for Rs 3.5 crore) in 2005.

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